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    I like games. I like movies. I like television. I like books.
  1. I was always a Blastoise man myself, but I saw plenty of Charizard as an opponent and in the show. I've always been a fan of him though. The amiibo looks great.
  2. Pac-Man is cool in my book and he looks good in this form too. I entered through all the ways, so I hope this works out well for me. We shall see.
  3. I love the look of this amiibo. It would go great with all my other collectibles. It would be my first amiibo, but what a first one to have.
  4. Gram

    The Cookie Dough Cafe

    How can they call it cookie dough if it isn't cookie dough? Wouldn't it technically just be cookie dough-flavored sugar paste?
  5. I did all the options. Would be cool to win. This would be my first amiibo.
  6. My name is Gram. It's a nickname, one that's quite similar to my real name. I like RPGs, FPS, Action/Adventure, and a lot of other types of games. The only types of games I'm not into are sports and strategy games. I don't understand why every person I see online playing games is playing one of only a handful of games, none of which are good games that I am interested in playing. I suppose it's a consequence of only playing single-player games. I feel no need to validate my gaming through competition. I have nothing to prove. I'm a Gemini, but am so close to the cutoff with Taurus that I'm technically a Taurus/Gemini cusp. This doesn't matter because I am nothing like that sign describes me. That's the short version.
  7. The AC one cracked me up.
  8. Gram

    Sup People

    My name's Grant. I've been playing video games for over 20 years. Some of my earliest memories are playing a Zelda game on NES. Don't even know which one, since I haven't seen the NES or games in a long time. Games I enjoy the most tend to be RPGs, action/adventure, platformers, and FPS, but I'm liking all the interesting genres being mashed and made-up with indie and arcade titles these days. My favorite game of all-time is Final Fantasy VI, probably because it was my first RPG. Other favorite RPGs include Suikoden II, Xenogears, and the Tales series in general(I've never played one I didn't like). That's pretty much it. See you guys around.