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Jason Clement

What are your favorite RPG battle themes?

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Started thinking about some of my favorite music in RPGs this morning and realized that a lot of them are battle themes!


And since a lot of us already know and love the classics (Chrono Trigger, FFVI, FFVII, and on) I'll list some of my recent favorites:


Final Fantasy XIII-2 - "Last Hunter"



The intro is pretty snazzy and I love the part from 2:50 to 3:04, which is sort of an enhanced arrangement of the intro.



Xenoblade Chronicles - "Time to Fight!"



The regular battle theme that plays when fighting enemies. It's got a great, symphonic feeling to it, and also even sounds like it could be a song from Kingdom Hearts.



Xenoblade Chronicles - "One Who Gets in Our Way"



It took some time for this song to grow on me when I first started the game. But it's got a great, dynamic intro, and when you hear it, you know that enemies are done messing around and things are about to get serious.


Also, the part from 2:00 to 2:33 or so is super ace and leaves you feeling like you're taking the fight back to the boss in a big way. Great stuff.



Xenoblade Chronicles X - "Black Tar"





This one may be a bit controversial since not everyone liked it, but again, I think it has a great intro and overall beat to it. The deep, metal undertones are pretty different for a JRPG, and the drum beats are fantastic and catchy to listen to. While the rap is very YMMV, I liked it, and thought it was an interesting touch.



Child of Light - "Dark Creatures"



I thought this was a great battle theme as it has a super symphonic, epic feel to it. It's a bit of a slow burn, but man, is it ever evocative of the journey overall.



Cosmic Star Heroine - "Battle of Conflicts"



Sound familiar to you? Cosmic Star Heroine as a whole is pretty much a homage to the likes of games such as Chrono Trigger, but this theme really drives home the impact of it.


Great theme all-around, and the organ playing from 1:23 to the heroic crescendo that ends at 1:51 make it one of my favorite battle themes to date.


Which battle themes do you guys really like?

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This is the boss battle music but it's still a battle theme, so there. :P Also, it is THE MOST PERFECT BOSS BATTLE MUSIC EVER. Don't question it. It just is.



Okay, you got me, this is also a boss battle theme. LOOK, REGULAR BATTLE THEMES ARE BORING COMPARED TO BOSS THEMES, ALRIGHT?



Fine, here's a regular battle theme. HAPPY?



This one too. That epic intro gets you ready to slap some fools.


Also the Cosmic Star Heroine battle theme, which is already up there in the first post, so go listen to it again.

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Duuuuuuuude so many good ones I can't list em all. A short list of some awesome ones I'll give.


This game has an epic soundtrack.




All 3 of these games have epic music.



Some sweet toons.


Another game with epic music. I love the theme song of this game I play it all the time.









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It may not be the best Final Fantasy, but Mystic Quest has some pretty kickass battle themes:


Normal battle:



Boss battle:



Final boss battle:



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