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  1. 8 hours ago, WildCardCorsair said:

    What? Barrel actually kinda liked a game with character designs by a known eroge artist?




    sorta. Great review Barrel!



    (and thanks for reading, dawg)

  2. On 5/25/2018 at 10:57 AM, Royzoga said:

    I'm surprised this series is still going on, honestly! I feel like there are plenty of other RPG series people could go to instead of rehashing something like this. Sad to see that the ratings have been plummeting too. Never know when a random entry in a series is going to break the mold.

    I think I'm one of the harsher critics of this game (but I kinda imagine those that are still reviewing Nep Nep, aside from myself, already know they like Nep Nep). But yeah, this is still one of those games with the same gameplay problems. The upcoming spin-off "Super Neptunia" might be interesting just because it looks Valkyrie Profile-ish.

  3. I... don't know if I care about this game. On one hand, the final entry in the previous Atelier trilogies tend to be their best games (at least gameplay-wise. It was true for Meruru and Shallie). On the other hand, well.... the last two games have kind of been ok-at-best? (I found Sophie super disappointing in particular) I honestly sort of see myself simply falling off the series entirely if I don't end up caring for this game when I get my hands on it.


    Gust games have generally gotten worse after they have been acquired by Tecmo-Koei...so, I dunno anymore... even if I really want to be optimistic.



  4. Man was Valkyria Revolution a bummer. Sega has been so tone deaf with the entire series for a long time by clearly not understanding why the 1st game was so beloved. Sega made scaled back sequels on PSP (which I secretly liked, but it basically killed the series in North America. Especially after 2's huge setting change and 3 not getting localized.), some now-defunct mobile game, and then a spin-off nobody wanted in Valkyria Revolution... which was not even a good game on its own... Valkyria or otherwise. It was easy to guess that Sega was going to simply kill the series off after not knowing what to do with it until now.


    But yeah, I am pretty jazzed about 4. There is a tiny part in the back of my mind wondering "Does Sega truly understand why people liked the 1st? It has been so long..." but what we've seen so far has cleared up many of the initial worries (I need to see gameplay in-motion before I get into pure unabashed excitement territory. But I'll certainly play it regardless and pray that I like 4 about as much as I do 1...'cause I like 1 A WHOLE LOT *barrel's favorite game last console gen*)

  5. I, uh, only watched a handful of trailers from this event and didn't bother watching the actual conference.


    I avoided watching trailers for stuff I am quite likely to play already (TLOU2 and the Shadow of the Colossus remake. Probably the new God of War too) And judging purely based on trailers... yeah, I dunno, not a whole lot to work with. Like, I am looking forward to Ghost of Tsushima but I think that more has to do with the dev, and what they're capable of, than what was actually shown (which was CG world-building). Still, I am glad there are at least a few things to look forward to from Sony 1st party-wise (despite not knowing WHEN). So that's cool.


    Aside from that... I am curious about Concrete Genie (even if I expect more style than substance) and Guacamelee 2 looks like more polished Guacamelee so it'll probably be good (with... passable melee combat).

  6. On 10/10/2017 at 6:19 PM, Royzoga said:

    I'm actually a little surprised to see this series still going. I was so sure it had died off after the switch to Vita, or porting to Vita with the original games. I guess it's harder to kill off games that start as a joke now a days, huh? Not that I mind jokes, but like, a console war joke in 2017 seems a bit...off. Either way, shame the game play couldn't adapt like the concept. What's the saying? You don't have to reinvent the wheel, but it still has to turn. 


    The funny thing is that Neptunia is actually more popular overseas than it is in Japan. I remember it was pretty eye-opening for me when I went to a panel for it at AX this year (anything to avoid actual anime...) and way more people attended it than the Danganronpa ones, for example. Just like how there were many more people buying merchandise at the IF booth than most other Japanese publishers (like Aksys, NIS, and even Bandai. Not Atlus though... The P5 hype was real.). The Neptunia fanbase is pretty passionate as I have learned over time. 


    On 10/11/2017 at 11:45 AM, Jason Clement said:

    Same, honestly. But I think it has its own passionate audience that buys each game. Or the games sell just enough for them to keep it going, apparently.


    Yeah, I mean, you can see they are low budget games, but you'd think burnout would've happened long ago. IS IT THE MUSOU COMPLEX APPLIED TO ACTION-RPGS?!