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    Shantae: Half-Genie Hero gets one last free update with Jammies mode

    The support for this game has been pretty awesome. Definitely don't regret double dipping.
  2. WildCardCorsair

    Review: Shining Resonance Refrain

    What? Barrel actually kinda liked a game with character designs by a known eroge artist? Kidding... sorta. Great review Barrel!
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    PlayStation Plus dropping free PS3 and PS Vita titles in 2019

    Oh I agree. I think the worst thing they could do is to take the servers down. It's not like any system they make can afford to have every game downloaded on them at once... I know I can't, even with the largest Vita memory card they made.
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    PlayStation Plus dropping free PS3 and PS Vita titles in 2019

    I'd love to say I told you so.... so... I told you so. It sucks yes, but I think it further exposes the fact that PS+ hasn't been worth the asking price for a long time. I mean if the PSN was actually pretty decent I think they could justify the same price as XBL but throwaway games and shoddy servers do not a $60 annual charge make. I tend to try and find sale prices on 12 month cards and that's the only reason I've been able to justify paying for it. It's even harder now. p.s. I hate the PSN, can you tell? lol.
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    Sonic Mania Plus gives fans what they want with a physical release

    Man I am all over this game, even though it'll be the third time I buy it! Sonic Mania really is a freakin' awesome answer to the desire for dedicated old school 2D Sonic. I'm super happy I got the Collector's edition when it first came out and this will be a really great addition to that. Gotta! Go! Fast!
  6. Great article man! For one I'm pretty glad they're not abandoning the 3DS just yet. Even though I have a Switch and a ton of games for it I still love my 3DS and get the mood to play it often. The Switch definitely looks like it's in good shape with more and more third party support all the time. It's great to see. There is one point where I disagree with you though. I'm pretty sure Smash for Switch is just an enhanced port. New character skins for certain characters (like botw Link for Link much like Fierce Diety Link was just a costume), a few new characters like the inklings and maybe an Arms character or two, and a couple new stages along with a compilation of the best stages from the Wii U and 3DS versions. Think about it, if the Switch is a marriage between a home console and handheld, what better way to marry the two versions of Smash 4 than on the Switch? Besides since Smash games traditionally take forever between versions I don't think there's going to be an entirely new game coming out so soon.
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    Game of the Year 2016: Wildcard's Picks

