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  1. Steven Bowers: What's the hold-up?: Manual control the Input of Air of Ram of a Dust Collector Panel with silver ions the Power, VTLED Model D-APCF the display ы purifications of air Taimer the Night mode of the Turbo the button of change of the filter of pollution of the filter Raschod of air (max.), Gabarity's m/h (ШхВхГ) mm Rated voltage хх In / Gtsgts Sposob of fastening the Floor Blokirovkafunktion installation of memory Independent control of the ionizer the dust Sensor the smell Sensor Avtokontrol of air quality Avtorestart Ves, кгКласс IP pylevlagozashchita. Humidifiers the Humidifier of ultrasonic D-HUFO Beauty Stylish design Stylish design with the blue tank and illumination. Napozvolyat the dual rotating sprays to choose the direction of outgoing steam. Touch management the Humidifier has the electronic display which simplifies work with the device. Adjustment of speed of a steam-out: weak, average, strong. Beauty the Reason of dryness of skin in insufficient. The humidifier supports the set air level indoors which is so necessary for health of skin of the person. (Comfortable conditions for care of beauty of skin are reached at air отдо by %). - a cartridge for mitigation and water purification STYLISH DESIGN Warm / cold steam Stylish design Taimerc Datcic of water the Dual rotating sprays Easy care of the device Silent work of Podsvetc of the tank of Function the Moshchnostvt Nomin D-HUFO Model. intensity увлажнениямл / Objem's h a glass the Recommended area Household rooms: to mnominalny tension In/Hz Gabarity (ШхВхГ) ххВескг the Class of a pylevlagozashchita of electronic IPXO of Upravleniye. Also it is necessary to understand that such humidifiers have tendency to overheating therefore safety of work and service life of a humidifier will depend on quality of its design and presence of special systems of protection. The industrial humidifiers of carel released by the CAREL company with electric heaters have very reliable and safe design, so will normally serve long time and will provide for many years very exact management of humidity. Ian Snow: Are you nuts?: When using a water heater - the closer connection to the unit of the external room thermostat is possible. By means of a svetoindikation on the display of the control panel the following functional states are displayed: Power supply on dehumidifier. Drainage process - works the compressor. Malfunction of a refrigerating contour - dehumidifier is automatically disconnected. Air heating by a heater - the closer. On the control panel buttons of inclusion of the mode of drainage, heating of air and its continuous ventilation are located. At an operation temperature in limits отдо°С the unit is recommended to be completed with the evaporator sensor for involvement of the mode of passive thawing of dehumidifier. on tariffs of any transport company. Payment: cash and non-cash payment. The equipment presented on the website of the Realvent company has an official warranty of the producer — otdolt depending on the manufacturer and type. Upon purchase in www online store. realvent. ru, you receive the warranty card in which in Russian are specified: the term of warranty repair and contacts of the service centers in all territory of Russia. Calorex DHAX-LPHW dehumidifiers for prevention of emergence of condensate in pools, also provides to emergence of a fungus and mold automatic support of the established microclimate in pools. Floor air dryers for pools of calorex air dryers are intended for use in small pools and have productivity – removal of kondensatalitr in day at temperature°s and relative humidity of %. At achievement of the required humidity level function of drainage is turned off. Besides actually drainage, the system of heating of air in pools and water heating directly in the pool by means of the water heater is provided in floor Calorex DHAX-LPHW. The control system of Calorex AX-LPHW dehumidifiers provides not only the user installations of necessary humidity, air temperature and water, but also the adjusted timer by means of which it is possible to lower air temperature in time necessary for the user – for example when the pool is not used. Jesse Newman: What remains to be done?: The garantiyagoda extends to all APL series. Infrared heaters of Ballu of series Aridealno are suitable for application on the various open areas, in summer cafes or on terraces and also differ in resistance to the aggressive weather phenomena, influence of moisture and other mechanical influences. Models of this ruler have convenient electronic control and are not subject to overheating. Electric infrared heaters of Ballu of a series of Arne burn oxygen and do not create a smell of burning. The infrared heater and its highly effective radiating panel is made of special aluminum alloy with a longitudinal corrugation and anodizing (thickness покрытиямкм). The BIH-APW series from Ballu this good decision for your business since by production of infrared heaters the last technologies in the world of the climatic equipment are used. The APW series already managed to prove as a stylish design approach in design of heatgenerators, its brilliantly executed silvery case easily will fit into an interior of any modern office or trade room. diesel Ballu bhdn-50 heat gun heat gun of indirect heating Ballu BHDNS. Description: Diesel heat guns of BALLU of indirect heating are the powerful professional heatgenerators capable to use diesel fuel. Andrew Schaefer: No fooling?: Distinctive features of a thermal veil without heating Tropik HA the Advanced technical characteristics the Improved design Low noise level Horizontal and vertical installation the Portable wire control unit the Case from galvanized steel Anticorrosive stability of Zasciit from overheating the Long term of operation. Technical characteristics: Productivity on воздуху&nbspм/ч потока&nbspм/с Электропитание&nbsp/В/Гц Speed the Way монтажа&nbspгоризонтальный/vertical Installation Height (max.) &nbsp. m Overall dimensions (ШВГ)&nbspмм Масса&nbsp. of kg the ДУ&nbspвыносной Panel the DU panel. Your response: Note: HTML a marking is not supported! Use the usual text. Application thermal veil electric WING E: Buildings of public use Shops, supermarkets Production shops Agricultural complexes Sport centers Warehouse Office centers of Hotel Garage complexes. Electric thermal veils of wing TENY the Electronic control system the Cross fan the Case the holders Sending to Montajnye's blinds the Side slip Side covers.