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    Saving the world by infiltrating top secret military bases. Being resurrected from the world of the dead to fight monsters stronger than my capabilities. Traveling the stars to bring light back to the Traveler. Keeping the wasteland safe from raiders. Oh. And enjoying life with my girlfriend.
  1. Binary Pr0bl3m

    Do you stream? And are you good at it?

    I have some friends that watch sometimes. A few randoms. It's pretty cool post of the time. Here is the link to the channel if you wanna check it out sometime http://twitch.tv/binarypr0bl3m
  2. Binary Pr0bl3m

    Watchu Buyin'? April 2016 Edition

    Dark Souls III. I need to torture myself through that one.
  3. So. Recently I started streaming on Twitch. Losing my job back in December has afforded me time to catch up on games I never finished and do things I always wanted to do. I've always wanted to stream and I really do want to continue doing this. My problem is that I'm not sure how I can build an audience. I'm not doing this with the hopes of getting paid. I just want to be able to connect with other gamers who share similar interests in a more interactive way. So. Besides having a polarizing personality, how could I go about building an audience?
  4. Binary Pr0bl3m

    Do you buy HD Remasters?

    I buy them for good games I already once owned and wouldn't mind playing again via Next Gen specs. Other times, I buy remasters for games I always wanted to play, but never got a chance to. It all depends.
  5. Binary Pr0bl3m

    Obligatory - What are you playing right now!

    Metal Gear Solid V & Dark Souls has been eating at my time lately. Actually continuing my first playthrough of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel right now. I have way too many games I need to playthrough.. I really need to cut back on buying so much.
  6. Binary Pr0bl3m

    Here Comes A New Challenger!

    Yeah. The Division doesn't have that much variety in weapons. Though, a decent squad does help when doing the harder difficulty activities. An Dark Zone always delivers new experiences every time I step inside. As for Destiny, I do love the PvP activities and King's Fall introduced some very good mechanics. I am very glad that they are making POE relevant again. It's one of my favorite activities. But they do need some variety. I hope the Fall Expansion brings some well needed diversity.
  7. Binary Pr0bl3m

    Here Comes A New Challenger!

    My light Level is 306-307. I haven't even beaten King's Fall on Normal yet. Fireteams fall apart at Oryx for some reason regardless of us knowing the mechanics. Someone always screws up. Really need to get it done though. I use a Nightstalker Hunter as my main.
  8. Binary Pr0bl3m

    Here Comes A New Challenger!

    I was enjoying it in the beginning. Still am when I do play it, but without the right people playing with me...it becomes very boring quickly.
  9. *Slowly raises hand.* I'm present and accounted for. *Waves Microsoft flag*
  10. We currently live in an age where Video Games have become a transcendent form of multimedia. From the days of Home Pong back in 1975 to the Playstation 4, Video Games have become integrated into the entertainment industry. The reason for this is because of the amount of creativity game designers have exhibited with their vast worlds and wonderful landscapes. But even more so, it is because of the stories being told by video games evolving beyond anything most motion pictures could ever tell. But if this is the case, why does it seem we like we are living in an era of remasters and re-releases? Allow me to digress for a moment by saying that there is nothing wrong with remasters and re-releases. A lot of the games that have recently received the Next Gen treatment look absolutely stunning in comparison to their original versions. Also, reliving the wonders of games like Shadow Complex (which recently received a remastered version) reminds you of just how amazing they were during your first play through. I would never knock the prospect of replaying so many stories and reliving memories from gaming's past via a new piece of hardware. Still, it seems as if these practices are becoming a creative crutch. Shadow Complex Remastered (Screenshot Courtesy of videogamer.com) Let's take a moment to look back to the seventh generation of gaming consoles. Original stories were vast ocean of possibilities despite if they were coming from new IPs or already existing ones. We saw the Master Chief end his campaign against the Covenant. We dove deep into the reaches of insanity by exploring the mind of Alan Wake. We became morally conflicted as we traveled across the galaxy in the universe of Mass Effect. There was so much originality oozing from game studios! Now, we are receiving an influx of remasters and stereotypical military shooters. After E3 2014, Shigeru Miyamoto (the creator of Nintendo's mascot, Mario) spoke out about the mind-numbing amount of bloody shooters which dominated the press conferences that year. "To some, it might have seemed as though there wasn't a wide variety of software at E3, and as though many people followed the same direction to make their video games. I believe this is a revelation of creative immaturity on our part as creators in the video game industry." Mario Creator, Shigeru Miyamoto (Courtesy of wiiudaily.com) Was Miyamoto correct? Is the lack of creativity attributed to creative immaturity? It is true that despite the home console market being eight generations in, video games is still a very young industry as a whole. But given some of the strong showings of 2015, one could argue that this couldn't possibly be the case. The Witcher 3: WIld Hunt, which received several Game of the Year awards, had one of the most compelling stories of this current console generation. Clearly, developers are capable of giving us new and engaging plots to sink our teeth into. So, what's stopping them? In an article from theguardian.com, Holly Nielson said something that rings true to the current state of the industry from my personal opinion. "Creativity begins with how we feel and how we see and present ourselves as people. This industry isn“t just dressing identically, it draws its inspiration from the same music, movies and books. This homogeneity leads to staid ideas." This begs me to ask the question, has the gaming industry stopped feeling as a whole? What happened to games which made you invoke a certain emotion? What happened to worlds and plots which prompted you to become emotionally invested in the characters? Has the industry stopped caring about the creative aspects of the industry? I don't think that's the case. I feel like this might be a horrible case of writer's block. Besides, there are plenty of games coming this year that will test the limits of the imagination. The gaming industry as a whole must, in lamens terms, get their sugar together. We are soon to enter the four year of the current console generation. It's time to give us the glorious worlds and plots that engulfed us during the previous generation. It can be done. They just need,..a little imagination.
  11. Binary Pr0bl3m

