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    Has anyone played Earthbound Beginnings yet?

    As am I but that doesn't mean that games don't change for the better. Just because I played the super grindy RPGs of days past doesn't mean I want them to stay that way. I fully expect this game to feel the passage of time pretty hard but that's perfectly ok. I'm glad we have it, even if I never beat it (which I probably won't). I'm hoping my purchase will encourage Nintendo to finally pull Mother 3/Earthbound 2 out on the eshop soon.
  2. WildCardCorsair

    Rumor: Nintendo Releasing NX in 2016??

    Way too early. I don't expect to see an NX in any region until 2017.
  3. Developer: Tamsoft Publisher: Idea Factory International Platform: PlayStation Vita Release Date: May 19, 2015 ESRB: T Remember when Jay-Z and Linkin Park had that awesome mash-up CD? If you somehow haven“t (what“s wrong with you?) there are plenty of times when you might have discovered two things that you never knew you needed together, and — once combined — just make perfect sense. Stuff like french fries and chocolate shakes, eggs and ketchup, or Baloo and an airplane. Much in the same way, Compile Heart collides with Tamsoft at break neck speed for a Senran Kagura-style game set in the Hyperdimension Neptunia universe. The result is something both beautiful and frightening. This time Neptune and the girls team up with journalists Dengekiko and Famitsu (both based on prominent Japanese gaming publications) to get to the bottom of a series of odd quests being filed with the Basilicom. If it sounds pretty inconsequential... it is, which is funny because the game actually breaks the fourth wall and tells you as much very early on. Despite this, the game still features walls and walls of text at times, giving you that trademark Neptunia humor that isn“t bad, but feels sometimes like you“re getting nowhere fast. Without the plot to drive the puns, much of it ends up feeling forced, something rarely encountered in other Neptunia games. For those of you who have never played a Senran Kagura game, the premise is simple. You choose a girl and battle your way through hordes of enemies. The victory conditions may vary from time to time but ultimately mashing that attack button with the occasional well timed special attack or activating Hard Drive Divinity mode is the key to victory. You“ll want to keep on your toes too…because taking too much damage can ultimately lead to some wardrobe malfunction. Basically, be prepared to experience the bare necessities (or not, since you can actually disable clothing damage if that sort of thing is not your cup of tea) if you don“t watch yourself! And of course there“s plenty from the Neptunia side too, as this time you get to pair two characters of your choice and switch between them during battle. This opens up the use of Neptunia“s Lily system as well as giving the player the ability to occasionally shake things up during a mission. Even EXE Drives can be used, bringing plenty of core elements from Neptunia“s core franchise here to play. So when it comes to Action Unleashed, the premise is simple but the problem is the game doesn't really communicate exactly what you need to do to advance the chapters, so you“re left feeling pretty lost among a sea of monsters that just won“t quit. In a way this game falls into the same trappings as "Musou games," a very mindless mashing of a couple buttons to kill literally hundreds of enemies before the boss appears, wherein you will mash a couple buttons until he“s dispatched and you can finally go home, only to do it again in a new area. Many times I found myself hoping for something, anything, to get me to want to kill a few hundred more dogoo in the next quest. Even the promise of randomly dropped items, gear, collectibles, anything could make the next go a little brighter, but none of that exists. And unlike the core Neptunia series (especially the Re;Birth games), leveling up characters doesn“t periodically add new moves and mechanics to play around with (they“re usually only added between chapters). Even more baffling is the fact that unlike other Tamsoft games, combos don“t get any more intricate by leveling up either. But that isn“t to say this game is all bad. In fact, there are a few things I feel like Action Unleashed does well. First of all, it looks fantastic. Character models have been improved from the core Neptunia games, and it“s pretty easy to tell. Dungeons themselves also feel like they benefit from more attention, and the ability to look around more than ever before is probably the reason for their collective facelifts. You can even see the action from any vantage point by pausing the game and using the viewer. While it“s pretty inconsequential in the long run it“s a pretty neat feature to have. And not just for the pantsu. Another credit to Action Unleashed is the fact that characters vary from one and other. Each character has their own speed and method of attacking, making switching girls at least a little interesting. Lily ranks also help a lot, which means combining certain girls often makes them work even better together as time goes on (not to mention getting you closer to the game“s hardest trophy, reaching max lily rank between every girl). But the best this game has to offer comes after the credits roll. First off you“ll get access to Gamindustri Gauntlet, which is a bracketed tournament that will see each CPU fight each other, and not the same horde of dogoo that you“ve been decimating since the first mission. This is more akin to Tamsoft“s Senran Kagura series wherein the goal of most missions is to fight another ninja, and nameless lackeys serve as fodder up until that point. I kinda wish this would have been implemented in some fashion prior to beating the main story, but at least you“ll get to experience it at some point. And make no mistake, the easy setting may be a pillow fight (like some cheesy sorority cliche), but the higher difficulties will make use of all your skill. After you beat your first tournament you“ll unlock Neptral tower, a slaughter fest where you can try to reach ever higher and higher floors in Gamindustri“s worst kept dungeon (seriously, who let“s this many monsters roam around?). Both this and the Gamindustri Gauntlet mode really help the game in an area where for so long it kinda flounders… monotony. Both of these modes could have been parsed out earlier to really help but rest assured, they are there. It“s unfair to say the game doesn“t really start until after you beat it since there“s plenty to experience before the credits roll, but it can get repetitive. Even so, the game does still have plenty of shine to it — polished graphics, a collection of neat in-game options, and a whole new take on the Neptunia franchise“s characters. But when you have finally cleared it, the game gets some much needed change of pace, and is much easier to enjoy. Ultimately though, Action Unleashed feels exactly what it sounds like — Neptunia stretched over Senran Kagura“s skin. That isn“t necessarily a bad thing though, since it can serve as a flawed but enjoyable palate cleanser for Neptunia fans coming hot off Re;Birth1 and Re;Birth2, before playing the recently released Re;Birth3. But for people curious about the franchise? Well, this probably isn“t the best jumping on point. Pros: + Humorous plot Neptunia is known for + Great graphics make familiar areas seen new again + Additional game modes after the main story mode Cons: - Undefined chapter requirements can be frustrating - Repetitive gameplay until you beat the main story mode - Story is surprisingly anticlimactic/inconsequential Overall Score: 6.5 (Out of 10) Decent Hyperdimension Neptunia U: Action Unleashed scratches a very specific itch, but may cause irritation for players not already invested in the world of Gamindustri Disclosure: This game was reviewed using downloadable PS Vita code provided by the publisher
  4. WildCardCorsair

