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Jason Clement

What did you think of Star Wars: The Force Awakens? (SPOILER THREAD)


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  1. 1. What did you think of Star Wars: The Force Awakens?

    • Are you kidding me? ARE. YOU. KIDDING. ME? I FREAKING LOVED IT!! *woops frantically*
    • It was okay (please don't kill me...?)
    • I thought it was disappointing (I also have no soul!) :)

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So I'm sure some of you have seen the movie by now, so I thought it'd be a good time to open a thread to discuss it!


I saw it last night, and... oh my gosh, people, I love it so much. I legit had tears in my eyes at several points in the movie; so so good. Best movie of 2015, hands-down, imo.


As usual, here are my thoughts on it!

























*peeks head out* We good? Okay, then...


- My whole theater whooped and cheered when the opening crawl came on. It was an amazing experience!


- BB-8 stole the show! He's the next-generation R2-D2 and he's extremely awesome. JJ Abrams did an amazing job infusing him with personality. My favorite scene with him was when he gave Finn a thumbs up using his torch/lighter. So good!


- Finn was a lot funnier than I thought he would be. I also found that sort of strange since he was conditioned to follow orders and such, but he had a lot of personality. He also had some legit good moments; among my favorites include when he asked Rey if she had a boyfriend and when Kylo Ren told him that Anakin/Luke's lightsaber belonged to him and then he said "Come and get it." My theater roared with applause and cheering when he said that. So good.


- Movie had excellent pacing. Like, even though it uses the same formula that A New Hope used in its story, they didn't skip a beat the entire time.


- The opening is probably my favorite of all seven movies so far. I love the way the Star Destroyer blocks out the planet from view. Great stylistic choice on Abram's part.


- Part of the reason the movie was so good was because it had some great setpieces. The part where Rey flies the Millenium Falcon on Jakku was excellent.



- As soon as Han Solo went out onto that platform to confront his son, you knew it was over for him. Still, kinda sad to see Harrison Ford go. :(


- I thought Adam Driver did a great job as Kylo Ren; it was interesting to see him convey a villain who was still some child-like (with the tantrums he threw when something went wrong; slicing up an entire room with his lightsaber). I don't think his masked-voice is 100% ideal, but I have to admit I did warm up to it over the course of the movie.


- Lupita Nyong'o's character was excellent. Something tells me they're going to make her into the next Yoda character. And yes, I know she isn't a Jedi (or maybe she is, and she's just trying to hide it?).


- Was anyone else surprised that Luke didn't have any lines? I thought for sure he'd say at least one thing.


- I was slightly disappointed that the Resistance only had X-Wings to fight with at the end, but they're probably saving the really cool ships for the next two movies. We'll see.


- Any guesses as to who Rey's parents are? If you want things potentially spoiled, here's my theory-



She's Han and Leia's daughter. Basically, read this article here; I was thinking along the exact same reasoning as well. Abrams and crew are trying to lead audiences on to believe she's Luke's daughter, but think about it -- how much more tragic would it be to have two siblings (her and Ben/Ren) fighting against each other?



- I'm still very intrigued at who Snoke might be. I also don't think he's gigantic; I think they project him that big to intimidate everyone else, and only Kylo Ren knows his real size. Willing to bet he's actually somewhat smaller, maybe even Yoda-sized. We'll see. There's also a theory that he might be...



...Darth Plagueis, Palpatine's master who he supposedly killed. If he is somehow one and the same, it would tie neatly into the other two trilogies.



And that's all I got for now.


What did you guys think? Let me know! :D


P.S. Here's some great post-Force Awakens reading if you want to read up on more stuff about the movie


Vox - Star Wars: The Force Awakens: Let's try to solve the new trilogy's biggest mystery


i09 - All the Stuff From The Force Awakens Trailers That Wasn't in the Movie


Rolling Stone - Skywalker Speaks: Mark Hamill on returning to 'Star Wars'

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I absolutely loved it. Seeing the opening sequence and hearing that theme music brought a slight tear of joy to my eyes. The pace started strong and did not waver nor did my attention, I didn't want it to end. Unfortunately I had the Han death spoiled for me before I seen it for myself and I do think that lessened the impact of it.


I'm still processing my thoughts and will add to this thread later but I'm quite pleased with the direction Abrahms took with it. I liked all the new characters and Kylo Ren's light saber is the best saber so far! I'm interested in seeing how his character will deal with killing his father, conflicted or will it further him down the dark path. I actually enjoyed his masked voice, despite it not being as iconic as Darth Vader's.


I have not yet formed a guess as to who or what Snoke may be but I like your theories of both a toad type character or Darth Plagueis.


