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  1. Considering how much licensed content on it, I'm pretty sure this ep was destined to be blocked from youtube by somebody (just surprised at how fast). Even if it is unfortunately making accessing the eps less convenient.


    Yeah, honestly, if it wasn't PC only (/I'm a PC hater) I probably would've entered Pixel's Electronic Super Joy contest since I honestly think that looks cool but...*fingers crossed for a Vita version or something*


    Anyway, funny episode yet again, Ludono. Keep up the good work... and don't be afraid to give yourself a day or two break (or more) between eps.

  2. I would imagine you may want to tweak the wording a bit for your intro paragraph just because it is the 2nd ep (or just make the paragraph more general so you don't have to edit it in the future, maybe?).


    But honestly, I thought this ep was pretty funny. The 1st ep thingie had a weird slow build up, but the jokes were pretty consistent in this one.


    I'm rooting for Liz, because, well... Ludono will have to do some editing to make her appear in other eps. That is if he intends to go out of his way to keep her around.

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  3. I want to make all kinds of spoiler related jokes, but I don't think that's entirely appropriate, especially since you intend to make more videos.


    Is this going to be some sort of abridged series? If so, I think I'd be amused by the scenes that would be changed to fit the context of the members.


    Anyway, I'm fine with my role (not sure if Dr. Pixel will be with his...) Honestly, even if there is some odd picks, I can definitely see a lot of the GP members who were picked for certain characters.


    Also, dem Roy faces.

  4. Yeah, at best most Vita (heck, even 3DS stuff) just have cheap marketing pamphlets. Having a manual is sort of crazy talk nowadays (and is slightly becoming that way for console stuff as well. At least for western games). I kind of wish I got the european version too for NLKS2, but when I was checking prices at the time there was like a $10+ difference... and I didn't care that much.

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  5. Yuri and Alvin are not voiced by the same person! (Troy Baker and Matthew Mercer do sound REALLY similar with some roles though, and Mercer even replaced Troy for a bit in the P4 anime for Kanji.). I admit, I also thought Alvin was voiced by Troy, but I had to double check.


    But yeah, the story and characters are a bit underwhelming, but I think some are presented rather well (Like Alvin and Rowen, despite their archetypes. Not so much Milla who has awkward VA). Later on I think Xillia has some interesting main narrative plot twists that sort of threw me off, which is saying a lot for a Tales of- game where I generally predict how the story will play out from start to finish. 


    Anyway, I do think Xillia is a neat game overall, I can nitpick a lot of things that you also mention, but I think it's definitely above-average for Tales of- stuff, especially with the combat-system. Also, yeah, I'd recommend putting the difficulty a bit higher, especially for normal battles where enemies seem to die before you have time to even experiment with stuff.

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  6. Ludono told me to call you out on not getting either Tales of Hearts R or Innocence R which were roughly the same price as the world games. DO YOU EVEN LIKE TALES?! (I jest)


    But sweet haul overall. I think that's one of the cooler things about Japan, you can easily get a bunch of complete retro games like it's no big deal.


    I actually would be curious how you felt about games like .Hack Link and FE 12 if you ever got around to playing those. Also, I'm surprised you got the SAO PSP game, I thought that game wasn't easy to get (and if it was I imagine it wouldn't be cheap, LE no less)

  7. Aw, I'm getting kind of nostalgic looking at some of these pics (particularly some temples and Stanley). Even if... it doesn't look like you didn't go to too many places in Hong Kong */Hong Kong snob*.


    But yeah, I always dig scenic pics, and I'll definitely want to see more of Macau since I sort of cruised through there on my trip (and just went to the temples...).


    Real talk: How many egg tarts did you eat on your trip?

  8. I think you made a pretty good haul, well, for games. I'm pretty jealous of your PS3 haul for some games (For PS2 I'm sort of disappointed that you didn't pick up a Sakura Wars, Growlanser, or... some shmups... or *goes on*).


    But... I do think your Japanese copy of Xillia is pretty unnecessary, even if it's for a bud (since the English dub is actually arguably better. Wait, it's for Jon NG isn't it?)


