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    Xbox 360 Slim freezes & hangups

    Well, I recall trying to recreate the issue with the HDD removed. I used a thumb drive instead, and the issue still popped up. I could try doing stuff like that again.
  2. betobuster

    Xbox 360 Slim freezes & hangups

    I've been having some issues with my 250 GB Xbox Slim. I have tried the troubleshooting instructions on this site for a freezing Xbox, but I still experience the issue whether I have the hard drive in the console or not. Clearing the cache seems to only be a temporary fix at best, as I soon experience the issue afterward. During updates, whether they be system or game updates, the console tends to get stuck on a black screen, and I hear loud noises from the disc drive. If I eject the disc tray, the black screen goes away. When trying to exit a game and go to the dashboard, it will either get stuck on a black screen with the previously mentioned loud sounds, or it will reach the dashboard while making the sounds, and then refuses to play any game (DL or disc), or completely freezes at the dashboard until I eject the disc tray. While it does occur mostly on particular games, it seems to occur on any game. The hangups when exiting a game seem consistent at times, while other times it seems random. The games can be either disc or downloaded games. I posted on the official support forums, and all I got was a post telling me to send it in for repair. My console was doing this stuff as far as I can remember, and the only reason I haven't sent it in is due to the fact that I wanted to send it in during a lull in my playing as my other console is a loud jet engine that I fear will overheat. I am also paranoid about the repair folks giving me some feedback that the console is fine, because the behavior is not predictable, and requires one to be running games. Has anyone else had any similar problems? I'll be putting in my repair request as soon as I find a box to ship my console in. I know to remove the hard drive and keep that, but should I keep the small grill to the hard drive slot when I send it in?
  3. When I first read the title of your post, I thought you were going to have HISHE's (how it should have ended) youtube video. They bring up a good point about how Peter could have saved a certain character.
  4. betobuster

    Morality in Gaming

    Nice blog entry. I enjoyed reading it, as well as the image captions. I find that I tend to be the "good guy" in the games I play. Though I do like snooping in people's houses. It does make it very easy to steal from NPC's when you think about them as robots who only stand around, or walk around aimlessly, and don't need the items they have stored in their safe. It also makes it easier to ignore the NPC encounters in Red Dead Redemption. (Seriously Herbert Moon, how many times are you gonna get robbed? Bah, he's a racist bigot anyways.) I do sometimes do the ol' save & kill everything that moves, followed by a reload, but that is rare.
  5. betobuster

    Umm . . .Hi

    Yeah, they work, but the NES is very finicky. If I get frustrated, I'll just play the NES games I have in Animal Crossing. Oh, and I forgot to mention that I also have a Wii. I think I forgot to list it, as it just sits in its box. I never should've purchased that thing.
  6. betobuster

    The War Wages On . . .

    It's been a long war. I've fought many battles; up to three a day. However, I sense that it is nearly over, as the enemy has been greatly reduced in this war of attrition. THE TURKEY LEFTOVERS ARE NEARLY GONE! HURRAY! So, anyone want to share any Thanksgiving leftover stories, ideas, or recipes?
  7. betobuster

    Umm . . .Hi

    Hello. I have many aliases, but I mostly go by betobuster. I enjoy different kinds of games, though I've been playing mostly shooters as of late (probably because my collection is mostly composed of them ) I enjoy games like Fallout 3, and TES Oblivion, but I haven't played them in a bit, because I'd like to be able to dedicate a great deal of time to either one. There's also the fact that I'd have to re-learn a great deal, such as enemy spawn locations, landmarks, etc. I kinda remember where I left off in each. (I really should've left myself detailed notes) I kinda like puzzle games, Plants vs Zombies, and Toy Soldiers (do the latter qualify as tower defense?) I own an NES, SNES, Sega Genesis (as its known as in the states), Nintendo 64, Gamecube, Playstation 2, Xbox 360, a couple different Gameboy models. I have a Steam account, but I only own Team Fortress 2, and I play that with my wired Xbox 360 controller. As you may have noticed, I tend to rant, and tend to jumble random things instead of writing a cohesive post. Any questions?
  8. betobuster

    The Pokeymans Project

    Very funny. I don't know the ones past generation two, but I laughed at Zweilous. The description about the hair was pretty accurate.
  9. betobuster

    Recent Gaming Purchases

    My most recent purchases are Black Ops 2 and Halo 4. Had Black Ops shipped to me on release day, and I just ordered Halo 4 today from Amazon.