I thought they rushed Rey's "awakening" to the force but I like her and I immediately assumed she was yet another child of Han and Leia. I'm going with the thought that she is Kylo / Ben's twin.


It's a stunning addition to the Star Wars universe, one I'll gladly rank amongst the original three movies and lastly for now, I'll just say thank god there was not even a mention of Jar Jar Binks and he didn't end up being Kylo Ren!

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Guys I have internet... a little bit now.  Will get it back fully January 9th.  My goodness it's weird having these first world problems.


Anyways saw the movie 2 nights ago.


I am the guy who voted OK. (Don't hurt me... really.)  If there was a choice in between amazing and OK I would have picked that.


I thought it was a very good movie, but not a mind blowing movie.  Fortunately I didn't even have that much expectations going in.


The very least I can say about this movie is that I really got excited to see the next two movies.  Great job JJ ^^


About the theory... I am leaning towards her just being a nobody and maybe not related to anyone?  But if not defly Luke's daughter ^^

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What I liked: 


Watching a person with no flight training using their ship like a frisbee.  Seeing it continue with Solo at the helm, not so much.


Poe Dameron is a bad ass.  He's well cast and a solid Han Solo successor.


The buddy relationship between Poe/Finn is pretty believable, given the events that transpired.  Definitely hope we see more of this.


Captain Phasma.  Something seriously seemed up with her, more self-aware than most troopers, using a lot of possessive nouns ('my troop').  Also... I really wanted to see her unmasked.  She will be in Episode VIII according to her film credits... so I hope that trash compactor joke wasn't her demise.


The general for the new Empire faction is very much like a Grand Moff Tarkin-like character.  He would be more annoying if he received much more screen time in that episode, though.


Snoke, by the way... I am completely on board with being super small given that projection and if his identity is Darth Plagueis  I am also hopeful that the writing staff won't be as derivative as to make Rey the Twin or Cousin of Ben Ren.  They've played the twin angle.  They've played the relative angle (with Emo Ren).  Their best bet would be to make her father/mother a force attuned adult who went with Luke to train.  That way there's some conflict between Rey and Luke, like blaming Luke for her parent's death.  Perhaps even The Knights of Ren were responsible for their death (or her surviving parent became a Knight of Ren).    We may even see a twist of something along the lines that Phasma is her mother, assuming that the filming credits from VIII are accurate and she is in the movie.  




Things that I did not like:


Carrie Fisher has some significant enunciation issues.  I don't know if this is an issue with her aged/smoker's voice, but it sounded like she talked with a mouth full of peanut butter through the entire movie.  I really think that they would have been better off having Leia accompany the group to "save her son" and have her die on that bridge.  I would say the solidification with darkside would have been more impactful if he had impaled his mother (who had nothing but hope her son was still good), instead of his father (who seemed to have slight reservation about being able to save him).  Plus, it was evident he hated his father already and never really touched on that mother/son relationship.


Rei, on the other hand, should be eccentric if she's been holed up as a hobbit for so long.  She should not have less personality than the guy conditioned to be a storm trooper.  I liked Boyega as Finn, but severely disappointed with Rei.  I think they really pushed her progression entirely too fast, across the board.  


I'm sorry, but if you're going to steal the plot line of killing off Rei's mentor-like character... don't have her getting into the Millennium Falcon showing Han Solo how to get things done.  There needs to be a bond to push that drive button, not "hey, I met you five minutes ago and you were famous," now I'll feel something when your own son kills you.


I'm pretty sure the big "surprise" was supposed to be Rei was the one who could use the force, not Finn (I really hope he will be attune as well).  Kylo "Ben" Ren threw Rei across the forest.  Fights Finn, defeats Finn pretty convincingly, but somehow she defeats him in a saber battle with a weapon she's held all of three seconds and her uncontrolled force powers?  Whiny, obnoxious kid filled with tantrums or not... he would have wiped the floor with both of them.  That was the equivalent of having Anakin Skywalker defeat Darth Maul after holding the lightsaber for the first time.  Sure, he was slightly injured (adrenaline pumping) .... but he still destroyed Finn.


Silly choices.


Another gripe I have is the absolute laziness of the Death Star-esque super weapon.  If they are STILL using a Death Star for comparison, how did a much smaller faction in a more balanced universe manage to build a weapon over 100x bigger and more powerful (able to destroy a massive planet and all the moons in one shot) without anybody knowing?  Let's ignore the fact that it was built on a planet... and drained that sun in 2 shots, meaning that base would then be completely useless.






