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Jason Clement

Disney had been in talks to buy a large part of FOX

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This is either good news or bad news depending on how you look at it.


Basically, the news is this: according to CNBC, Fox is looking to sell a large part of their business (everything but sports and news, I believe), and Disney was one of the companies that it had held talks with. Apparently, those talks are no longer active right now.


At the moment, it doesn't look like anything could happen, but if they were, it means the X-Men and Fantastic Four would be returned to Disney/Marvel. The downside? Disney would become even more of an entertainment monopoly/juggernaut, potentially being bad news for customers/fans because they could raise prices for the biggest properties everyone loves.


Interesting side note: if you hadn't heard previously, Disney is raising the percentage rate of returns they make on Star Wars: The Last Jedi from theaters. Traditionally, movie distributors like Disney get a 55% cut, but they're raising the rate to 65% for TLJ, and that could be catastrophic for some theaters.


Also, they're demanding each theater show TLJ on their largest screen for at least four weeks. If not, the theaters get hit with a 5% penalty. As of this moment, some theaters are fighting back, opting not to show the movie at all. But if the majority give in to the demands, Disney stands to make a ton more money than they usually do.


What do you guys make of this? Would you want to see FOX sold to Disney?

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I read about this last night. I think it is possible if the money makes sense. Disney obviously see this as a chance to make more money. They would get a larger share of TV and this will help with their launch of streaming service. But there are some legal issues that will have to be finalizes. As Disney has ABC, they can only have one TV network so they can't take FOX. The monopoly will be bad but I do want to see that Xmen and FF can join the Marvel universe haha.

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If anything I'd just like to see all of Marvel housed under one name, instead of what we have now where it's, oh, who owns x, y, and z and why isn't this character in the movies and so on. If the attempt of acquisition is specifically for things like X-Men, Deadpool, or the Fantastic Four, that'd be great and definitely be something to look forward to for when our current Marvel Cinematic Universe ends as well as set up maybe some new adventures. I'd like to see Phoenix and the Skrull sagas on the big screen, or something like that at least. 

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