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The end of 2013 is here and we had a long great year with great games, worst games, developments, awards, gaming nights, breaking news, surprises, previews, reviews, journalism, E3, Conventions, etc. A lot has happened throughout the year and how it impacts the gaming industry and hobby today. This thread discuss whatever you like to share about who, how, or what ways did gaming affect you this year. 

These are my personal thoughts about the past year. You don't have to follow this format and I'm just discussing what I like to share. Feel free to say whatever you want about the past year and such.


Best Game? Worst Game? Beat a lot of games? Enjoyed the most?

This doesn't have to be the games for this year or anything, but what games you really enjoyed playing this past year. For me this past summer was one of the best summer of gaming I ever had mostly on the PS3. I managed to beat 20+ games and that was a pretty exhausting way to kill time. It was amazing how in end of June and early July I was able to beat Bioshock Infinite and the Infamous series in a short time. Infamous games were so amazing that I was surprised I beat them quickly with no problems.


Anyways July was my favorite month and of course it was my Birthday month. My favorite game to play during the time is none other than Ni no Kuni. It has been a while since I've played a JRPG game and my body was ready for time spent. It took me 9 gaming days with 2 days off to beat Ni no Kuni. I remember that time went by so fast that I forgot about the real world and Game Podunk lol. Heck gaia was wondering where I was and thought I was sick (lol appreciated for worrying me). Well I was almost sick from gaming exhaustion. Felt like I was playing the game forever. I was sucked into the world of Ni no Kuni and could not put my controller down. It was time well spent. Ni no Kuni is probably my favorite game during the summer and possibly my game of the year. Hard to pick between Infinite and Last of Us.

Anyways I think the best game for me this year I've played is Ni no Kuni because how it kept me playing and hooked to the storyline and such. I enjoyed this masterpiece a lot!


Worst game I've played this year is Operation Raccoon CIty. I did not have a good time playing the game in single player and multiplayer. I almost didn't want to finish, but did so I can get over it. I know I'll get bashed by Luds for saying this since he liked the game. Maybe If I had the PS3 version my view would be different and it's always better with friends and co-op.


E3 Discussions/Gaming News
Oh man remember all those E3 discussions earlier this year? We would be bashing on Microsoft, claiming Sony wins, Nintendo just idling, etc. Man looking back at it, we had a lot of fun posting those memes and funny pics poking fun at Microsoft. So many threads on Microsoft's problems about how they will have always online, drm issues, etc. Sony had us all won their hearts. So much has changed since E3 and today. Fanboys battling it out, console wars, etc. Back then and today things sure got different in perspective. Sony still has my vote of confidence and Microsoft started to rebuild and fix things the best they can. Even though not a huge Xbox fan, I applaud them for being motivated to overcome the negativity. Nintendo did what they did and still became awesome.


I know there were a lot of crazy gaming news the past year too. Sad one being THQ going bankrupt and having their games looking for a new home. They were a great gaming company in my view and hope those who worked there found jobs later in life. They worked pretty hard with the games that needed a new home.

Another one would be the past year with EA. Remember when everyone was mad about the SimCity? Man that was total disaster on their end and a mess. EA has had a bad year with bad commuincations.


What other news you remembered that stood the most?

Winning the Prize Vault

It took forever to win one, but finally did. It wasn't easy as I would always lose to Ludo and almost lost the 3rd time. Kekeke 3rd time's the charm huh. Anyways I remember during that time we had great results and personally I thought Kiky would win because of the super hero threads like Wonder Woman vs Superman and Why Don't Heroes Kill Villains threads she posted and had great posts. I did made a lot of contributions to the community, but honestly it surprised me that it was enough to take the win. I learned I won when I was sick during the semester. I had a horrible day in bed so I lay there sleeping most of the day until Jason tweeted me a surprise. I really tried to celebrate and jump, but man that sick was keeping down. Winning the Prize Vault really brightened up my day. To tell the truth, I was going to give Kiky my prize vault because I felt she deserved it more, but refused and said I deserve it more. Thanks Kiiky. After the semester ended, I eventually got the Vault and liked it. It was fun posting the power rangers pictures.

