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  1. The only one I really watched was P4AU. Part of that was because I was distracted by work and later on FFXIV: Heavensward, which I just bought, but also because the bits and pieces of other tournaments I was watching weren't really grabbing me. Like, I mainly saw Ogawa just rolling over the competition in Xrd (I love his playstyle but I also like close competition.), Smash 4 was sheik-fest, Melee is still Melee, anything with Zero/Vergil combos makes me tune out Marvel (but it sounds like the actual finals didn't have that), and such. 


    Like you mentioned I heard Ultra's Loser's finals were fantastic so I'll try to get around watching those. I was disappointed that Tahichi didn't use Yukari in P4AU since he is basically the god of that character (but Margaret got him to Grand Finals so I can't say much beyond that.).

  2. I've never really played Touhou stuff, but I've definitely heard that one is a favorite. Actually, I think I've played a few clones and fan Touhou games somehow tho...


    I dunno, I'd probably say my favorites include Espgaluda II, Radiant Silvergun... and... a bunch of other Treasure shmups since I'm pretty partial to their games.


    I don't think I'm particularly good at most shmups, but for some reason I find bullet-hells easier on the standard difficulty than more traditional stuff. Maybe it's because I was traumatized by stuff like Thunder force...

  3. What's with all these people lurking but not commenting? YEAH THATS RIGHT CALLING YOU GUYS OUT.

    I had a comment ready but then I decided to edit the publish date so the post would be noticed more and... the comment disappeared and I was like "eh...".


    But yeah, I admit, I took a glance at the bigger list and it doesn't look like a bad season. But... much like Ludono, I really can't sit down and watch anime nowadays for some reason.


    Still, I would be curious to see how they handle Unlimited Blade Works later on (since I assume this is the part where it gets crazier. Not Heaven's Feel crazy, but hype crazy.). Also, for some reason I don't really care about the GitS anime, but I'd be very curious to hear the music..

  4. I... didn't like 3D DOT Game Heroes much. I thought it was a mediocre Zelda clone that also liked to crash a decent amount. This is coming from a guy who isn't even hot on recent Zelda games. (perhaps the reason I stopped playing entirely was because the game froze after 1hr of playing... twice, and places to save were not frequent where I was at.).


    As for the others I haven't played them, mainly because of the mixed opinions I've heard about each of them. I can't really think of any games that were one and done that were exclusive on PS3 that that I'd like to see a sequel for. Like the others said a Folklore sequel could potentially be pretty interesting, but I didn't think the original game was amazing.

  5. It's very interesting to see these photos and I recognize like NONE of the pictures you took (aside from maybe Clarke Quay and the SMU building), despite having been there myself (granted, a long time ago now...).


    Great photos regardless, dawg. And yeah, I love Singapore, probably my favorite place that I visited during my trip to Asia. I also developed a fondness for Coconut Jam there (Nonya Kaya). Although, I remember the weather being more spontaneous when I was there, where it would seem bright and sunny, and then it would have really random heavy rain. 

  6. It seems like you've seen it all in 6 months from a lot of protests, nearly dying (the trailwalker), good food, clubbing (which, yeah, like me found to be whatever after the 1st time), selfies, and Christmas...kind of. Still, sounds like it was exciting at the very least and it looks like you finally got your footing after all of that difficulty of finding a place to live initially.


    I was almost going to ask why you didn't wait until Chinese New Year to write this, and then I realized that is like 2 months away.


    Lastly, VITA HAS NO GAMEZ.

  7. BUT I LIKE MY OLD CHARACTER (and a world without a mount/swiftcast sounds like a world I don't want to live in). 


    We'll see how it goes and how they handle subs for Heavensward (because if it becomes a matter of me having to pay $60 for the expansion and then my renew sub on top of that... I'll wait until the price drops a bit to join up. Because I like FFXIV, but I don't like it more than retail price and then some.). Although, I do like playing on Gilgamesh with Marshall, but I can't be sure if he will be playing when I intend to play.