    Do You Like to Bowl?

    When I bowl I grab the heaviest ball and just heave it at hard as I can. It's either a strike or a gutter ball, about 50/50 chance either way lol. That is all I know of bowling.
  5. Yo, anyone on dat Destiny (PS4)?

    1. John Kidman

      John Kidman

      I have it, but haven't played it since the first round of DLC.

    2. Sailor Liztress
    3. John Kidman

      John Kidman

      If you need help getting through an instance and dont want to deal with randos, LMK. All three of my chars are right at 30. Assuming you're just starting out and whatnot.

  6. WildCardCorsair

    Recent Gaming Purchases

    Had a pretty nice few pick ups recently. I got a Villager and Pac Man amiibo, Steel Diver and Conception II for 3DS, Glory of Heracles for NDS, Monster Monpiece and New Little King's Story on Vita during the Fantasy Flash Sale, and a PS4 Arkham Knight bundle and Destiny. Having Fathers Day and your birthday fall on the same weekend definitely has it's perks
  7. WildCardCorsair

    Has anyone played Earthbound Beginnings yet?

    Well at least you bought/would buy it
  8. WildCardCorsair

    The Amiibo Thread - How Rare, Where to Get, etc.

    Like me I just heard. Man. It's gonna be a bloodbath. I'm not going to camp out all night but then again I'm not sure what choice I have. Just watch, the price on the import Dark Pits are going to skyrocket in 3...2...1...
  9. Depends... do they act/fight as you do while you're playing them? I was playing Destiny last night and I drove my speeder bike sparrow into a guy trying to kill him but he shot me and I exploded like some nameless stormtrooper in Jedi. It was sad. So if I was fighting my Guardian honestly I'd probably only have to wait long enough for her to end up killing herself.
  10. WildCardCorsair

    Thoughts on Xbox One Backwards Compatibility?

    Me too. I largely prefer having something in my hands that can't be taken away (like P.T. or similar situations). I think the days for guys like us are numbered unfortunately, though that's a topic for another time. You're right though. The PS4 supports external hard drives but it can't actually load anything from the other drive. So you can transfer your stuff to and from without having to download/update them again but transferring them still takes time too. Unfortunate, but hopefully Sony changes that at some point cause even 1TB is gonna fill up crazy fast considering the size of even the required space for some of these games. I think Arkham Knight (even having the physical copy!) requires nearly 50 gigs of space. Hot damn.
  11. WildCardCorsair

    So I got a PS4, now what?

    Perks of having a deranged mind? Also, I see what you did there
  12. I don't think .hack counts at all because the game and anime and manga and light novels were all planned at the same time, much like Pokemon and Yo-Kai Watch. So the games aren't an adaption at all. I LOVE .hack. Like so much. But yeah, doesn't count. To be honest I've played a bunch of the early Dragon Ball games, Fullmetal Alchemist games, Naruto games, but probably my favorite game adapted from an anime is probably Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex for PSP. It's not good. It really isn't but it tried it's hardest to be like the show and was at least mostly coherent.
  13. WildCardCorsair

    Has anyone played Earthbound Beginnings yet?

