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Jason Clement

New Storybundle: Boss Fight Books

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If you're not acquainted with Storybundle, it's like Humble Bundle, except for digital books instead.
This month's Storybundle features books from Boss Fight Books; a really good recent brand where each author examines a different video game from the past in each book. Seriously, if you like reading, I definitely recommend checking these out.
Here are the books in the collection-

  • Boss Fight Books: Chrono Trigger
  • Boss Fight Books: Jagged Alliance 2
  • Boss Fight Books: Super Mario Bros. 2
  • Boss Fight Books: Bible Adventures
  • Boss Fight Books: Baldur's Gate II
  • Boss Fight Books: Earthbound
  • Boss Fight Books: ZZT
  • Boss Fight Books: Galaga
  • Boss Fight Books: Metal Gear Solid
  • Boss Fight Books: Shadow of the Colossus
  • Continue? The Boss Fight Books Anthology

You can grab them at the link here: https://storybundle.com/games

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I don't read books related to video games at all (official or analytical), but I'd probably be curious about digging into in-depth stuff about Baldur's Gate II, Earthbound, and Shadow of the Colossus.


I thought I'd be interested in the MGS thing too but then I saw the authors. And.... I... have my doubts for it (but maybe it's unfair because of how I look author(s)'s... other works.)


Interesting concept tho. And being Kindle friendly does make this way more tempting (though, I'm not sure if I care to go above the average since I'm not really familiar with many of these writers.).

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Honestly, I'd probably just go with the $5 tier unless there's one of the books in the second category you *must* have.


I'll probably pick up the $5 bundle myself... I like what Boss Fight Books does, but I find their prices pretty expensive (especially for physical copies).  I picked up the Chrono Trigger one in another book bundle and it was pretty good.

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