  8. Your early impressions sort of echo some of the stuff I have in mind.


    I can't really say the technical stuff improves, as I've had two hard crashes and a bunch of technical oddities. But yeah, the PS3/360 versions really don't look good. They run at a decent framerate but a lot of the textures look really bad (which I can tell look much better on PS4/Xbone and PC).


    I'm definitely liking the game more over time though. 

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  9. Tearaway, Zelda Wii-U (I thought about Witcher 3, but...Zelda has more room to surprise me), Shovel Knight, Transistor, Nidhogg, The Banner Saga, Tearaway, The Wolf Among Us, FFXIV, ALBW, Broken Age, Steam, Nintendo, Oculus, Rami, Dark Souls II.


    Some of the games I didn't pick simply because the category said "of the year"...and I can't mentally register stuff like Tearaway and ALBW as 2014, because they aren't. Also, I didn't love some of the choices for some categories....(I didn't know like any of the "personalities")

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  10. There ya go Barrel, and yeah I was pretty much the same. This year was so cool. I really really really wish the commentators for KoF were as hype as BB or Smash Bros.

    I think it's because Hellpockets(?) didn't commentate like he did the last two years for KOFXIII that probably lead to way less hype commentators (I know the other guy who commentated with him did the last two years as well, but... I don't remember his title). And yeah, really good EVO in general.... well, from what I've seen (I admit, I intentionally skipped.some stuff like Injustice and Killer Instinct).

  11. Yeah, Blazblue: CP at EVO was super surprising, because usually we don't see a super impressive tournament presence for Blazblue at EVO (well, in comparison to the high-level matches that happen in Japan. Not to dismiss earlier years, but...). And watching the back and forth of that final match was ridiculous, there were so many times where I just thought Dogura was going to win. I think it probably replaced the expectation we had for KOFXIII recently at EVO in raw hype.


    The only things I watched other than that were the end of Street Fighter IV and Marvel 3, but they were cool. Surprising to see someone win with a PS1 controller at Street Fighter (and a Rose player win). Justin Wong returning to form in Marvel 3 was also neat (especially considering how last year went). 


    I wanted to watch some of the Skullgirls side event but missed it...since it was airing when Blazblue's semi-finals were, which were really good. 

  12. I feel like someone is going to counter that.


    Honestly though I really enjoyed Covenant, though there are several other RPGs that I would rank at or close to it. Dark Cloud 2, FFXII, Persona 4 (though I only played Golden), Rogue Galaxy, Wilm Arms 3, Radiata Stories... man I don't even want to try and think about which one is best.


    But comparing it to those on this list, I'd be inclined to agree with you.

    Yeah, purely on this list I do legitimately feel that is the case (Though, FFX and Golden Sun have a soft place in my heart). Overall, I dunno, there was a time where I would've said I liked Shadow Hearts: Covenant more than Persona 4.... but then Golden came out, and actually made me enjoy P4 even more (which is super rare when I play games multiple times, especially ones I regard highly).


    But, I can't say I approve of seeing Rogue Galaxy from you...*shots fired* (really I was just super disappointed by that game, considering how long I had been following it before launch.)

    I was jelly of PS2 owners even before I got a gamecube. But ey... my parents wanted me to have another "safe" console.


    Still though there where a lot of great games for the gamecube and I even snuck in a few like TrueCrime lol.

    Yeah, but from a skewed perspective of an early teen (actually, I'm not even sure if I was that at the time) who pretty much only had like Sonic Adventure 2 at the time, I was jelly.

  13. Shadow Hearts: Covenant is scientifically proven to be better than any other RPG on this list. Not arguing, just talking facts.


    But seriously, apparently late 2001 was pretty good. Although I remember owning a gamecube near launch and being super jealous of PS2 owners for a bit when I started seeing FFX, GTAIII, MGS2, and shortly after KH1 around this time. Of course, I've probably played Melee more than any of these games, but still, who woulda thunk how much several of these games pioneered the medium, and so early in the system's life cycle.