    The anime stuff, well... I think you could better, but I know you could also do worse (and possibly have figures not appropropriate for GP).


    Btw, did you or Roy go to any anime/game specific cafe's? I know some more recent ones are for Devil Survivor 2 and Evangelion, as well as Luida's Bar which I think is the longest lasting for Dragon Quest.

  9. Yeah, looks like a pretty whatever CE to me, but I have a feeling if you end up really liking the game, you probably will find yourself thinking twice about it (regardless of whether or not it is rational). Also, $50 is not a bad price at all for a PS3 import (assuming the game is decent too), especially if it is a CE.


    Anyway, I've honestly never heard of the game until you mentioned it, but the game looks surprisingly dark based on that opening and honestly.... I find myself interested in it. I might look into it if you end up liking the game, 5pb tends to publish interesting VNs lately.

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  10. I wasn't impressed by Xenoblade early in (well, aside from dat soundtrack), and honestly, I've said this a few times, but I'd take the entirety of The Last Story over the 1st half of Xenoblade in terms of gameplay and pacing any day. I personally wasn't expecting to like Xenoblade before playing it, simply by looking at the game. Like I really don't care for MMO combat (I hate how many rpgs adapt it nowadays personally) like you and I really don't like the focus on games with scale vs... well, meaningful things to do (which I define most sandbox games to be. Shallow but a whole lot of nothing.).


    That said, Xenoblade won me over in the long run, since I think the story facets and gameplay weaves together much better as it progresses. Even the combat gets a fair bit better imo and becomes less of a matter of managing really slow cooldowns and it becomes a faster more technical matter (especially if you use characters like Melia. Even Shulk gets a lot of interesting abilities with the Monado which tie into battle, and will be introduced as you play more)


     Xenoblade is definitely something that grew on me, it wasn't my GOTY of 2012 or even my favorite rpg of last year, but I think it's a fairly good game in the long run. That said, the quests in the game suck, so like...I'd recommend avoiding most of them unless they are on the way to progressing the story (like I said to Iwx).

  11. Final Fantasy Tactics?




    .....can we be best buddies? :D

    Only if you can play music with a blade of grass.

    Wonderful interview barrel. It was a barrel full of interesting things to learn. xD

    I apologize for the word count for this interview stored a lot of words, I offered to trim it down but Ludono didn't get back to me...


    You know, since I should add something substantial to the conversation, as many times I restarted the Second Story and got Ashton, I never noticed he was always staring at barrels until now.


    Also, I'm sure the Atelier series' obsession with barrels doesn't help explaining matters :P

    Well, it does become more apparent as you play
     , especially when you get to one of the towns on the 2nd disc (assuming you play the PS1 version, where he flips and goes:"BARREL barrel BARREL" x10).

  12. I think I liked Graces F more than Vesperia, if only because I found the combat system or overall design much more fun (and less slow). But yeah, I liked The Last Hope despite how I heard from everyone it was like the worst thing ever. One day I'll play that Ni No Kuni thing that apparently is the best thing ever and you aren't a real JRPG fan if you don't own it (It looks all style no substance to me, and I've heard several opinions back that up, but I won't know til I play it, which I intend to).


    Definitely was not expecting OG Saga like Jason said. I don't think I finished it (but got pretty far I think) because I found the battles too simple and samey...that and I'm a prude and not really amused by most perverted jokes. But apparently I'm crazy and Royzoga will probably kill me for thinking that. That said, because a decent amount of time has passed I think Project X Zone can possibly fix a lot of my complaints with Namco X Capcom and to a lesser extent OG Saga.


    Anyway, JRPGs on console this gen really have not stuck out to me in terms of quality and I wouldn't say it is too out there that I've played most of the noteworthy ones. I actually think stuff on handhelds actually had the stronger assortment in terms of Jrpgs, but I'm afraid of sounding off without basically writing my own RPG piece.

