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Was going through some of my favorite movie music from 2013 earlier today, so I decided to make a thread for this.


I'm sure there are more tracks that I can't think of at the moment, but here are a few of my favorites from throughout the year.




Starts out slow but picks up around 1:08. This still might be my favorite track of the year. Pretty epic-sounding stuff. I can also imagine Marshall in the background saying "I WILL FIND HIM, JOR-EL!!!" :)


For some reason it sounds a little quieter here, I dunno why, but you may have to turn the volume up a little to hear it.




The riff at the beginning is extremely catchy but I especially love when the whole orchestra comes in at 0:45. Great stuff!




Howard Shore's stuff is always usually pretty great, but his elvish tracks are pretty spectacular, what with the chorus and all.




This is pretty low-key stuff, but I especially like the percussion and beat that happens at 2:15. Such a catchy little song, lol.



I'll probably add more later too if I can think of anything else.


What about you? Any songs or themes that really stood out to you this year in movies?

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Pretty much Jason nailed it with those choices. Couldn't think of any so listened through these.




Scarlett can sing! Squee!



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Movie music...Um, I don't think I've seen nearly enough movies from this year to even begin to think what I thought was my favorite. I can probably name all the movies I saw on one hand really. But great choices so far.

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