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Jason Clement

The Han Solo movie title has finally been revealed!

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Side note: I like that Star Wars has been revealing a lot of cool announcements recently.


Anyhow, Ron Howard (director of the upcoming Han Solo movie) released a short video on social media today thanking fans for their enthusiasm for the film, which just finished shooting. Also, he finally revealed the movie's official title!


Can you guess what it is?







Yup, that's exactly what I thought it would be too.


Alternatively, I thought it might be called something like "A Smuggler's Story" or something like that.


What do you think? Are you surprised? Or not? Is it a good title?

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It's average, I'd say. I mean, I can't really expect that they would have tried something else considering what they did with Rogue One. Either way, here's hoping they get a good cast together and it blows everyone out of the water. It's nice to be living in an age of Star Wars revival.

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Lol, they could have done better. I mean I understand the title but yea it could have been better. I think A Smuggler's Story would have been better or something with Smuggler's in it would have been cool.

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