  13. Yup, I'm pretty convinced the environmental artists of Sleeping Dogs have not been to or seen Hong Kong (maybe Chinatown or something). But that is a pretty cool game, and I definitely share the same sentiments about it (Haven't enjoyed an Open-World game so much since Saints Row 3 and I rarely enjoy open-world stuff at all, but Sleeping Dogs is making me second guess that).


    Anyway nice list, even if I think your Uncharted: Golden Abyss choice is a cop-out (called out!!... nah, I enjoyed that game surprisingly. Would probably take it over the original UC personally)



    I'm afraid for your progress of the game if you need to make a post for 25 minutes in... otherwise you'll dangerously reflect on things like: "Did I really spend 15 minutes fusing Personas?", or "I ate leftovers from the refrigerator today... I knew that was bad idea. I got sick...", and "ZOMG [insert character] IS TOTALLY ADORABLE AND/OR A TOTAL BRO".

  15. I almost want to give Abashiri Ikka a chance based on the last screenshot, but when I googled imaged it and, well, I saw fanservice. Then again, I also saw a dude decapitate somebody and shouting profanities... I can't decide what to trust.


    I did see _summer ages ago... and it's exactly what you said, pretty forgettable, but I suppose it was better than picking your nose for an hour... actually, I'm not sure.


    But yeah, I still think you are a crazy for having 6TB reserved for anime and old school stuff at that.

  16. Your list is wrong, needs more Ninjabread man! That is TRUE hardcore gaming.


    Anyway, not a surprising list. I'm sure a lot of people would agree with it, just not me, even if I understand the reasoning.


    For me personally, I did not care for Twilight Princess at all. That game more or less marked my lack of love towards Zelda games following after, because of how disappointed in it I was (and I was a pretty passionate fan prior to it). The game got a lot of love from the press and I didn't understand why after playing the entirety of it. I thought it was a boring game, needlessly padded out, and tried too hard to pander towards Ocarina of Time fans. That said, it certainly isn't a bad game, just one I didn't enjoy and was very disappointed in.


    Regardless, I don't think the Wii is a bad system at all, but most of my experiences have been lukewarm on it for me personally. Of course, I've grown pretty picky nowadays. A lot of times I couldn't shake the feeling that for a lot of previous entries of 1st party Nintendo games were outright better (with the exception of maybe Donkey Kong Country Returns and Mario Galaxy 2). Also, in regards to 3rd support it just wasn't there, and this list more or less kind of reflects how strong it was (I mean RE4/ Okami are great games, but they are also that of last gen). I mean, I did really enjoy stuff like Sin & Punishment 2, Xenoblade, and The Last Story, Everything else though, I felt like I needed to force myself to like, like No More Heroes 1/2 (Love the style, do not like the actual gameplay), Madworld (also, a style thing, but I don't think is good as a game), and Muramasa: The demon blade (Style and”¦ well, you get the picture.).


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  17. Yup, Luca went down as a champ. Even though I had Suikoden II spoiled for me to heck and back (so he and his fight didn't have as much impact to me) his backstory is kind of interesting because it's pretty messed up. So there is a little bit of justification towards his madness. Well, not really, but you could understand the cogs moving towards madness.


    I thought Kefka was also a cool villain though. For one, he had a catchy theme, and two is because it was interesting seeing that in the game he wasn't immediately the main villain figure (They kind of build that up with Gestahl for a little bit). But when he had the opportunity to mess things up, kill his boss and destroy/take over the world, he just goes and runs with it, getting stuff done.


    But yeah, this kind of reminds me of an old story I wrote on GP (which you can't and won't find! Don't even think about it!) where I wrote about 10 villains I thought were the craziest ever. Which I of course placed Kefka on it.

  18. What the hell man? Nobody told me there would be so many dang pictures!


    I swear, just looking at the images alone made me forget you went to comic con and not just some big anime convention. Anyway, sounds fun even if you are more of an anime/gaming geek and not just a comic fan. That said, I would imagine that you most likely hate children or people in general because of the crowds...


    Btw, any explanation as to why it only showed the yen amount for the chibi figures?