Gaming Nights/Co-Op

It's always fun to play with friends no matter what. There is more enjoyment and excitement when we play together as a team. I never played much of co-op these days until I met you guys. It was a good idea to create the gaming night thread, but then again it's hard to schedule at times lol. Super Smash Brawl on the Wii was the first gaming night I tried to set up during the summer and had a lot of fun playing. I know I wasn't that great, but it's all about having fun. Man John, Venom, and Jordan are like the best Brawlers in the game. John is just too good. Congrats to Venom for winning our first fun tournament lol. After that then started to come up with other games to have gaming nights. Most of the time these days we just asked our buddies hey lets get a gaming night going without using the thread. Also Kiky bringing up Uncharted 3 Multi is a lot of fun as well. We got a bunch of people to participate and it was successful. Ludo would be sending Last of Us invitations during the time too. Another time I enjoyed was Killing Floor with Kiwi. Really had fun in the game and Kiwi was a pretty good leader! So many hilarious moments too.


Of course there is the regular co-op games. I had the bestest times playing MW3 with Kiky doing the survival waves, hilarious adventures in DR:OTR, GTAIV, etc. So many great moments. I know I annoy you a lot in co-op games and fail most of the time, but I do the best I can lol. I'll remember to give you money in MW3 too.

Also Venom we had awesome times as well with Dead Nation, LBP, Shoot Many Robots, etc. I've lost count on how co-op games we've beaten. We still have a lot of games to go though lol.


Man I still need to play some co-op games with most of you guys I haven't played with yet. For some reason playing co-op with Jason is like a big goal lol.




Anyways I could talk about a lot of things about the past year, but I'd like to hear  stories from you guys. :D


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Guest ...

How come you didn't mention I refused to accept the prize vault from you and I kept telling you that you deserved it more?


This year was a great year for games. So many amazing games came out including some I can't play because they didn't come out for ps3. Like Animal Crossing, Fire Emblem and Dead Rising 3. But glad that I got Ni No Kuni this year and looking forward to getting the Last of Us.


I just play a lot of older games since I got my ps3 not to long ago and I'm catching up with all the classics so I can't really say much for having played new releases. Except for BF4 and I think everyone knows how I feel about that by now.


There wasn't a champion after the first tournament I wonder why you didn't make another one.

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How come you didn't mention I refused to accept the prize vault from you and I kept telling you that you deserved it more?


This year was a great year for games. So many amazing games came out including some I can't play because they didn't come out for ps3. Like Animal Crossing, Fire Emblem and Dead Rising 3. But glad that I got Ni No Kuni this year and looking forward to getting the Last of Us.


I just play a lot of older games since I got my ps3 not to long ago and I'm catching up with all the classics so I can't really say much for having played new releases. Except for BF4 and I think everyone knows how I feel about that by now.


There wasn't a champion after the first tournament I wonder why you didn't make another one.

-Sorry while I was typing I just type whatever is coming out of my head. I edited and mentioned you refused.

-Yeah all great games especially handheld area, If only PS4 has DR3, You'll def enjoy Ni no Kuni, and Last of Us. So many to play!

-Still plenty of great games to play and good way to play them while we wait for price drops.

-After the first one, we just play for fun whenever everyone's free. It's hard to get more people to join when creating game nights.

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Not a bad year in games. I'm still catching up on 2012's games though. Lol. My only surprise in 2013 was getting to the point where I didn't even care about the next gen launches. I usually buy every launch console since I often feel the need to have every new gadget I can afford. This time around, the PS3 still keeps me happy, so we'll see if the PS4 excites me at all next year. Lol.

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This year has been rather excellent I think, although I have yet to play most of the bigger titles that have come out (as usual I'm way behind on everything). Even still I had the pleasure of a ton of great smaller games, and managed to catch up on some older titles I really should have played this year already. So I guess here are a few of my favorite games I played this year, in no particular order since picking my favorite would be like choosing a favorite child (or type of bagel, whichever you relate to more):


The Swapper

The Swapper is to video games what Moon is to scifi movies. It's remarkably clever, gorgeous to look at, and tells an engrossing and surprising story that I couldn't pull myself away from (I beat it in two sitting during a single day). Puzzle platformers are a dime a dozen these days, but The Swapper really stands out and doesn't settle for simply repeating what others have already done, and pulls it off with a perfectionist's touch.