    I bought it but aside from simply starting it up I haven't really played it. To be honest I don't plan on playing it for quite a while but it got my money day 1 because Nintendo will know how much we want more Earthbound/Mother here.
  14. WildCardCorsair

    GoNintendo Goes Ad-Free for Next Year, Sponsored by Nicalis

    I'm surprised Nicalis has the kind of money to do this <.<;; are they bigger than I initially thought?
  15. WildCardCorsair

    What might Sony be holding back for Gamescom 2015?

    When you put it that way it makes a lot of sense
  16. WildCardCorsair

    Interested in the Shenmue III kickstarter?

    Not to beat a dead horse here but an investment platform that doesn't reward investors with any real investment opportunities is not for me. Not to mention this game will see the light of day even if the kickstarter fails (obviously no chance of that). They don't need my money and if I want to play this I can buy it when it comes out like the good lord intended.
  17. Happy birthday dude!

  18. WildCardCorsair

    So I got a PS4, now what?

    P.S. I picked up Destiny via The Taken King digital collector's edition. Got the first game and expansions now and Taken King ready to load when it hits. Got to level 7 last night and I was murdered twice by way too high level dudes hanging out in low level areas lol. Friend and I had to get from one section of the area to another by traveling through an underground section so we had to take turns playing tag with the guy in order to run past him without getting impaled like its prom night.
  19. WildCardCorsair

    The Amiibo Thread - How Rare, Where to Get, etc.

    Wow it's crazy that you've never seen Mario in the wild. he's about all we see reliably here, with Peach, DK, Yoshi, and sometimes Link. Depending where you go there's usually a Sheik and a Zelda hanging out too though.
  20. WildCardCorsair

    Fire Emblem Fates has some...interesting features.

    Totally does. which makes it all the more hilarious really. Heck the rumored Tharja trophy in Smash was said to be removed so that way they wouldn't have to worry about losing the E rating (though with Zero Suit Samus and Shulk both in their skivvies I don't see how that would have been a problem).
  21. First off here's the skinny: http://nintendonews.com/2015/06/fire-emblem-fates-dialogue-stripping-touching/ I'm fairly confident if we couldn't even see Tharja's perfectly appropriate bikini bottoms without some cape action getting in the way there will definitely be some heavy censoring here from NoA. Here's the thing though, Awakening added waifus/husbandos something that many series purists didn't really like all that much, yet Awakening sold far outside of the typical Fire Emblem fanbase because of how accessible it was. But is this too much? I was already a little turned off by the face-petting we already knew about but stripping the characters seems like it's headed down a different path. Which to be fair is a path I've already been down if you've seen some of my recent review games... but still it's not something I'm used to seeing from Fire Emblem. Thoughts?
  22. WildCardCorsair

    The Amiibo Thread - How Rare, Where to Get, etc.

    September here but she's already out in Europe and Australia gets her in late July. I have a friend in Australia who reserved her for me. She's been an awesome ally to have in this amiibo craziness. I just got a reprint Villager she found and shipped to me along with some Vegemite chocolate lol.
  23. WildCardCorsair

    Thoughts on Xbox One Backwards Compatibility?

    Can we all take a minute to actually be a little amazed that they did what absolutely no one thought they would do here? I mean they were under no obligation to give us possibly every game we already own for free on Xbox One. Sony didn't. They're charging us for games we already own on PS4 via "Definitive Editions" or through PS Now. And before that they said if you want your physical UMDs on Vita you could turn them in at a kiosk to get a digital voucher for them pay for them again. Sure you have to download the game, but at least we're getting it. I can put up with a 7 gig game download if it means not having to decide which one of the consoles already connected to my TV has to take a hike just to make room for my 360 just to play a game I had a hankering to explore again for an afternoon before shelving it in some dark closet again. Not to mention it gives XB1 owners who didn't own an Xbox 360 a chance to go back for some of that system's greatest titles. Sure it isn't instantaneous or 100% convenient but it's pro-consumer and pretty great. Also, yes Cobra, you can use an external storage device on XB1 and even play games directly from it provided it supports a USB3 connection and is over 256GB in capacity. Fun fact, I hear the loading times are slightly better when playing games from a USB3 external hard drive because a USB3 has faster data transfer speeds than the Xbox One's internal hard drive which uses SATA II
  24. WildCardCorsair

    What might Sony be holding back for Gamescom 2015?

    I dunno am I the only one who thinks Dreams is just Anime Studio Pro 5 for PS4?