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  1. But that's precisely why Ubisoft kept adding more and more mechanics. From criticisms about "repeating the same thing over and over again". They made the game more varied, but also much easier.
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    Win Valkyria Chronicles on Steam!

    It would probably be Jagged Alliance 2, which is strategy, tactical, and RPG all in one. More than a decade old, but still the best there is. Where to begin? There's the deep, complex tactical mechanics. Best example is stealth, which is based on line of sight, visibility, concealment/camouflage, and also sound. Every movement and action produces noise which can be heard in a radius around the squad member, and is affected by the squad member's stealth skill. This is as deep as the stealth-focused games like MGS. And then there's the non-linearity of the game. On the strategic layer, the player decides where to move his squad, whether to explore and scavenge, capture more territory, or train militia to defend captured territory. You prioritize between holding strategic points like airfields and missile sites, or defending towns that provide resources. You can split your squad, simultaneously attack from different sides etc. This extends to the tactical layer where all the maps are open areas that the player decides how to navigate. If an area is fenced, you can cut through the wire and sneak in the back. Or you can climb onto buildings and snipe at guards. Progress isn't linear either. The enemy can and will recapture their territory, especially in the 1.13 mod which renables a counterattack that was programmed but disabled in the official game. Basically, there's nothing like this being made anymore.
  3. While Ubisoft wrote themselves into a corner with the Desmond storyline, they've ended that with Black Flag. So writing wise it's not that bad. My problem with the AC series is that Ubisoft decided that it wasn't going to be a stealth game (like the old Thief, Hitman, MGS titles etc) but an Arkham style brawler, which is fine except that there's this huge ludonarrative dissonance between the plot (being a stealthy assassin) and the actual gameplay (being an overpowered tank). This problem started in AC2 and kept getting worse as they added more and more mechanics to circumvent the core gameplay. Unity is supposed to address this by rebalancing combat, but I'm skeptical from all the gameplay videos I've seen so far.
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    The Elder Scrolls foretold of my return... This is my long awaited comeback to GP, having been active here long enough ago that my posts from then no longer appear. But at least I have the title Podunk Pioneer, so that's something. Welcome back, me! I enjoy adventure, RPGs, and strategy games most.
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    Spec Ops: The Line Review and GIVEAWAY

    My favorite part of Apocalypse Now is the drill sargeant bit at the beginning, and the general saying that he loves the smell of napalm in the morning. The rest of the film was pretty dark stuff. I'm excited to experience the Spec Ops moral dilemma myself.