    End of the year lists are fun for me, mostly because it allows me to reflect on the things I loved about video games during the whole year. Typing these out and remembering "Oh yeah, that really was a good game" is like a wonderful trip down gaming memory lane. One that you, dear readers, can take with me! I had less trouble than I thought picking my 10; in fact I had a few fight just to get on. I guess that makes 2016 a pretty good year (in gaming at least... sheesh!) and as excited as I was for many of the games on my list, I know 2017 is going to be just as good. Until then though, I had lots of releases to keep me busy, the best of which (in my opinion, at least) are below. So read and enjoy, or fight me, whatever! 10. Pokemon Sun/Moon I“ve had my share of criticisms of the seventh generation Pokemon games Sun and Moon but that doesn“t mean I don“t like them. For one, they finally gave me the thing I“ve always wanted: a slow and public death for HMs. Sun/Moon even gave me things I never knew I wanted, like island trials, which even on their worst day are still more fun than gym leaders. Trials even allowed for better characterization of the trainers of their island, which lent to an already more intimate Pokemon journey than we“ve had in a very long time. Even catching the same Pokemon for the unpteenth time was more fun with the addition of regional variants. At the end of the day this game may come in last on my list, but it doesn“t come in last in my heart, for what that“s worth! 9. Animal Crossing: New Leaf ~Welcome Amiibo~ What? Didn“t this game come out like 4 years ago? It might have, but right when I think I“m finally done with it the Welcome Amiibo update hits, bringing features, improvements, and content for days. Seriously. How is a guy supposed to move on? Entirely new villagers to invite, vast improvements to the ease of filling your town with the villagers you want most, a much needed expanded storage system, two new minigames that are tied to two of a slew of new furnishings, even the ease of Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer“s interior designing UI are all now in the game you could have sworn you were done playing. The update is so hefty it really could have been called an expansion. I was already just shy of 400 hours, but I have no doubts I“ll hit the big four-oh-oh now. 8. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided It“s funny, that the largest criticism I“ve heard about Deus Ex: Mankind Divided was how similar it is to Human Revolution. It might have been a problem, I think, if it had been less than the five-year-long hiatus the series took between installments. Instead, the game expands the Deus Ex world, which has managed to become somehow even worse for Augmented citizens. It“s sad to say but the plot -- despite its solid Sci-Fi theme -- feels all too real in our current day and age. Even though the game kept some of the things I wish it hadn“t (*coughgridbasedinventorycough*) it still has fantastic level design and unparalleled freedom in how you approach the missions you are given. So yes, it“s more Adam Jensen. I definitely asked for this. 7. Odin Sphere Leifthrasir I“ll admit, I never played the original, but after both Muramasa Rebirth and Dragon“s Crown, there was no question in my mind I needed to. Leifthrasir, however unpronounceable the name is, proved to live up to my every expectation for a Vanillaware game. The artwork is absolutely gorgeous, with it“s hand drawn character animations and magnificent backgrounds. The entire game belongs on the side of some epic van mural. The action is no slouch either, with a combat system that keeps the action fast and fun, like a perfect mix of Muramasa and Dragon“s Crown. The high-fantasy Norse-inspired theme even gives it that little extra bit of charm. Really, there are really very few reasons not to check out this game. So what are you waiting for? 6. Kirby Planet Robobot Ok I“m really not the world“s biggest Kirby fan, in fact I suspect that might be Jon, but I digress. Kirby: Planet Robobot truly surprised me, mixing classic Kirby action with a new mechanic that didn“t focus the game too tightly around it, some fun new mini games, and of course you can“t go wrong with amiibo support. It even has a lot of call backs to Kirby“s long history, which I“m sure Jon already discussed to the point of beating a dead horse so I won“t touch it, but what I will say is that I enjoyed it even more than I did Triple Deluxe (which I did enjoy). Plus there“s a freaking mech suit, man. Come on, how do you top that? 5. Bravely Second I know I got a lot of… fiddle faddle for having the original Bravely Default on my GOTY list way back when. However, being the stubborn (and always correct) person that I am, I stand by that decision. What Bravely Default did right, it did in spades. A well thought out and nothing short of revolutionary combat system sold me that game in a big way and its sequel, Bravely Second continues that proud tradition, but fixes some of the more infuriating plot devices of the first. It even adds some cooler jobs (Catmancer, hello!). If you passed on Second because of Default, let me be the first (or perhaps only latest) person to tell you, you“ve made a huge mistake. 4. Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Sometimes it“s hard to imagine that a game like Tokyo Mirage Sessions exists. Nintendo collaborating with Atlus to produce an RPG for Wii U that combines the fundamental elements of the Fire Emblem series with that of Atlus“s Shin Megami Tensei games (including elements of Persona) -- well pinch me cause this year Christmas came in June! Aside from the multifaceted combat system and game“s rich Japanese idol culture premise (both of which are highly enjoyable by the way), the game manages to do the one thing few other games on Wii U ever do… make the gamepad make sense. Aside from a functional map, the game uses the bottom screen like a cell phone, allowing you to receive (and occasionally send) text messages to your friends, all of which feel like message convos taken from my actual phone. TMS's cast of characters are as charming as they are genuine, hardly the typical JRPG tropes seen in other games. The side missions are incredibly worth it, and the designs for both mirages and main characters alike are unforgettable, especially when the game“s solo mechanic kicks in, treating you to a miniature concert as an impressive mirage attack occurs. Sure, it“s got tons of style, but TMS#FE has plenty of substance too! 3. Zero Escape Vol. 3: Zero Time Dilemma This is one of those video games in which I almost can“t say anything because SPOILERS. But the third game in Kotaro Uchikoshi“s Zero Escape series, for those of you who haven“t had the pleasure of playing them, is somewhere firmly between SAW and The Butterfly Effect (minus that goon Ashton Kutcher). The puzzles in this series are well thought out but seem to be harder in this installment, giving the most challenge I“ve encountered in this series to date. The game also hilariously has an ending you can earn in the very first minute -- if you“re lucky. But you probably aren“t so prepare to die… a lot! I honestly wouldn“t recommend playing this without playing the first two first, cause you“ll be more lost than the S.S. Minnow, but if you like a good survival horror/sci-fi-ish/VN/puzzle/psychological thriller loaded with fringe science theory and cat puns this is definitely your game. 2. Severed Imagine there“s this game system. PlayStation makes it, it“s a handheld. It has a gorgeous OLED screen, with touch capability and dual analog sticks. Now imagine the people who made other top tier games for this system that were fun, funny, and vibrant, they make a game that is about death, loss, and grief. You get to see what profound loss can turn you into if you aren“t careful. And it does all this with mostly images and very few words. And it plays like a grown up version of Infinity Blade mixed with an old school first person dungeon crawler. Well, you don“t have to imagine because all of this happened -- you probably just didn“t play it. The beauty and the pain portrayed in Severed is matched only by how simple and refined the combat is. It may not have the whimsy of their other games, but Severed is easily one of DrinkBox Studios“ best, and one of the best games overall on the Vita -- not just of this year, but of any year. 1. Overwatch It“s hard to quantify a single thing about Overwatch that pushed it to the top for me, because it isn“t a single thing, or even a few things. In truth what I liked about this game is everything. The characters are diverse and loads of personality, way more than they should considering there“s no actual story mode. Instead random character interactions and voice lines work well at giving you plenty of insight into their personalities, while additional material like the backstory and comics on Blizzard“s website fill in the gaps. The action itself is fun and frenetic, with enough updates, character and map additions, and special events to keep me playing all year. All of which were free, in fact. But at the end of the day I think the real deciding factor here is that the game is just fun, capitalizing on the things people loved about Splatoon and Team Fortress 2 and mashing them together for something that managed to stand out above just about every other game for me this year. And the best part is, I know I will still be playing this game around the time I begin to write next year“s GOTY list too.
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    Gotham City Sirens movie announced