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  14. Oh noez. Some of the gifs are not displaying! 


    Anyway, I have no idea who my character is, but he sniffs drinks, so I guess that is cool (actually, I went down like a 30 minute GOT rabbit hole with season 1 youtube video clips, he seems alright.). I know I should read the books sometime...(I'm too lazy to commit to a tv series.)


    That said, I think I agree with Jared's despite having absolutely no knowledge about the actual character.

  15. I've played Trapt and Deception III. I can't say I have too much affinity for the series, but I think they are interesting games, both in terms of gameplay and setting.


    I think I have some morbid curiosity for Deception IV, but... none of the gameplay videos are building up much confidence for me to believe the gameplay will be particular good. But who knows. I'll probably check it out to satisfy my curiosity, and because I'm surprised it got localized at all.

  16. The more stories I hear about Magfest the more I really want to go. Like hearing about some of the concerts, special guests, and apparently fighting game stuff too makes me pretty curious (sounds like a happy medium where it is more affordable than most conventions, more varied, and less press based.).


    Bummer about being eliminated. But I hear it is a totally different environment playing in a legit tournament with that many people, so I think in some ways it's still pretty good that you managed to win a match despite having that nervousness built up.


    Did you really go 40 matches against a single dude?! (or maybe I read it wrong). Anyway, Ragna was at his worst in CS2 for sure, but he probably feels weak because he was stupidly good in Extend (I think he is a little above mid tier in CP? But yeah, he got some pretty noticeable nerfs from what I've seen/heard).


    And it's cool you saw Mercer, although I think it is funny how you didn't recognize the dude (for fair reason) when playing Xillia, from what I recall of that blog post, not too long ago.

  17. I dunno about Republique counting or not. I wouldn't since I wouldn't want to add something I think is incomplete or something that could possibly change my opinion for better or worse with future eps. That said, I do want to play it, I was really surprised to hear it released this month since I honestly never heard a peep about it for months.... or more since the kickstarter, I think.


    But... dude... X/Y Post-game.


    I'm surprised to see Slender make the list considering.... well... some other horror games this year (Year Walk, Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, Outlast and some Oculus Rift stuff, I think.).


    But yeah, solid list, dawg. I'm curious about Device6 since I've honestly never heard about it, and rarely play too much ios stuff.

  18. I'm still jealous of that Hitagi figure. Definitely jealous of your PS3 imports as well. I don't know why but I find it interesting that Shana and Lucky Star got PS2 games (and to a lesser extent Mai Hime), but maybe my perception of time isn't great. I think I'll try to copy your TV and system layout, since it looks slick.


    Also. You aren't allowed to talk about Kung Fu Chaos positively.

  19. Sounds pretty cool. I know my friend has been trying to get me to go with him to one of these for a while, but life stuff keeps getting in the way. There is so much video game related concert stuff I'd like to go to like this and videogames live (and various one-time concerts in Japan).


    Regardless, it sounds pretty cool and FF has a lot of great music (granted, I've listened to it so much that I have almost lost any nostalgia to it). Btw, if I recall correctly, can't you pay extra money to see Nobuo up close and have him sign stuff? I think I recall a roommate of mine saying she did that and took a picture with him.

  20. I had to break up reading this into like 3 day chunks. TK was right, I got a stomach ache when I read this, especially stuff related to me, I can't handle this much optimism without feeling awful by the end of it.


    Even though I always thought of Digimon when I saw your initials I'm surprised it actually influenced your username too. Anyway, I dunno if you want to go into my league of Japanese rpg playing, because that is definitely something you develop over a long period of time without realizing it. Also, you gotta be willing to play older stuff so you can see the games at their best!


    Anyway TK, you're an alright dude, I may think you may borderline insanity with your overwhelmingly optimistic attitude, but I say being optimistic is sure as heck better than most things, especially negativity/pessimism.


    Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll go back to puking into a bucket or a /barrel .

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