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    Geez, Windows 8 sure seems... bad. A desktop app so you can run all of your programs? Why not... have a desktop? Microsoft is so silly.
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    Could also move to Jersey where they pump the gas for you.
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    This pun literally just killed me inside.
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    I think TK needs a special Podunker title all to himself: Community Cheerleader. Make it happen, Jason! Also, :3
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    You would like Tropico 4. If you dislike someone, you can just assassinate them. You might have to contend with angry protesters and a rejection of the philosopher-king concept, but that's why the military is useful. For crushing your enemy underfoot and badgering people into submission.
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    I was wondering if I was the only one who felt this way about the game because I've had people defend it despite me expressing my disappointment. But yeah, even as a fan of the previous two games, I found the entire game to be a giant tease where it felt like nothing really happened. Like the narrative was pretty predictable (did they really expect me to not think the masked guy was Alex as soon as the game started? And then pretend it was a revelation at the last 10 minutes?) and uninspired until the very end where they 'almost' introduce some interesting story elements... but, like you mention, it abruptly ends when they do. Of course, you can occasionally overlook a meh story if the core gameplay holds up. The problem is, like you mentioned... it was so...simple. Linearity is one thing but yeah, there is quite a few points of no returns in the 1st half of the game and could easily lose out on djinns (which is basically like saying, follow a guide for the 1st half...for a fairly linear game. Just in case). The game was also a cakewalk until literally the final boss which might catch you off guard. Which, having both of those combined, totally made the series's class system pointless (where you mix and match djinns for different abilities/skills for characters)... partly because you may be short on djinns, and because it was so easy that you just didn't care. Which is shame, because it is very technically impressive and the visuals for combat were quite stunning for that device (and puts a lot of 3D PSP games to shame with their fluidity) and you'd simply miss out of some of the cool summons and abilities. I admit, surprisingly enough, I thought some of the puzzles were well-done (even if they weren't hard) and may have been the only thing I really took away from the main game. Like for the final dungeon I thought truly utilized every character's psy skills in a semi-creative way. The problem is, I was only impressed by only like two of those types of dungeons I think. Needless to say, I was also disappointed by the game. I wouldn't say it was a bad game, but frankly, there was plenty of better rpgs on DS despite their lesser production values (as much as it pains me to say this as a big fan of the original two). Btw, sorry for the TL;DR comment, I didn't think that would happen....
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    This is the phone I have, and I love it. I wish I could have gotten dat Best Buy blue one, but it was either pay a fortune for that or get a silver one for $.01 at Amazon with some Black Friday dealio. That's right, I paid a penny for it (had to start a contract, though). Silver's not a bad color, though, so ultimately I'm happy.
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    I still feel like the greatest generation was the SNES vs. Genesis era. Nowadays, the vast majority of games are multiplatform....
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    I just realized your man cave lacks a strip pole and a bar.
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    I think it depends how you define the term. I think it's more alive then ever because I consider multi player just that. More then one live player playing something at the same time with each other. They don't have to plan things out, they don't have to talk to each other, ect. I think what you are explaining is a little more on the co op side. And theres always clans and communities that will be more then happy to play things with you. I have been playing dark souls a lot lately and I honestly thought the community was dead. But I get invaded and summoned enough to know that it's actually really fun. You can't even communicate with the other person all you have is gestures. And that in it self really makes things interesting. When you are summoned the first thing you do is greet each other with a bow. If you go on to fight a boss together you point your sword in to the sky. If you win against a boss or an invader you jump up and down. I think that some games become even more charming with out verbal communication. I invaded a world getting ready to kill the person that was just minding their own business but as we both started circling around a pillar we both decided it be more fun to just joke around with each other. With out saying a word we just started testing each other, to see if we would attack. Neither of us did and I went to follow him around on his journey. Sadly he eventually got killed by a butcher but as a result I get a pm saying he had fun and a friend request. I play a lot of COD multiplayer and that community is pretty nasty, yeah it can be pretty nice but most of the time if you don't know who you are playing with and they have a headset it's an instant mute from me. They will either complain about how they die or insult each others sexuality, mothers, ect. I was dont use my headset unless im gaming with friends. I heard someone tell another person (with out a headset) "If I had your score I would kill my self". I mean really? You would kill yourself over having a bad K/D ratio? Not only that but that kid can hear you if you they haven't muted you. How do you think that makes someone feel that is either just learning how to play, young, or has some type of disability? I have always said, the less responsibility someone has to take for their actions the crueler they will be. The internet is a perfect example of that. So like a lot of you said, the internet is a hostile place. But every once in a while you run in to a gem of a community. Like Dark Souls, Journey, or Gamepodunk. TLDR: I have a better time playing multiplayer games that don't let you talk, then I do with ones that let you verbally communicate with strangers lmao.