Final Take:  


In the end, it definitely was okay.... I hope that we see a lot more deviation from the scripts of V/VI in VIII/IX.  I want to see their own, unique stories.  Not a vastly similar story with slight alterations.  I do think they will move away from that now that this one is out there.  


The movie benefits from the prequels far more than the original trilogy, and that is even with the blatant plot retelling.   To be blunt, I have no doubts this one would have been panned just like the prequels had it come out first, but it benefits from a decade of contentrated hatred for those prequels.  Fortunately, people have cemented their hatred for the prequels so "anything" is better... even if it still includes a whiny, Hayden Christensen-like bad guy, laughable super weapon after a much depleted Empire faction, some very awkward voiceless interaction at the end that could have been cut by a minute for a better effect, a strong dark side force user actually getting his but kicked by a person who had their saber 13 seconds and no saber training, a complete reversion of a beloved character into his old habits before just killing him off in hopes of trying to create a bad guy everybody can "hate," etc.


This movie felt more like a soft reboot than a true sequel to the original trilogy, but this type of soft reboot is more fitting for something like Ghostbusters than a franchise with a well developed, existing universe at its disposal.  I just hope we see an epic showdown at some point in the future, something akin to Duel of the Fates... because this movie really lacked that set piece (sorry forest scene, you weren't the site of an epic battle).

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Watched it last night at an empty theater with solid-alchemist. It was absolutely amazing and fun. I actually did not want it to end and left me wanting more especially the ending. Ah May 2017 needs to come already lol.


Anyways my thoughts on the film...


-It was awesome just owning the theater for yourself with just a few people. Felt like a private screening in a way.


-Opening crawl gave me chills and smiles all the way. My excitement was out of the park.


-Opening scene started off with a bang with Poe and BB-8. Great friendship chemistry and knew I would like these two characters


-Finn as Stormtrooper was pretty good especially what he thinks about what's going on and how awful the First Order is. You don't want to do it, but you're just following orders like every soldier. Only way to escape is to run, but consequences will happen.


-Rey is adorable. I really like Daisy Ridley's character and her acting. I've never seen her in any movies and I like how they introduce actors we never heard of. Same with Boyega. Days before I watched Attack the Block and he was good in that too!


-Kylo Ren isn't an awesome baddie, but he did a fine job. Nothing can top Vader. I liked his mask voice trying to replicate Vader. His character reminds me of Hayden's Anakin when he's still a tempered upcoming Dark Sith lord still learning.


-I agree with Jason on the pacing. It was perfect and the fun just goes from one scene to the next and so one. There were moments I'm saying I don't want to end just keep the fun going.


-Also agreed with Jason about the opening with the Star Destroyer especially the one crashed broken down in Jakku. It was awesome seeing it and even parts when Rey and Finn drove the Falcon through it.


-The action and dialogue were fantastic with every character. I like everyone's roles in the films.


-Omg when I saw Snoke I literally thought he was just a giant Jedi not a hologram. I thought to myself holy crap just imagine a bunch of jedis fighting a giant jedi lol. Snoke is very mysterious and I have heard he could possibly Darth Plageus from theories and discussions.


-The only spoiler I was spoiled is the Han Solo death. Dumbass people posting on Facebook and posting it as a thread title.


-Han's death didn't hit me hard since Ford is getting old and he did get injured during the set. Maybe he felt it was time to retire the character. What's crazy is that after the filming. Ford was in a plane crash of his own. Glad he's ok otherwise Han wouldn't be in the next film.


-Daniel Craig's cameo is funny


-Also agree with you Jason about Lupita's role. I could definitely see her as a guidance character like Yoda. She played the role well.


-Carrie Fisher's daughter is in the film if you caught her


-After the movie, when I went to sleep I had dreams about Star Wars lol. I had one where I hung out with Finn and Rey. I uh was on an adventure date with Rey lol. It was scary cuz I don't think I'd survive in Star Wars world.


-I want to see more of Captain Phasma especially in action. Hope we see her in the next episode.


-The ending scene I was like stop staring! Say something?! AAAHHH! Luke say something pleeeeease! Then it ends. Cliffhanger dang it.


-I think there's more to discuss, but I'm just overwhelmed how enjoyable the movie is.


As for theories Jason...


I think Rey could possibly be Luke's daughter or niece. She had visions of Luke's stuff. If she were Han and Lei's daughter why would they abandoned her in the first place? It's possible they could be her parents since the Falcon was sitting in Jakku for years. Gawd I want Episode VIII out already. The only thing I can do is rewatch TFA over and over lol.


Also John I was surprised that you didn't mention your favorite Admiral Akbar lol.

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