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  2. Free Ebooks

    You will get a list of books in the newsletter and you pick what ones you want and they send you a download link for it.
  3. Free Ebooks

    Is there a account where you can see what you get for free and keep it? I signed up for both.
  4. I still haven't seen the first one. Guess it is time to watch it.
  5. They got deals for xbox 12 months subscription for $40 last I saw on slickdeals. Might be worth it if you want to or plan to game on Xbox. But my sister did get me the Xbox X 1S Or whatever the new one is called. Didn't even know she did that haha.
  6. Oh, carp!

    Welcome back and glad to hear about the good changes for work.
  7. Oh, carp!

    I wanted to say something witty but I suck at that part. Anywho! I do want to try and make more of an effort to visit Game Podunk. I've missed this place. But things have been crazy busy. I'm still in school (though I'll be graduating in May, woo!). I left my old job with the awful hours (4am is way too early to have to go into work!) for one that is a lot better. Sure, it's 12 hours shifts but the way it's done has me off more days than the last one and it pays more. Which is great for giving me more time for schoolwork and stuff. When I'm not working, doing schoolwork, taking care of the kiddos, and going crazy, I play some games. I've gotten back into ARK and I've dabbled with Destiny 2 and WWE 2K18. I also do a bit of freelance work on the side to help build up my portfolio. Which is super cool.
  8. Yesterday
  9. Lately, I have had the urge to get back into reading books as the thought of writing my own book swirls in my head. So one day I got an e-mail or a pop up about an Ebook newsletter so I gave it a go and now I have a nice collection of books yay. Insta freebie - A newsletter that sends you free Ebooks and previews. Discover Sci-Fi - A newsletter that sends you free Ebooks of the best Sci-Fi If you like reading then free is a pretty good price and can help you find cool new series and authors.
  10. The most important thing to take away from the trailer is at least a release window, cuz jeez. They've been super quiet on everything and anything pertaining to this. Not that we didn't get some good, and some questionable sequel choices in the down time, but uh, hey. I'm glad we're getting it at all. I was kinda hoping for a little bit more of a time skip though, to maybe have their youngest at least be Dash's age. I just don't want a baby ex-machina moment in the end of it, haha. Surprise, a new power we didn't know he had on top of his now three others, wham!
  11. Kinda back? Sure, let's go with that!

    Well that's good, I guess! I haven't played much Overwatch since the major changes to Mercy a season or so back, but with my new streaming schedule it's hard to play games that aren't really let's plays and the like. Not to mention the newer games are a little hard for me to play too on stream since the newer games always get streamed by the super popular streamers. Either way, gaming, fun, good times, vidgya gaems. You can't just say things like that around here, people are gonna get the wrong ideas! Or something like that, you know how the crowd around here is!
  12. Awesome Twitch live stream channel

    Yeah I saw this a bit ago, but I was super hard stuck into watching like, only Critical Role at the time. Luckily, I have finished that and can move on to other RPG shows! Though, I'm still trying to truck along with watching more Super Sentai as well. I'm so glad we live in an age where stuff like this can happen, love the cast and more table top RPG's is always a good thing!
  13. By the way you can get the xbox game pass for a month for 1 dollar right now. And I thought I saw that you can get gold for 1 dollar for first month if you are not currently a gold person. That might be over now though.
  14. Man I totally agree with you. The baby looks the same age but Bob seems a bit older. I hope this is literally a teaser and we get to see a mixture of x-men (teen stuff for kids) plus a bit of Logan (with Bob and Helen getting older)... Man that would be awesome. The first movie is still an all time favorite for me because it is a great story about family with super heroes in it. I hope they continue that tradition.
  15. I don't have Gold right now so I probably won't buy anything, but it doesn't matter much since there's not a lot of X1 games I want right now. I was hoping the OG Xbox backwards compatible games would be on sale, since the ones available right now would be more of a curiosity for me than anything I really want. I am semi-tempted by the Fable games (which were on sale at a lesser discount without Gold, though not anymore so it was probably a mistake and they'll be on sale for everyone on Tuesday) but I don't know when I'd ever get around to playing them.
  16. Anyone keeping up with Agents of Shield?

    Dunno about any connections to AoS (I thought I heard there wasn't?) but I don't believe Inhumans is nearly as bad as all the critics are saying. While I've only seen the first episode so far, I thought it was pretty decent and am looking forward to watching the rest once all of my other ongoing shows go on hiatus until next year.
  17. Would love to get Cuphead for $15 as well; I think there's a chance we may see it at that price in December. As for the sale, I'll have to doublecheck and see what's there, but I may not end up getting anything because I don't have a XBLG sub right now.
  18. While it isn't QUITE the trailer I wanted, it is... adorable, I guess, haha. Will be nice to have The Incredibles back in a new movie, though from the teaser it looks like there won't be any time skip (no older kids or anything)? I'm kinda surprised given that other movies (like Toy Story 3) did do the time skip and make Andy older, and it seemed like addressing the kids as teens would have been the next natural theme to tackle for the movie.
  19. Kinda back? Sure, let's go with that!

    Eh, it's more a matter of all the users that matter moving from GAF to Reset. Activity on GAF is at an all time low and generally Reset is only "established" users for the time being. evilore's handling of the whole matter didn't help either. Just as GAF emerged from the old Gaming Age site, reset is the next evolution.
  20. Kinda back? Sure, let's go with that!

    Yeah, it's been crazy to watch Resetera overtake GAF this last month or so. Good on them for putting their feet down on trolls and generally bad people/discussion.
  21. Last week
  22. This movie is actually my all time favorite animated film. Saw it in the theatres 4 times. Great times!!! Can't wait to get some more info on the 2nd one. And same director!!!!!! Brad Bird!! Very excited!
  23. Kinda back? Sure, let's go with that!

    Looks like I've not yet been forgotten. Not so much an Ivory Tower as a shared apartment in Madrid, but hey I'm not unapproachable. I generally stick to Resetera and reddit, you can find me there, I'm fairly active there. Resetera is also a decent place after the whole GAF incident... Actually finished Rise of the Tomb Raider and Wolfenstein: The New Order in the past two weeks. But generally I still just play (and watch CS:GO). Never got into Overwatch, it's also quite terrible as a spectator eSport. I only have my gaming PC with me these days, but it's pretty capable so I could play other things should I want to... Pssh, stop pretending we don't send each other steamy messages every other night on Messenger.
  24. Anyone keeping up with Agents of Shield?

    Well, I liked it. I don't know or care anything about the comics so I don't know if it follows comics or not and if that has anything to do with why they might say it's bad. I have not seen any connection to Agents of Shield.
  25. Anyone keeping up with Agents of Shield?

    Wait are you being serious or joking? I have read from every major kind of website that the show is pretty terrible. If you say it isn't terrible I might want to check it out ^^. Is there any connection at all to Agents of Shield?
  26. Probably not, I'm sure if I wait long enough most of it will be on GWG.
  27. Anyone keeping up with Agents of Shield?

    WHAAAAAT? I love Inhumans it's awesome. The Gifted is the boring copy and paste teen drama.
  28. Anyone keeping up with Agents of Shield?

    Hahaha well I heard Inhumans is terrible so for now I am just avoiding it. If you watch it and think otherwise please tell me! ^^
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