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Jason Clement

Xbox BC Sale - What games did you buy?

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Forgot to post about this before but I figure everyone here probably heard about this on social media or otherwise. Microsoft hosted a pretty big sale for Xbox One Backward Compatible games, pretty much all of them, I believe, and most are super cheap.


Anyhow, the sale ends tonight, so I picked up a bunch of stuff. Here's what I got:


Blue Dragon - $5

Earthworm Jim HD - $2.50 (I think?)

LEGO Indiana Jones - $5

Mirror's Edge - $5

Splosion Man - $2.50

Ms. Splosion Man - $2.50

Stacking - $3.74

Tron Evolution - $3.74


Not too bad for around $30, I guess? Who knows when I'll get to them, but at least it feels good to have a solid backlog of games to play on the Xbox One now, ha.


Did you guys buy any games from the sale?

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I bought Metal Slug XX ($3.74), Alien Hominid HD ($2.50 I think), NeoGeo Battle Coliseum ($2.50), Hydro Thunder Hurricane ($3.74), and Ugly Americans: Apocalypsegeddon ($1.24). I was going to buy 'Splosion Man but it said I already owned it and gave it to me for free, which was nice. I did buy that 3-pack that had 'Splosion Man, Limbo, and Trials HD ages ago but none of the games ever showed up on my Xbox One as being owned and it didn't do the same thing for the other two games, so that was weird, but I won't complain. I was considering Skate 3 and the Fable games but I decided to wait since who knows when I'd get around to playing any of them. They'll be on sale again eventually anyway.

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I bought two games I feel were vastly underrated, Alice Madness Returns and Shadows of the Damned. I played both on PS3, I have been wanting to revisit both. Now just give me MW2, and Dante's Inferno on BC, and I'll be super happy.

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