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  2. Ebay seller dailysteals, has a good price for a PS3 Subsonic Neo Wireless Bluetooth Controller w/ Blu-ray Controls. Price is $20 with free shipping!
  3. Ebay seller goldstar_gaming has a daily deal for a New Xbox 360 Silver Wireless Controller + Play and Charge Kit. These are official Microsoft brand and priced at $43 (free shipping.)
  4. Game Podunk

    NEW MySims Sky Heroes PS3 $6.99

    MySims Sky Heroes $6.99 for PS3. Game is brand new.
  5. Buy Two Games, Get One Free For a limited time, buy two games, get one free. Choose from hundreds of eligible titles below. Simply add three titles from the lists below to your cart and proceed to checkout. See full terms and conditions below. Note: You may need to add the games to your cart separately if they are not on the same page. Check out the deal page for more games selection!
  6. Ebay seller, TigerDirect is having a 50% off sale on Microsoft Xbox Live Gold 12 Month card! It's going fast - seller already sold over 10,000 of these cards.
  7. Another headset deal, but this time it's offered from an Ebay Daily Deal Seller. 1SaleaDay is offering SteelSeries Siberia v2 Universal Gaming Headset for $40.
  8. For all that's interested, Amazon has Tritton Primer Wireless Stereo Headset for Xbox 360 at $69.99 today.
  9. Game Podunk

    Tetris: Axis for 3DS $14.99 Amazon DOTD

    Amazon is offering Tetris Axis on 3DS for $15 shipped with Prime.
  10. Target is having a sale on Mario Kart remote control cars (1/8 scale) at $69.99 (original price is $100). It appears though that this item is better off being purchased as a collectible than an actual toy because customer's reviews are saying it's susceptible to breaking.
  11. There's about an hour remaining for this deal. Amazon is offering King of Fighters XIII on PS3 for $30.
  12. These days it's really hard to find the Skylanders without paying inflated prices for them. GameStop lets you order the 3 character pack and Adventure pack online at $20 if you don't mind getting these at random.
  13. Assassin's Creed: Revelations $29.99 at Amazon today DOTD! You can also check out their deal of the week on the same page.
  14. From Ebay's Daily Deal! Star Wars Empire Strikes Back 30th Ann. Playing Card Set 2 Decks Storage Tin $8.99 Shipped Retail value: $16.00 / DEAL PRICE is $8.99 Shipped! Features: 30th Anniversary Collectible Set 2 - 55 Card Decks Empire Strikes Back Deck World Star Wars Poster Deck Empire Cards Feature 52 Classic Film Moments Empire Cards Have Vintage Artwork on Jokers Posters Deck Features 55 Unique Star Wars Posters All Cards Have Vintage Empire Strikes Back Backing Includes Collectible Storage Tin Perfect for Collecting or Using Officially Licensed Star Wars Memorabilia Dimensions: Storage Tin - 4.25 in. Deep x 5.75 in. Wide x 7/8 in. Deep Each Deck - .75 in. Thick x 2-5/8 in. Wide x 3.5 in. Tall Condition: New, in Original Retail Packaging Playing Cards Are Sealed in Plastic Wrapping Listing includes: 1 - 30th Anniversary Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Playing Card Set w/ 2 Commemorative Decks & Collectible Storage Tin.
  15. Halo Reach Limited Edition for Xbox 360 $27 shipped at Ebay Daily Deals!
  16. From Ebay's Daily Deal. NEW PS3 MINI PRO ELITE WIRELESS Controller BLUE + Charge Cable $21.99 (Free Shipping)!
  17. Game Podunk

    Promote to Article

    Learn how to use the new "Promote to Article" feature to copy a post to the articles section.
  18. Game Podunk

    Article Management

    This video shows off some of the user interface you can expect to see in the article management area of the ACP.
  19. Game Podunk

    Latest Topics

    This video shows how to create a latest topics block, showing the full post, and then adding that block to a new page.
  20. Game Podunk

    Store Comments In Forum

    With IP.Content 2.0, articles and custom databases can now mirror a topic to the forums when a new article or database record is submitted. In doing so, IP.Content can also utilize that automatically-generated topic as the comment "storage" for the article or record. When a comment is submitted to the article, the comment is actually stored as a reply to the topic. Similarly, replies made directly to the topic in the forum also show up as comments for the record. This new functionality can be enabled at a per-database and per-category level. You can specify separate forums for each category in your article section, for instance, or you can turn off forum commenting for a specific category, while enabling it for all others. A few additional configuration options, such as allowing you to automatically remove the topic when the record is removed, and specifying a prefix and/or suffix for the topic title so that your users can more easily identify that such topics were stemmed from the articles section help round out the feature, giving you better control over how these automatically posted topics are handled. These new forum cross-posting capabilities allow the administrator to better tie in articles with the forums, giving you better opportunities to expose your content to a wider audience. Additionally, forum management of comments provides for easier maintenance and stronger managerial options of the comments, utilizing IP.Board's powerful, proven feature set.
  21. Game Podunk

    Promoting Posts to Articles

    Beginning with IP.Content 2.0, you can now promote forum posts to your articles section in IP.Content. The administrator can configure the specifics of this feature in the ACP under My Apps -> IP.Content -> Promote Article Settings. You can turn the system on and off, control which groups can copy and move posts to the articles section, and specify a few other details for the feature. A new hook is included with IP.Content which adds a button to each post labeled "Promote to Article". This button only shows up if you have permission to use the feature based on the ACP configuration. When clicked, the button will take you to a new form where you can formalize the details of the new article. You can tweak the text and title, upload an image, and specify other pertinent details. If you are able to both move and copy posts to the articles section, you will also be asked which type of promotion you wish to use. Upon submitting the form, IP.Content handles the rest. This new feature can be used to showcase important content otherwise hidden in your forums by pushing this content to your frontpage. It is then up to you whether you want a copy made in the articles section (leaving the original post in tact), whether you want to actually move the post to the articles section, and whether you want any cross-linking left in place. With such powerful options, we are sure you will find many uses for this new promotion tool in IP.Content 2.0.