    If they give Harley more than 8 painfully uninspired 1-liners I would definitely be interested. It sounds like the movie we might finally see the Harley we all really love, not the silly eye candy one they forced on us in Suicide Squad. But then again this is the Snyder-verse so it will probably be garbage.
  9. I wanted to pose a unique question to you all who read or are invested in comic books, but first it requires a small history lesson so bare with me. Blue Beetle has been around a long time, but the third incarnation, Jaime Reyes is fairly new to comics canon. Back in 2011 during the Infinite Crisis storyline Ted Kord, previous Blue Beetle was killed, and his mystical scarab fell to (New) Earth and was found by Jaime Reyes, a El Paso high school student. Through that series, the post-Flashpoint "New 52" storyline and the current Rebirth storyline Jaime Reyes has continued to be the Blue Beetle. The 2011 series and New 52 series both had wonderful ties to my hometown of El Paso, which served as the setting for the book a good deal of the time. Landmarks were recreated, local slang used, the general look and feel was familiar to me. Being represented in comics by a person who not only shares my ethnic background, but shares the same local culture is a pretty indescribable feeling. I can only imagine this is what people in New York City have felt like for ages, with all the super heroes that exist there in various comics. Then Rebirth. Jaime Reyes is still Blue Beetle, and the book is still set in El Paso but none of the real life El Paso can be seen in the book. Names of places or streets are now made up and the general look of this "El Paso" doesn't look much like here at all. None of the social issues or unique cultural phenomenon that only we know (having a unique combination of being the 5th largest city in Texas, a border town with tens of thousands of people commuting to and from Mexico daily, and having an overwhelmingly Hispanic population). I'm otherwise enjoying the book but I can't help but have my opinion of it colored by it's current lack of what attracted me to the character in the first place. So, after all that... my question is: How important is representation to you in comics? Do you tend to gravitate to characters that have a shared ethnic background, sexual orientation, home town, or other such commonality? Do you find any of yourself in any characters from any comic (DC, Marvel, or other)? And would the sudden removal of those forms of representation drive you away from the said book? I ask because I'm struggling to keep my interest in the book. It's not bad by any means, but I guess it's one of those cases of "You don't know what you've got til it's gone." Currently I'm still reading Blue Beetle monthly but I don't know how much longer I can fight my urge to drop it now that it no longer feels like the setting and characters are as familiar to me as they once were.
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    How much do you spending on gaming each year?

    I hear ya. Normally I wouldn't be able to either but I usually take pictures of my purchases or keep track of them for game of the year list purposes, so it's just a matter of combing through my social feeds and working articles. By no means is my list complete lol, it's just the best reconstruction I have with all my recorded data.
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    How much do you spending on gaming each year?

    Wow, way to get me to be horrified at my own spending habits Jason! It's safe to say I've spent more this year than you, and I don't feel like this year is really out of the ordinary either so I feel like it's probably pretty ordinary. Hell, a quick tour of my Instagram probably totals what you've spent on gaming/gaming related stuff and that's about half of what I've actually bought... So let's see, as far as I know these are all the games and gaming related stuff I recall buying in 2016 so far. Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney HD Trilogy (was on sale) Shovel Knight amiibo Transistor, Bastion, Flower on PS4 and Rainbow Moon on Vita (during a flash sale) Fire Emblem Fates Special Edition Twilight Princess HD w/ Wolf Link amiibo Senran Kagura Estival Versus Endless Summer Editions for both PS4 and Vita Roy amiibo Trails of Cold Steel Lionheart Ed. for Vita (late to the party, I know) Final Fantasy Explorers Hyrule Warriors Legends Odin Sphere Liefthrasir Storybook Edition for PS4 Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Special Edition Zero Time Dilemma for 3DS Squid Sisters amiibos Monster Hunter Generations Corpse Party Back to School Ed. Bravely Second End Layer (sadly not the special edition T-T) Deus Ex Mankind Divided for PS4 Overwatch Origins Ed. for PS4 Pokemon Moon Gravity Rush Remastered (physical) Kirby Planet Robobot and a Waddle Dee amiibo Angry God Beater 2: Hyperbolic Title X for Vita (another sale) AN XBOX ONE WITH 7 GAMES A FRIEND WAS SELLING Assorted DLCs and IAP for games including but not limited to Destiny's Rise of Iron expansion and at least $125 on Hearthstone's One Night in Karazhan, Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, and Whispers of the Old Gods sets. A gross amount spent on Disney Infinity figures and play sets (thankfully all on sale!) ...oh and Xbox Live and PlayStation Plus somewhere in there. So I guess barring console purchases a good average is upwards of 1k annually on game stuffs? Futz me no wonder I'm always broke.
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    SOTD BoneVault Torpedo1

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    SOTD BoneVault Torpedo.0

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    I Am setsuna screenshot 12

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    I Am setsuna screenshot 11

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    Zelda E3 11am SCRN10 Bmp jpgcopy

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