Dust: An Elysian Tail

This is probably my most surprising game of the year. I had almost no idea what to expect but almost immediately became fell completely in love with it. The art, the charters, the heartwarming story and unexpectedly great voice acting sunk their teeth in me, as did the tight and addictive gameplay. The fact it was developed by a single person is truly remarkable to me, and I would say it is one of my favorite games not just of this year but the last several.


inFamous 2

Despite being a huge fan of Sucker Punch I really didn't like the first inFamous as much as I expected to. The sequel however took my complaints and through them out the door with better art design, more likable and developed characters, greater mission variety, and improved parkour elements, I was simply blown away by how much of an improvement it was, and am now incredibly interested to see what they can pull of with Second Son next year (perhaps the game that forces me to buy a PS4).


Gears of War 3

Gears is a series that really shouldn't appeal to me. It's loud, bloody, and full of dumb one liners and cliched stories. For some reason though the combination just works, and 3 is the pinnacle of everything Epic has been working toward. The plot (while full of continuity errors) humanized the characters, while finally allowing for female ones (which aside from a few cheesy jokes are just as strong and thankfully clothed as the guys) to join the cast, and ending with something resembling closure (which can't be said for either previous game). The gunplay is as refined as ever and the enemies a blast to fight, and graphically it is simply a stunning showcase for the Unreal Engine 3. To put it bluntly, Epic games completely lives up to their name.


Mutant Blobs Attack/Guacamelee

I'm grouping these together because both are from one of my new favorite developers Drinkbox Studios. The former was a simple but gleeful platformer with a ton of charm and humor, and the later is an even more charming and better designed metroidvania adventure with an infectious soundtrack and a great combat system. If I was to choose a developer of the year Drinkbox would surely be near the top, as simply looking at how far they've come I can't help but feel impressed and excited about whatever project they set to work on next.


Thomas Was Alone

A game about rectangles you say? Only on the surface, as when it comes down to it this is a game of friendship and an extremely heartfelt one at that. The narration does an incredible job of bringing these shapes to life, there hopes and dreams all tightly woven together with the platforming elements underneath. It's a joyful two hours that just made me extremely happy the way very little does nowadays, and for that alone it deserves a place on this list.


To the Moon

Continuing on with another emotional game, To the Moon is anything but what its simple graphics would suggest. Largely consisting of nothing but exposition, it tells a fantastic love story the likes of which is rarely seen in a game. To say much more about it would spoil an experience you should really have for yourself, but just know this is perhaps the only game that has legitimately made my cry. Those feels, it has them.


Rayman Origins

What can I possibly say about this that hasn't been said already? The amount of creativity on display is truly incredible, with vibrant colors, fantastic level design, great pacing, and a style all its own. It is about as close as any game has come this year to simply being perfect to me, a wonderful love-letter to platformers and a revitalization of Rayman, who was all but dead before but is now better than ever. And yet despite how great Origins is, from what I've seen and played of Legends it manages to blow it out of the water, something I wouldn't have previously thought possible before I saw just how fantastic the developers at Ubisoft are at what they do. Making silly ridiculously fun games, that are oh so french (and I mean that as a complement to the fullest extent possible)!


Gone Home

This is an interesting one. It isn't something I could recommend to everyone, and yet desperately want to as the subject matter and execution are superb and it stands as one of the most promising arguments for videogames as a medium for storytelling. It resonated with me in a way I hadn't experienced with a game before, and I continued to think about it long after completing it and moving on to other games. I'm almost sad at how much hype it has gotten as the expectations of those going in are almost never going to be met. Not because it doesn't live up to them, but because it's the sort of game that takes an open mind and a blank slate to truly appreciate as it goes in a new direction that many will dislike, but that I hope continues as the medium grows and the definition of what a video game is continues to broaden. I believe Gone Home to be one of the most important games this year, both for tackling material not previously attempted by any game I know of, and for showcasing a new direction for storytelling in games.


Oh boy, look at how long this post has gotten before I've even gotten halfway through! Well consider this a PT1, or a best of my best of list for now. Come to think of it I'm not sure this was the sort of thing I was supposed to post here, but whatever I typed it up so I'm going to anyway ;)


I suppose a list of the most disappointing/worst games I played this year ought to follow sometime soon, though reminiscing about those isn't nearly as fun...

