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    I wanted to say something witty but I suck at that part. Anywho! I do want to try and make more of an effort to visit Game Podunk. I've missed this place. But things have been crazy busy. I'm still in school (though I'll be graduating in May, woo!). I left my old job with the awful hours (4am is way too early to have to go into work!) for one that is a lot better. Sure, it's 12 hours shifts but the way it's done has me off more days than the last one and it pays more. Which is great for giving me more time for schoolwork and stuff. When I'm not working, doing schoolwork, taking care of the kiddos, and going crazy, I play some games. I've gotten back into ARK and I've dabbled with Destiny 2 and WWE 2K18. I also do a bit of freelance work on the side to help build up my portfolio. Which is super cool.
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    This movie is actually my all time favorite animated film. Saw it in the theatres 4 times. Great times!!! Can't wait to get some more info on the 2nd one. And same director!!!!!! Brad Bird!! Very excited!
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    Yeah, honestly, I think the overall issue is just that EA didn't know how to properly manage Visceral, or at least communicate with them. So Visceral was trying to do one thing when EA was set on something else. I dunno, EA has a lot of issues.
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    If you guys haven't seen yet, Lay's has three new chip flavors that have been circulating for a few months now. They are... I've gotten to try all three, so here's what I think of them. CRISPY TACO Surprisingly tastes a lot like Tacos, honestly. Your first thought might be, "Sure, it probably tastes like that because it's just a taco seasoning mixture used on the chips," but you can almost taste the meat as well, if that makes sense. All in all, it's a really good chip flavor. EVERYTHING BAGEL If you like bagels, then you know the Everything Bagel (which has onion, poppyseed, and sesame seed) is far and away one of the best and tastiest ones. UNFORTUNATELY, this doesn't taste much like it, imo. Maybe it tastes like the cream cheese? Honestly, it tastes a lot more like a cheese flavor overall. FRIED GREEN TOMATO This one is difficult to describe. I've never had real fried green tomatoes, so I can't speak to the authenticity of how true it is to the real thing, but it's not bad. There's a certain taste to it that I can't pin; a certain spice they use. Not my favorite of the flavors but not bad either. SO WHICH ONE IS THE BEST?
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    Perfect Dark had great music good choice For me it's gotta be - This was the credits song of PS2 Gundam: Federation vs Zeon These are the ones I remember and also resulted in my playing the games a bazillion times just for the sweet music at the end. I can't remember any other credits music.
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    This is pretty much what I do too, yeah. In the past, I used to buy games that I was curious in, but not SUPER interested in if they got really cheap, but nowadays I've cut that out altogether since my backlog has gotten so big. Like you said, I try to limit purchases to games that I really actually want to (and know I'll) play.
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    Yeah the didn't evolve comment is weird since they changed as much as the could without creating an entirely new game... Sound isn't awful per say, but much like Seattles colour palette it is a bit stifled. I've been playing it through a surround sound system cranked up all the way and it's definitely lacking that "oomph" you'd kind of expect. That said, the smoke powers don't really lend themselves to big "BOOMS" but rather the "swoosh" sounds you get. Yeah, I've been going paragon as well just because the big choices so far made me lean towards good and since with inFamous you have to be completely committed to one side the combat has been a bit samey aka restrain as many people as possible lol
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    Oh, just for March? Yeah, I'm gonna go with what Luds Danny said with FFX HD being the highest scoring, up there with Dark Souls 2 as well. Titanfall will most likely sell the most due to the hype, but if we're talking about the game in general, technically they just shot themselves in the foot by pushing the Xbox 360 version back to April. Thus it won't count for sales in March
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    Titanfall will obviously be the best selling because of former Call of Duty team working together and bringing in Titan sales. This is because multiplayer is a huge selling point. As for best reviewed game, it would be easily Titanfall again, but I'd like to go different and say Infamous: Second Son. PS4 is finally getting a great game this year and the return of a great franchise. I enjoyed the story with the Infamous series and looking forward to it. Woo!
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    Chespin Quilladin Fennekin Braixen Froakie Frogadier Xerneas Yveltal Fletchling Talonflame Scatterbug Spewpa Vivillon Panchman Pangoro Skiddo Gogoat Inkay Malamar Litleo Pyroar (male) Pyroar (female) Skrelp Clauncher Flabébé Noivern Swirlix Spritzee Dedene Bunnelby Honedge Helioptile Furfrou Meowstic (male) Meowstic (female) Tyrunt Amaura Sylveon Mega Venusaur Mega Charizard Mega Blastoise Mega Blaziken Mega Lucario Mega Mawile Mega Absol Mega Mewtwo Y Mega Mewtwo X Mega Ampharos Mega Garchomp Opinions? I personally like the designs for the new Pokemon, however, most of the "Mega" versions are wack imo.
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    THQ is running a promotion through Facebook right now where you can get a copy of Metro 2033. I don't know how many codes they have left, but the promo went live earlier today so you might want to hurry as more people find out about it. Anyway, all you have to do is "like" their page (which means you need a Facebook profile). Then you can click to reveal the code, and it makes you authorize something, then you can see it and use it on Steam. After that I would suggest removing their app .
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    Yup I got a copy. No wonder the steam gifts site was going crazy with so many Metro 2033 giveaway.
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    There's legitimately no reason not to get in on this. Metro 2033 is that good.
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    Thanks Marcus! I was able to get a code and activated it on Steam. Woo! Sadly I don't have a gaming laptop so definitely play it in the future while I add this to the backlog of games lol.
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    Well that's good, I guess! I haven't played much Overwatch since the major changes to Mercy a season or so back, but with my new streaming schedule it's hard to play games that aren't really let's plays and the like. Not to mention the newer games are a little hard for me to play too on stream since the newer games always get streamed by the super popular streamers. Either way, gaming, fun, good times, vidgya gaems. You can't just say things like that around here, people are gonna get the wrong ideas! Or something like that, you know how the crowd around here is!
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    I always liked the original 3 Budokai games (and Burst Limit) more than any other DBZ game so I'm hyped for the return to 2D fighting. Obviously the graphics are amazing and the gameplay looks lightning fast so it should be a blast to play. And based on the little bit at the end of the trailer it looks like it'll have a proper story mode, so that's awesome too.
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    Oh, one major new rule as well - In order to prevent people waiting till the end of the month to see which scores are the top ones, you have until the end of the first week of each month to lock in your predictions! Any made after that won't count!