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  1. Can't wait to see some E3 predictions from my favorite Podunkers!

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    2. Rex705


      The PC VR has become the console wars. Oculus is paying developers to release games for them first so they can dominate the market. But clever modders made Revive that let's you play Oculus games on Vive.

    3. Venom


      I dunno if the PC VR companies have anything set either but I know there will be a PC Games Show like there was last year (and the year before maybe?) so there's sure to be something there at least.


      Anyway, my eyes are on Sony and Nintendo since I don't play my Xbox much. I wanna see what's on tap for the Switch for the rest of the year particularly.

    4. Steve Bitto

      Steve Bitto

      Venom, I have been quite impressed with the Switch. If Microsoft fails to grab gamers back with the Scorpio, the door will be open for Nintendo to move ahead of them in market share. Nintendo will need 3 or 4 more Zeldas to sell people on it but that's looking possible now.

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