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    Not sure if I can handle my own site again. Lol. It's a lot of work..more marketing than writing. Lol. I may do something freelance one day again though. The problem with blogging about games heavily is that it can take a toll on you. With the rat race pace of straight game blogs, you can work hard all day, get a big traffic payoff and then you're right back to trying to find the next big story a day later. With blogging, articles rarely live longer than a few days. I'd only do it if I had funding for a big staff. Lol
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    Awesome post TK! In the industry we call them cigarette burns!
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    Welcome back Tyler! Oh goodie, glad to know there's another FFVII fan. It too was my favorite game growing up. Just excited to see you returning to GP. Hope you be more active and pierce the heavens again! Woo! Nice interview! If this interview isn't enough then... Let me tell you a little bit about TYLERxDURDEN. Tyler was a night person. While the rest of us were sleeping, he worked. He had one part time job as a projectionist. See, a movie doesn't come all on one big reel. It comes on a few. So someone has to be there to switch the projectors at the exact moment that one reel ends and the next one begins. If you look for it, you can see these little dots come into the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
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    I had to break up reading this into like 3 day chunks. TK was right, I got a stomach ache when I read this, especially stuff related to me, I can't handle this much optimism without feeling awful by the end of it. Even though I always thought of Digimon when I saw your initials I'm surprised it actually influenced your username too. Anyway, I dunno if you want to go into my league of Japanese rpg playing, because that is definitely something you develop over a long period of time without realizing it. Also, you gotta be willing to play older stuff so you can see the games at their best! Anyway TK, you're an alright dude, I may think you may borderline insanity with your overwhelmingly optimistic attitude, but I say being optimistic is sure as heck better than most things, especially negativity/pessimism. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll go back to puking into a bucket or a .
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    A little late, but I was pretty busy today (and sleepy yesterday) so I have an excuse. ;D And the winner is (based on random.org)........ Sasha Braus/TK! Congrats man! I'll send you it right away! Thanks for entering everyone.
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    I wouldn't consider anything 6 or above "harsh" by any means. 5 and below is where it gets nasty.
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    Looks and sounds terrible. People like to say "You don't like it because it's different" when in reality different doesn't automatically mean better. Although I already disliked windows, but Win8 is just ridiculous. You should try Ubuntu. It is way better and faster than Windows or Mac could ever be. It's free and you can dual boot if you don't want to give up Windows for games. The easiet way to give it a test drive is to use wubi, it will install like any program would and you can just uninstall if you don't like it or want put it on your machine properly.