    Here Comes A New Challenger!

    Jason. I believe I've seen you on FTC Group on Facebook. Feels good to be back though. I appreciate the welcome. Lately? I've been trying to finish MGS V. Playing lots of The Division and getting back into Destiny. About to start a run of RE 6 soon since they ported it over.
  12. Binary Pr0bl3m

    Here Comes A New Challenger!

    Hello. Kon'nichiwa. Bonjour. Hola. Ciao. NÇ hÇŽo. My name is Chris. And I haven't stepped onto Game Podunk in a very long time. So, I'm taking this time out to reintroduce myself and try to contribute to this community. I hope to meet some cool people on here and have some awesome conversations with some folks. I'm an Xbox One faithful, so make sure you add me over there. Binary Pr0bl3m is the GT. shinjiyamaoka on Steam. And I'm always down for playing PC games. So, if you know any cool ones. Shoot that info my way. Can't wait to get into the conversation.
  13. Binary Pr0bl3m

    Mortal Kombat X Announced

    MK9 definitely revitalized the franchise. Injustice took the game mechanics that worked on MK9, utilized them to their best, then fixed things that were broken. I'm expecting great things from MKX with the hopes that it will bring the series back on par with fighting game franchises like Tekken & Street Fighter. Definitely excited for this.
  14. Binary Pr0bl3m

    The End of Naruto

    I know this is a touchy subject in some circles, but we can't deny that Naruto is probably the most popular anime of the last several years. There have been some setbacks as far as the amount of fillers is concerned, but the franchise definitely holds a special place in my heart. If you've read the manga.... SPOILERS AHEAD ...you already know things aren't looking good. Sasuke got wrecked by Madara. Naruto has been beaten like a ragdoll. Madara has just pretty much become a GOD in the ninja world now. (Not that he wasn't already.) The end is definitely near. And it doesn't really look too well for the heroes. Anime/Mangas have surprised us in the past with their endings. (Code Geass is a perfect example. Wasn't expecting that way things turned near the end.) But Naruto is an enigma to me. I wanted to know your thoughts on how you think things will conclude. Will Naruto and his comrades kill Madara and preserve the world as it is? Or will Madara just stand tall over their corpses on that final page?
  15. Binary Pr0bl3m

    Obligatory - What are you playing right now!

    Ever since XBL made Dead Island free earlier this month, I've seen a resurgence of people playing it on my friends list (Which I recently cut from 42 people to 12). So, I've been playing that and Riptide lately. And a lot of Ghosts despite I generally hate playing Call of Duty sometimes. Thinking about hitting up Eorzea again though. I love me some FFXIV.