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HEY, welcome back to GP! You should probably check this thread out here if this is your first time back on the forum since our upgrade. Suffice it to say, some things have changed! CLICK HERE to read more about it, including some new functionality.

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Bizarre Monkey

heyo, not new just taking a swing by

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Been ages since I been around, seems the Member's Lounge died after my latest thread, wow.


I'm a creative sort, I do art, make games and am studying full time at University of Canberra (not actually at Canberra, it's a TAFE that is a subsiduary/partner of said University) in how to make games.


Most of you already know me, for those who don't, sit back, and enjoy as I illuminate on what the Biz is all about.


Make way, for the monkey!


please stay, for bizarre monkey!


Hey clear the way, it's the ol' bizarre,

hey YOU, let us through, he's got quite some guile,

oh please, be the first on your block to meet his eye!


make way, here he drums, cover your eyes coz here he comes,

or you're gonna loathe this guy!



Don your specs, wear some protects, or you'll be sorry...


now try your best to hold on, he probably wont be for long,

because he's gonna just tell you 'I'm busyyyy!"



But can he make your day just okay? DEFINITELY!


"I hear he's broken their laws!"
"Become an infamous horde..."

He's pretty much just a cool rebel, but he's so trendyyyy!!!


He's got five games he wants to show you,

(and wont shut up about)

and when it comes to price they are totes free

(he'll also keep on about that)

When it comes to big tiem gaem maekinggg

has he got you schooled, he's been telling you,

"submit admiration to me!"




Well get all on out there,

embrace your vision impaired,

because all these bright colors will let you love shiiii--!


He's proud of his 12 exiles...

(He's counting em, he's been counting 'em!)


He's got more creative juices than you can see!

(He's scandalous, so scandalous!)


He's got 15 people to do work for him...


Oh hey here's a twist,

it's the 16th bit.

You're just dying to here the pleas!






Heard some places didn't like em, that's just silly!
And that good people is why, you should just for once try

sampling the glorious divination

all ripe with trendy rumination

brimming with determination

covered in blistering detonation

the epitome of life that is he

say it with me!




Now if you weren't singing that aloud to the theme of Prince Ali (Disney's Aladdin) then that's my fault for not clarifying. I hope you appreciate the effort of paraphrasing that song to be way lame and not good like the original but hey, gotta try it, y'know?


Right so, basically that did tell you a lot, kind of a big name in the rpg maker crowd, of which I'm 75% responsible for ruining or destroying I think?


Mostly I'm heralded as some sort of eventing god who can make games good, I'm infamous to the point that where I go, those who once tried to oppose me just sort of shuffle out, which is an amazing feeling, does that make me a terrorist? heck if I know!


All I know is I didn't start the fire but it was REALLY FUN TO KEEP IT BURNING!!!


Okay so, megalomania, check, song paraphrased, yup, nailed it.


The only question that remains is, how long will I stay around to be a cool guy?


I dunno, really! I don't have any big plans here or anything, just thought it'd be cool to chill here for a bit.

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Don't be a terrorist. Aladdin wasn't a terrorist and neither are most game devs.


But anyway, welcome back, dawg. 

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Welcome back, how are you games coming along?

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Don't be a terrorist. Aladdin wasn't a terrorist and neither are most game devs.


But anyway, welcome back, dawg. 

I'd never willingly be one, don't worry. Sometimes using fear to get what I want regrettably becomes the only option.



Welcome back, how are you games coming along?

Pretty good! I'll see about updating my signature later with a bunch of them.


Edit: Darn, only three images.


I'll just link to all six of the blogs I loosely maintain here, the latter four are catered exclusively around my big IPs.


cuQ2Myk.png  hpnmPKZ.png  X93aj8Q.png  KFNCVkx.png  p12q8FV.png  K8rhFMR.png

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God I can't believe how much trouble I used to go to when it came to readmission threads, lmao.


Anyway I've a diploma in Game Design now, and I also released a game recently, around august this year, and I'm soon to release another.


Here's a video that shows its kind of grandeur.


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Over a year later hi I'm back! :0

I don't think that will ever stop, I think this is the first time I've come back and haven't finished that project and moved onto a new one, wow.


Released Demo 1 of that on 3/14 of 2018, (who'da thought rite?) and Demo 2 is underway, this game got WAY ambitious WAY QUICK.



Okay this uses the LINE BREAK LIKE A CHEEKI BREEKI UNTIL THE VIDEO SHOWS UP formula, forgive me there's a lot of variant embed methods.

If you're blown away by how impressive this looks well thats why it takes so long to develop, it's very resource intensive and my artists are working round the clock to butt out the placeholders with the premium standard of their art.


I also have my own website now for quick easy access to all my big games and their trailers etc.



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Pretty cool to still see you doing this. Keep it up.

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11 hours ago, Jason Clement said:

Your art is getting better over time. Nice job.


Like DC said, it's neat to see you sticking with this.


Derailing thread but we need more activity haha.

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I'm surprised there's ANYONE still here, kek.

Also you flatter me, but virtually none of the art for Fantasia is made by me, it's my artists who do that, unless you mean those pieces i put in the game podunk art gallery, then yes- guilty as charged. I've been really enjoying art lately. When I enjoy art i do it a lot, and when i do it a lot i get better without even really trying.


I've continued to use virtually no references, it's a slow but much more independent learning process. I don't get hung up if i can't find a decent reference, i just guess and reshape until it looks about right.

I have taken to drawing a guide layer, which is just a very rough and vague pose reference i draw for my own sake.


I also sometimes have to check another drawing to check if the character details are right.

So yeah there's a couple recent drawings. Just as speed draws so you can see my unseemly and impractical drawing practises, lel.


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And I am not!

So HMHMHMHM good news friendos I may have a really epic game demo for you to try around september hopefully!

Making a lot of epic progress on the Fantasia game so here's a quick showing of one of the crazy cool bossfights to placeholder music.

I could post more but I think this video says enough??


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