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Review: Judgement

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Developer: Sega

Publisher: Sega

Platform: PS4

Release Date: June 25, 2019

ESRB: M for Mature


Sega has given an immense amount of love to the Yakuza series on the Playstation 4. From the magnificent prequel that is Yakuza 0 to a fitting finale to the series' beloved lead that is Kiryu Kazama in Yakuza 6 players are left with no shortage of avenues to play the series from start to end. Heck, to further cement the PS4's Yakuza entry point status, Sega even most recently announced a collection of the formerly PS3 exclusive Yakuza titles 3-5 now making every mainline Yakuza entry accessible on the same system.


But perhaps one wants to try something different in yet also operate in a similar gameplay framework. Maybe they are getting little weary of seeing Kiryu's mug in the main character slot for so long (how dare you), or perhaps newcomers that are Yakuza-curious are looking for an entry point without the commitment anxiety of a long-running series. Well, good news for either of you hypothetical individuals, because Sega has constructed a game almost specifically for you. Starring the incredibly popular Japanese actor Takuya Kimura (popular, um, in Japan. if that was not clear) the PS4-exclusive Judgment brings yet another crime-focused action-adventure title but through the lens of a part-detective/part-attorney. Can it proudly call itself 




For one. Kiryu is an idiot and Yagami is not. A lovable, ridiculously tough, and good-natured idiot, mind you. But an idiot nonetheless.




 as fresh as one's face can be if we more or less ignore the fact that.




been essentially a cornucopia for nearly all of Sega's beloved Yakuza game titles. From the stellar prequel that is Yakuza 0 to the mostly fitting conclusion that is Yakuza 6 players are hardly left wanting for adventures starring the lovable dope Kiryu on Sony's console. Because of that, it feels as if that the Rya Ga Gotaku studio (Yakuza developers) collectively decided it was the perfect time try their hand at something different starring, Well, as fresh as one's face can be if we more or less ignore the fact that the lead is modeled after Japan's most popular tv show actor. 


In any case,


For those expecting some sort. Honestly, players have to dig pretty deep for so much as even a kernel of flavor text that even alludes to the exists. Which is to say Judgment may very well be the perfect starting point if the various mainline Yakuza games starring Kiryu sounds like a daunting prospect (even if you don't need to go much further beyond just playing Yakuza 0...)


Which, for those that did not already know, Japan has a 99.9% percent acquittal rate so it is incredibly rare for the defense to win any court cases (hence why the iconic Ace Attorney series has always been presented that way as well).


Chasing. Tailing. Analyzing environment


The first title by the Rya Ga Gotoku studio with both English and Japanese. More interesting than that is that the localization is actually slightly different based on the language at hand, which I frankly have not seen in a game since Sakura Wars: So Long My Love on the PS2.





+ One of the stronger main narratives in 

+ Great sidestories





- Search and tailing missions break up pacing in an awkward way

- Yakuza series fans might be more than a little tired of the familiar city Kamurocho by now...

- Narrative takes its sweet time addressing the primary story thread




Overall Score: 7.5 (out of 10)



Zanki Zero: Last Beginning is a refreshingly unique take on dungeon crawlers that is only really held back by it not going quite far enough with certain gameplay systems or, more disappointing, its underutilized storytelling


Disclosure: This game was reviewed using downloadable PS4 code provided by the publisher.

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