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Jason Clement

Lay's has three new chip flavors, here's what I think of them!

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If you guys haven't seen yet, Lay's has three new chip flavors that have been circulating for a few months now.


They are...




I've gotten to try all three, so here's what I think of them.





Surprisingly tastes a lot like Tacos, honestly. Your first thought might be, "Sure, it probably tastes like that because it's just a taco seasoning mixture used on the chips," but you can almost taste the meat as well, if that makes sense. All in all, it's a really good chip flavor.




If you like bagels, then you know the Everything Bagel (which has onion, poppyseed, and sesame seed) is far and away one of the best and tastiest ones. UNFORTUNATELY, this doesn't taste much like it, imo. Maybe it tastes like the cream cheese? Honestly, it tastes a lot more like a cheese flavor overall.




This one is difficult to describe. I've never had real fried green tomatoes, so I can't speak to the authenticity of how true it is to the real thing, but it's not bad. There's a certain taste to it that I can't pin; a certain spice they use. Not my favorite of the flavors but not bad either.





Obviously the winner here is CRISPY TACO.


If you can only buy one of these three flavors, Crispy Taco is the best and most addicting. I can't wait to try them again (whenever I find them next)!



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Having only tried Crispy Taco, I have to say it was the only to me at least that sounded appealing. Not that Fried Green Tomatoes don't sound great, but like, I'd confused on how you get a fried flavor into a chip without whatever you're frying taking over the flavor itself. I imagine it tastes like doctored up tomatoes with like spices or something, I dunno. In terms of the bagel one though, like, what? What would you make this a chip and not just make it a bagel chip of an actual everything bagel, y'know? Crispy Taco seemed like the best choice and I have to say, while it's not 100%, it wasn't bad and I'd definitely try it again. It actually kinda reminded me of like, a fast food taco, if that makes sense. Here's hoping we see some of the other flavors come back sometime soon. I really miss the Wasabi and Ginger + Soy Sauce ones, those were amazing...

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I've tried all three and I think my favorite has to be the Fried Green Tomato ones. The Everything Bagel is second and honestly, the Crispy Taco is just alright. I'd much rather eat a taco instead of a taco-flavored chip. But that is just me.

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Didn't they have a contest to see which flavor won? I saw this on TV but never actually went out and got them.

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