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GITS: Arise - Mini Episode

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With just two more weeks until Ghost Whisper, we have this to hold us together. Is anyone else excited? How do you feel about the first OVA? A lot of people seem to be bothered with Motoko's new look as well as the direction the four part OVA is taking (or appears to be)--are you?

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I love Ghost in the Shell! The original movie and [adult swim] turned me into a fan. I have the complete 1st and 2nd season Anime Legends set. To be honest Ciel I never looked much into this and didn't think it was an OVA. I really thought it was going to be another 13-26 episode season series. More Mokoto more fun! I'll definitely have to catch this now. I am not bothered by the animation and look at all. It's fun creating unique designs of characters.


Side note, those Tachikomas are always adorable and want to own one. :3

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