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How to be a retro gamer in the modern world.


      How to be a retro gamer in the modern world

Do you still have your retro consoles and miss your favorite games? These days with our new HD TV's everything is HDMI so you can't even plug in your old consoles. Even if your TV does have these old plugs the games just don't look as good as they used to. This little guide will help you breath new life into your retro consoles and games.



                                                                                                                      XRGB-mini Framemeister


This nice little Japanese upscaler is the go to tool for retro gamers for NES all the way to PS2. It is a big price tag of $300 but if you want the best out of your old games this is what you need. You will need to buy some cables and a Micro SD memory card to go with it. You will need to get the D-Terminal cable for anything that uses Component cables and luckily you can get one bundled with your Framemeister. You can easily google a picture of the remote for an English translation but really the only buttons you need are the power, menu and arrow keys. The latest software update gives you the option for an English menu so no worries. Then once you have it all hooked up you can go into the menu and start tweaking to get everything looking good. 


You can buy the Framemeister here.       

For a nice setup guide that tells you everything you need to know about the Framemeister go here.                   



                                                                                                                                 Other Options


 The HDMI converter for PS2 is NOT an upscaler but simply lets you plug in your PS2 with an HDMI cable and works just fine. This is only for PS2 Slim. Get it here.


The Gamecube HDMI cable is like the PS2 one but a little bit more pricey because it's custom handmade by a single guy. You will need to be on a waiting list because the cable is very popular and he get's a lot of orders so it takes time to make them and ship them. It's worth the wait if you want to plug in your Gamecube with HDMI but again it's not an upscaler. You can get it here.    

For PSP on the big screen, you will want the Sony Component cable like this one here.


I hope this helps you with your retro gaming. I currently have my N64 hooked up to my PC with the Framemeister and playing Paper Mario.

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If Upscaling is not a goal of yours; you can cheaply buy (30 or less) composite/component to HDMI switch boxes on amazon.

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Oh sugar This should be in the Retro section >__<

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If you want to play classic Doom and some other classic shooters on your modern PC check out my tutorial.



You can see how good Classic Doom looks in my many Doom videos :) I never thought I would ever do one of these tutorial videos lol.

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