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Overall it has been a pretty good year for me in gaming. I got more games than I could play as always. So that will always be a plus. Also ending the year with a 3DS and Wii U is quite a way to finish off the year. Granted I haven't really touch them but it is a long term investment haha.


I wish I had more time to game with people there though. It seems like work is either in the way or I don't always have the game. But it is fine, we all got plenty more time to play games with one another.


Also this year I have seen that GP have grown a lot in term of more members and that is always good news for our community. I'm glad I was able to beat some games that I always wanted to try. I even got to try some games that I may never have if it wasn't for my friend pushing me to play it.


I think maybe right now Deus Ex: Human Revolution would stand out as the most memorable and best game I played this year.

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This year I got to play Mark of the Ninja.  Yep, it was a great year.


But to flesh my post out a little more, I played a lot of great games this year, whether they were old or new.  I also focused more on newer games than older, a first for me this year.  I haven't decided if that was a good thing or not, though.  xD

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MrNinjaSquirrel, your post is too good to be a regular forum post! You could easily throw that into a blog!
Anyway some things that came to mind, some good, some bad. 
I'm alright with Nintendo games again:
I think the 3DS alone has dramatically changed my perspective on Nintendo in general after so...SO many years of fatigue and disappointment. Heck, even on the original DS I think 3rd party devs outright made better games overall. Anyway, after ignoring my 3DS for months (believe it or not I was playing the Vita instead), it wasn't until I truly sat down and played the system early this year that they won me over. Playing Kid Icarus: Uprising in particular made me realize that Nintendo is actually willing to do fresh stuff, even now. And playing stuff like Kid Icarus: Uprising, Fire Emblem: Awakening, Super Mario 3D Land (not World, since I don't have a Wii-U), and Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds in the same year, which were all IPs that I thought were very stagnant recently (ugh, NSMB...) or just weren't that great to begin with (Kid Icarus) definitely left me feeling pretty positive about them nowadays. That said, I did find the new Paper Mario pretty dull, which is unfortunate... 
I reviewed three wonderful games:
Valhalla Knights 3, Time & Eternity, and Let's Fish: Hooked On. Admittedly, I don't really regret playing any of them aside from Let's Fish (but I felt like even that was good experience for reviewing), because I more or less satisfied my curiosity, but... they were all still really bad. I do think it is good to play a truly bad game every now and then to help you critically discern what is actually good, but still, ugh. That said, by playing them they made me break my own reviewing rule, twice, which is beat every game I review.... which I simply couldn't do, which is interesting (I used to look down on reviewers who wouldn't play games in their entirety, but sometimes... you really gotta respect your own time/sanity).
SMTIV being such a disappointment:
Ugh, I'm still bummed about this. This game was was, by far, my most anticipated game for like the past two years. Like I've been a pretty unapologetic SMT fan, as I've quite literally gone out of my way to play every localized game (except Jack Bros, since nobody had a Virtual Boy). But... I can't believe how much I had to force myself to play this game for so many reasons (shallow storytelling despite the great setting, obnoxious traversal and samey dungeons, quest design that really bogs down the pacing *especially for the neutral route*, and lack of challenge for SMT veterans.) and I honestly think the only portion of the game I could say I legitimately enjoyed was the very last portion of the game (which might've been specific to the neutral route). Oh well, at least the music is still pretty great, and man does it have a lot of great throwbacks to SMTI/II/III and even some of Strange Journey/Soul Hackers.
Crazy new console launch:
Yeah, I gotta agree with TK that the Microsoft/Sony feuds were ridiculous, even more so that Microsoft changed their policies several times before launch. And man, the hype surrounding those E3 conferences was ridiculous, especially the PS4 one (like watching twitter blow-up during it). Also, that used game PS4 video that came like minutes after the conference aired, that's like Sega vs Nintendo level back in the day.

I also focused more on newer games than older, a first for me this year.  I haven't decided if that was a good thing or not, though.   xD

Yeah, I'm feeling the same way. Actually, probably my favorite games I've played this year... weren't released this year.

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