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If you didn't check out Twitter or the web at all this weekend (or were hiding under a rock), some pretty big news came out of Disney's annual D23 Expo today.





Kingdom Hearts 3 is coming in 2018, Toy Story World announced


YEAH. So that happened. If you're interested in more about this, click here to read about it.






Avengers: Infinity War first teaser footage is said to be pretty insane


YEAH. This too. Wow.


So, they didn't release any footage online (only to the people actually there at D23), but i09 did a writeup on what they saw, and... it sounds like one of the craziest things they've done in comic book movies yet. Read the synopsis of what happens here.




And here's Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Holland talking about the fan reaction to it --





Also, they revealed that the Black Order (a group of four powerful beings who serve Thanos) will also be in the movie. They were adapted from the Marvel event comic "Infinity", which happened a few years back.


Seriously though, this movie sounds nuts, and I'm ridiculously excited for it.




Live-action Aladdin cast officially confirmed; about to get jiggy with it


I'm not huge into Aladdin, but this was cool to hear.


The three main cast members were officially confirmed by Disney and are:


Newcomer Mena Massoud as Aladdin.

Naomi Scott (the Pink Ranger in the 2017 Power Rangers film) as Jasmine.

Will Smith (yes, THAT Will Smith!) as the Genie.


Guy Ritchie is directing. But you probably already knew that.




All of the Disney Princesses will be in Wreck-It Ralph 2 and voiced by all of the original voice actresses that are still alive


YEAH. Thought that was a neat bit, honestly. More Ming-Na Wen can only be a good thing.


The bit is also supposed to be pretty self-aware, with the princesses acting like normal people and very non-princess-like. Sounds funny.




First footage of live-action Lion King movie was shown, live-action Dumbo is talked about


Again, first footage was shown to the audience at D23 but not released online to everyone else (boo).


Apparently they showed photo-realistic shots of African landscape, lots of different animals, and then ended on the note with Rafiki raising Simba into the air.


Jon Favreau is directing, if you haven't heard.


He said they're incorporating some VR technology in the making of it. Actors wearing the headsets can see the virtual landscape as they're acting. Sounds intriguing.


Oh hey, Dumbo was talked about too. Tim Burton is directing.


Dumbo's cast sounds killer; includes Eva Green, Michael Keaton, Danny DeVito, and Colin Farrell.


It's currently slated for March 29, 2019.




Star Wars-themed area at Disney Land is now called Star Wars: Galaxy Edge, area and attractions detailed


The whole thing honestly sounds pretty cool. From what I can gather, they want it to feel like you're actually entering the Star Wars universe and have you experience different things and to have a journey as you make your way through it.


If they can pull it off, it's probably going to be pretty amazing. Here's a teaser video for it.



Also, if you want more in-depth details on the attractions, check out the post on Starwars.com




Live-action A Wrinkle In Time got its first trailer


I never read the book (go ahead... boo me), so I'm a little lost as to what's happening in this movie.



BUT it's directed by Ava Duvernay (of Selma fame).


It's got Oprah in it too.


And Chris Pine. And Mindy Kaling in what appears to be a non-comedic role. And some other young actors I don't recognize.


It's coming March 9, 2018. Might be cool, I guess.




And I think that's it? If I forgot something, I'll try to update later today.


Anyhow, what do you guys make of the news? What did you find most exciting?

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I am overwhelmed about all this. So much hype and so much excitement! Just glad to be alive for this time! Oh man I can't wait Jason!



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I'm pretty excited for live action alladin and Lion King. I can't wait. So excited. What is a wrinkle in time about?

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Aside from the obvious Kingdom Hearts III release year and Toy Story world, there's some solid other stuff. The Aladdin live action movie cast seems like it's pretty well chosen, at least based on what I've seen some of their previous works. I've also never read a Wrinkle in Time, but hey, more movies means more things to see in theaters when I have the moment, right? I still need to see Spider-Man though, speaking of Infinity War. Heck, I forgot to see Wonder Woman...

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