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Awesome Twitch live stream channel

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Do you guys like to watch live streams? I have started watching a twitch channel called Hyper RPG and it's great. Unlike other channels, it's not just some dude playing some games it's an actual show. They have a cool studio and a big staff to pull off these really cool shows that chat can interact with and have fun.


You can check out the Twitch channel here at HyperRPG and also check out the youtube channel to catch up on stuff you have missed.


My favorite RPG shows they do are VANQUISHED based on Valiant comics and The Out Crowd based on the 80's. Check out the episodes so far for Vanquished and The Out Crowd.



Everyone should check this channel and it's super fun and they have great shows with fun people.




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Awesome new show on HyperRPG! Power Rangers Hyper Force! I love watching these RPG shows they are so much fun.



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Yeah I saw this a bit ago, but I was super hard stuck into watching like, only Critical Role at the time. Luckily, I have finished that and can move on to other RPG shows! Though, I'm still trying to truck along with watching more Super Sentai as well. I'm so glad we live in an age where stuff like this can happen, love the cast and more table top RPG's is always a good thing!

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