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    I think games and movies like these are such a sensitive topic because we as a society (especially in America) feel that war is a necessity and it's an honor to serve, but that it's something so reverent that we don't talk about it outside of the situation or the environment. This game being controversial reminded me of another film I have not watched but saw on a documentary called This Film Is Not Yet Rated. The film I'm referring to is called Gunner Palace and in the interview, the director was discussing how this documentary met a lot of opposition because it was just "too real", and included real-life events of soldiers such as foul language, some drug use, and violent or hostile environments. The argument was made however for the film that this is what it is truly like, and men and women should not be sent off to war without understanding what it's really like once you get there. I personally feel that information is a positive thing, even if the topic is controversial or taboo. It's important for us all to be aware and knowledgeable, even if we don't like what we see, hear, or learn. Knowledge is what helps us make better decisions. I would play this game not so much for entertainment, but for information and awareness. I do not however believe it is right or appropriate to include the actual names of those individuals killed, out of respect for their memory and families. The story and events however should remain true to form; it just feels too disrespectful to actually include the names rather than create pseudonyms.
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    Very good article I like how you talked about the less than stellar launches for the consoles. I think it's important to remember that the start of every "next gen" won't be anywhere near the most important part of it. Real next gen doesn't even begin until 1-2 years after the new console has been released. The ps3 is still pumping out great exclusives. Knowing how long ps2 support lasted I can only hope, and rationalize that sony will the support the ps3 until 2019-2020. No matter how much nostalgia I have for the old generations I will always think that the one we are in now is the best one. Just like with music. Time goes on, old music can still be played but we are getting new music. With new technology we get all kinds of music in different languages we might not understand but we still enjoy. Just like with games, indie games, pc games, mods, exclusives, new technology. We are living the best generation. Don't let a fondness for your childhood days take anything away from the here and now.
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    What a great read. And yeah I followed over from GDD the sametime you did too darkcobra. But I think it was from a post Darkstar had made in CAG that lead me.
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    That ps3 headset is a bad deal considering amazon and ebay usually have it around that price. But foam almost came out of my moulth when I saw that 3DS. Way to hit me in the feels Nintendo. I'll have to keep resisting because I need a new computer first, plus I'll be spending a good chunk on gifts as well. But I hope that asylum/city game is for the ps3 as well. 10 bucks for all starts thats dirt cheap. 15 for ni no kuni. Oh well I bought it at 20 and 20 is pretty much the point of no regret for a game you know is good even if it sells for less in the future. BF4 be looking smexy I might think about it. Can't believe tales of xilia is so cheap. I was waiting for the CE to drop but doesn't look like thats gonna happen any time soon so I might pick that one up. I don't like buying pre owned but LA Noire and all those AC games are looking tempting. My sisters boyfriend is gonna be very happy when I tell him about that super slim with 2 free games sell. He has been waiting all you to buy another one since his last one gave out on him. Overall some good stuff, I'm glad that it's on friday because walmart will most likely have theirs at thursday like last year. That way I can do both then wait for cyber monday. Thank you Lud!
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    Soon, we shall see who the greatest trainer GP has ever seen is! The 3D world is what I like to call a "loose" grid in that you actually can cut corners and move on angles to avoid trainers (get out of their line of sight) or tall grass. Only four more hours until the next gym!
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    To some of the above comments who talk about the Wii U barely being on-par with the PS3 and 360: remember the PS3 and 360 launches? Remember how games weren't near as incredible-looking as they are today? Seriously, it takes time for a new console to show its true potential. Always has. And the fact that the Wii U starts out where the PS3 and 360 are now just means it'll be an impressive evolution over time. Plus, the fact that it has 1 GB of RAM in system memory when the PS3 has 256 MB should tell you what the future holds for the Wii U in terms of power. As for my thoughts on the topic at hand, I think Sony and Microsoft are being a bit hasty in order to follow-up Nintendo's jump into the next generation. I'm excited, don't get me wrong, but their current consoles are still going pretty strong (360 selling like hotcakes on Black Friday), so it's a little early to bring in something new, in my opinion. As for Nintendo releasing a new console, that pretty much needed to happen. As we all know from Wii sales and recent popularity, their current console ain't doing so hot nowadays. With such low power, pretty much nobody felt like developing for it anymore, therefore keeping the Big N's profits on the down-low. So considering how much weaker the Wii is from the competition, it was a smart move for them to come out with something a little more competitive.