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HEY, welcome back to GP! You should probably check this thread out here if this is your first time back on the forum since our upgrade. Suffice it to say, some things have changed! CLICK HERE to read more about it, including some new functionality.

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Jason Clement

"The Prize Vault and How to Win It" Page Has Been Updated

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Just so everyone knows, I updated the thread about how to win the prize vault since it was still using the outdated rules from the old site.


But don't worry, the rules are already stated on the current Prize Vault going on, so you guys are all fine in that regard. For those of you who'd like to improve your chances of winning though, I'd recommend checking the thread out if I were you. :)


*Be sure to click on the "spoilers" too; they'll give you examples of what to do and what not to do. ;)

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