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Jason Clement

What are your favorite ending/credits themes?

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Similar to the thread about your favorite RPG music, I'm a bit of a music rut, so here's another one!


So many games have great ending/credit themes -- whether it be because they're catchy and just generally a good song, or because they have a great reflective quality on the game itself -- so let's hear some of your favorites!


Here are some of mine:



It's mostly the first 30 seconds or so that really give me the feels (and it's 'anime' as heck) but I like the song overall too. Really feels like a good closing theme for the entire series as well considering that this was the trilogy finisher.




It's technically not the "ending/credits theme, but this song does play either before or after the credits, if I remember correctly. While not serious in any capacity, it's a fun sort-of wrap-up song, and it's neat to see the villains collaborating as well to sort of tie the whole cast together for one final send-off as a thank you to the player for playing.




Definitely by far the most serious of the themes I've posted in this thread, "Symphonic Poem - Hope" is a really cool suite of different songs that play in succession during the credits of Final Fantasy XII.


It starts off super somber in the intro for the first minute or so, as almost a reflection of the tragedy and losses of war experienced in the game, before it rolls out into a triumphant crescendo and then further into another upbeat song that ends on a nice note. One of my favorite ending themes in a game by far.




This one might sound like a weird collection of noises if you're not familiar with the Metroid or Metroid Prime series in particular, but it's a pretty cool one imo. Basically, it's a sort of expansion/remix on the intro theme, but branches out into its own sort of rendition toward the end; my favorite part starts at 2:29. Overall, the music is super alien and out there, but it's a perfect fit for the series because... well, that's what it's about!




Super light-hearted song, but wow, what an ending to a great game. The whole parade sequence really makes for a satisfying conclusion to the whole story, and it's a fun send-off for the game's characters as well.




If you've never played Journey before, I recommend playing it first before listening to this.


Honestly? No words. An amazing, beautiful song that's super somber and reflective of the experience Journey provides. Austin Wintory is a masterful composer.


So which ending/credits themes do you like the most? Let us know below!

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Oh, this is easy.




Whenever I played the combat simulator (multiplayer, except I only ever played it against bots) I had this set as the music. Every match, every map, never got old. :P



I mean, yeah, it's basically just an extended remix of the title screen music, but is that really a bad thing?



Because it's Shovel Knight.

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Perfect Dark had great music good choice :)


For me it's gotta be -



This was the credits song of PS2 Gundam: Federation vs Zeon



These are the ones I remember and also resulted in my playing the games a bazillion times just for the sweet music at the end. I can't remember any other credits music.

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I've always liked the one from Super Mario 64 quite a lot:



The one from Super Mario World was great as well:



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I've got some good ones. Firstly, the ending credits for dotHack//Infection, the first of the four games ends with not a feeling of peace and success, but a somber and almost dreary echoing tone that you'd only just begun to scratch the surface as to what The World had to offer.


On the opposite side of that, the final game in the series delivered exactly what you'd expect, a soft, elegant tone to commemorate the accomplishment and revelations the players had been forced to endure.


However, still one of the only ending credit themes to get me to tear up with what led to it was Persona 3. Attempting to avoid spoilers, I'll just post the sound to be safe as I believe everyone should try and enjoy that game spoiler free.



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