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Review: London Detective Mysteria

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Developer: Karin Entertainment

Publisher: Marvelous USA (XSEED)

Platform: PS Vita and PC

Release Date: December 18, 2018

ESRB: M for Mature







+ Fanciful, entertaining writing style that has a strong cockney flair to it

+ Outside of the romance department, most of the main characters are refreshingly observant and attentive to detail

+ Convenient fast-forwarding options makes multiple playthroughs rather painless (outside of a guide-worthy true ending)




- Most of the cases prior to being locked into a character's route are rather dull

-Main heroine that is a bit too vulnerable as well as some sexism (that is mostly deliberate due to the time period) can be quite off-putting at times

- Bizarre tonal shifts that go from happy go-lucky to horrific subject matter

- Seriously, the true end has way, way too many steps required to unlock it




Overall Score: ?.? (out of 10)

Below Average


Persona Dancing: Endless Night Collection is much better at presenting its list of disappointments as a rhythm game experience than it is at rewarding the passionate Persona fans that would attempt to enjoy it  


Disclosure: This game was reviewed using downloadable PS4 code provided by the publisher.

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