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  1. Right now I use a 10 foot USB extension cable but having a long PS4 cord to begin with would be nice. It seemed I could go a few days before charging a PS3 controller but the Dualshock 4 dies extremely fast. Lol


    I'm almost positive it's because of the light bar. I also hate that if you turn on power save settings for the controller, it makes an obnoxious interuption when the PS4 turns the controller off after X amount of minutes.

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  2. Favorites:

    Infamous: Second Son

    Infamous: First Light



    Don't Starve

    The Last of Us: Remastered


    Least Favorites:


    Mercenary Kings

    Killzone: Shadow Fall



    Battlefield 4

    Call of Duty: Ghosts


    I have actually been most surprised with the indies. I need more meat in the long run though. Playing Knack now, have Watch Dogs and Far Cry 4 up next.

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  3. I believe that a Mass Effect Trilogy HD is incoming for the PS4 and XB1.


    They aren't necessary but I do think they help fill out the PS4's exclusive release schedule. The Last of Us Remaster definitely gave it a boost this past summer.


    I would like to see Heavy Rain, Uncharted Trilogy, and Motorstorm Trilogy. I suspect we'll only see Uncharted.


    The headscratcher for me has always been Socom. As a franchise, it sold well over 10 million copies for PS2 and PSP. On PS3, it struggled because of changes to format and structure. An HD remake of the PS2 Socom games would sell bonkers. It's time. 

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  4. I'm an hour in and not impressed at all. The four missions I have done all feel like the exact same map and the graphics strike me as dull when I retread over the same areas over and over. Enemies respawn before I get more than 50 yards from the area. I've actually decided to throw it on the backburner until I finish Persona 4 Golden. Pretty disappointed thus far although it's early.

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  5. Honestly, the only ideas I really agree with is 1 and 6. They really have to explain how things will work better although it seems that if a PS3 game is released on PS4 but you bought it on PSN on PS3 you own the PS4 game too. Flower is the only example I can think of now. Regardless, it needs to be explained in the long term asap. Also, if they want the Vita to be everything it can be, it needs more memory. I find myself deleting my PS Plus games before I can play them. Make them more affordable and accessible.


    Now for the disagreements.


    Playstation Plus is diverse enough and gives back more on your investment than any loyalty program I know of.


    While a free movie here and there would be nice, I think Sony knows that would be a waste of money. With Netflix and Redbox out there, giving away free movies would ruin the profits they make on the few people actually renting the movies.


    Contests are nice but they aren't for everyone, in fact, of the millions of PS3/4 owners most probably find them annoying. These are run on PS Blog and Twitter because they better target a hardcore crowd that is interested.


    The only credible estimate I know of, as I pointed out in a different post, put the PS4 at about $381. They also said that despite that estimate Sony is still losing on every console. The console is priced right but Sony will never let it be the same price as the XB1. They will be fine in this department.

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  6. I didn't hate it but I can't rate it better than OK.


    I felt that some scenes and characters were excellent but others really dragged the whole experience down. Charlize Theron's character didn't develop at all and that annoyed me leaving the movie. I also despised the approach to alien life. Scientists would be optimistic of the opportunities but also aware of the gazillion things that could go wrong. The "lets throw caution into the wind" approach is so frustrating with horror movies that want to be something more.

  7. Now, though, Sony is throwing tons of things at Plus member. It's still not definite that you'll ever get anything you would actually have wanted from the subscription, but it's a lot more likely now, at least.


    That's a good point 905. Plus went through a number of changes over the past year and has emerged a better program. We're definitely getting more quality content per month now than when I subscribed in 2011. They are also better about offering discounts on highly anticipated PSN releases. It will be interesting to see how the Vita fits into Plus.

  8. The big discounts come a few times a year during PSN Sales. There are usually 4 or so a year and the games included are marked down about 25% for everyone but an extra 25% for PS Plus Users. They are running a sale this week for the "Best of PSN" which includes Angry Birds, inFAMOUS Festival of Blood, Limbo, Resident Evil 4, God of War: Origins Collection and more all for 50%.


    I guess the morale of the story is the longer you have Plus the more likely you'll get something you want.