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  1. Can't wait. This is my most anticipated movie of the year ^^ Black Panther was awesome too!
  2. If someone already made this please feel free to get rid of it. I just didn't notice it. Gaming has been pretty slow for me being an Xbox One holder (but that will change with my kids getting a switch very soon.) And there haven't been much games I have been looking forward to in a while. I don't think I bought one single game new new in 2017 as in, buying a game as soon as it was released. This year I have two games I am looking forward to and they both come out this month. Dragonball FighterZ & Monster Hunter World. Debating which to get first and which to get on sale. Or maybe save money and get both on sale... ^^ Anyways your thoughts? any exclusives you are looking forward to? I found a trailer of this for PC and Xbox and was blown away, didn't know it existed until I saw a gamespot video on xbox exclusives for 2018. I am absolutely in love with the art direction.
  3. Another interesting video on this ^^ By the always entertaining but also somewhat annoying ^^ Matpat
  4. Hey guys!!! I will be getting the Switch indirectly!!! Hahaha my parents are getting it for my kids, and I have already borrowed Zelda BoTW and my son is getting Odyssey for his birthday. So even though I have never bought a nintendo console myself since the SNES... well now that I think of it we have had some handheld consoles... but those haven't really appealed to me. Now we are getting a switch! I think I am finally going to really play and finish a Mario and Zelda game since.... Ocarnia and... Super mario land... I have been very far away from Nintendo land ever since I touched a PS original and later on xbox. Let's see if either game can best Dark Souls 1. Oh and in the meantime I am playing through Rise of the Tomb Raider!
  5. Shin GenX

    Share your last beaten games here!

    I finished Lords of the Fallen and Pneuma: Spirit of LIfe? I believe? Lords was not bad. decent Souls like game. Pneuma was not bad for a free game for 2 hours ^^ Both games I would recommend at the low price of free if you have them. If you were to pay.... 5 dollars? maximum each? ^^
  6. Wow good news!!! This site is definitely a place that has a special place in my heart ^^ And yes the giveaways were a big part of that. But it is wonderful to see familiar names over the years and to get updates like this. We should also do the secret Santa again. I was thinking about organizing but my Christmas season got crazy busy. Bring back the prize vaults!!! Greatest prizes ever!! Looking forward to the new year and I will try to stop by more often too!
  7. Well for the first time they are trying to be closer to the source material? But yeah it looks really weird. I haven't read the manga but from what I know it's really violent? The action looks promising though ^^
  8. I agree with you man. I enjoyed Jurassic World. Jurassic Park is what got me hooked on movies but this one looks fun but nothing amazing. I was actually disappointed with all the trailer hype and then seeing just a normal trailer... ^^ Even the Avengers trailer wasn't hyped up by the company as much ^^
  9. Hahaha I think this movie trailer deserves to be here because of the subject matter and the cameos. How many characters can you spot? It's a blink and you miss type of thing. On a more serious note I don't know why I am not that excited about this movie actually. Steven Spielberg is directing, it's like a live action/cgi hybrid of Wreck it Ralph, which was really good, but for some reason... it doesn't look that interesting. What do you guys think?
  10. This. I think we do need to address the actual effect is has on people and how it could lead to people spending more than they "want" or can afford ^^
  11. Yeah I would hate to see him go, but they have to kill him. Maybe they can save that towards the very end or maybe even for the fourth Avengers movie. I really want to see this one as a story about Thanos gathering the stones and the heroes doing everything they can to stop him but ultimately failing.
  12. I might just be old school, but I remember the good old days when you bought a game everything came with it and everything was unlocked through simply playing the game. And not even a crazy amount. You just play the game and you unlock weapons, skins, maps all that stuff. With F2P I understand the need to make money so ads and some pay stuff is understandable. But with a full price game I don't want to pay more money to be able to unlock more things. For me even Overwatch is a problem because there are things that you cannot unlock unless you pay. I know the idea is just don't play it. But I don't like having content locked behind pay wall. Here is what I mean. When an Overwatch timed event happens during those two to four weeks I have to play the game in order to unlock things. And let's all be honest guys, if you want to unlock everything as a free player (remember I did already by the initial game price, if Overwatch was F2P I wouldn't be complaining ^^) it is pretty much impossible. I consider myself lucky if I get one or two timed skins during that period. So I would much prefer if all that stuff just went away. Here is another interesting interview from Kotaku about a 19 year old guy who basically spent over 10000 dollars over the past 5 years in microtransactions. But for him maybe the term macrotransaction is more appropriate ^^ https://kotaku.com/meet-the-19-year-old-who-spent-over-10-000-on-microtra-1820854953
  13. Looks awesome. I can't wait... it's like an all out LoTR type war movie in the marvel universe!
  14. Shin GenX

    The Official "Post Your Black Friday Buys" 2017 Thread

    I got... Rise of the Tomb Raider 20th anniversary for xbox one 20.00 usd. 5 Blu rays. Mad Max: Black and Chrome edition with original Blu ray 6 usd Spiderman Homecoming 3D blu ray 15 usd Wonder Woman Blu ray 7 usd Logan 9 usd Book of Life 3D blu ray 7 usd Very happy ^^
  15. There is a very interesting video on gamespot about how Destiny, although a great game, basically uses gambling technics to have people hooked and spending money. What do you guys think? Also any thoughts on the whole lootbox as gambling talk? https://www.gamespot.com/videos/the-point-destiny-the-hardcore-gamers-slot-machine/2300-6425852/ I for one am not a fan of lootboxes at all. People say that the Overwatch one is not harmful because it is all cosmetics but I actually disagree. The way they make some skins time specific basically requires you to spend money if you want them. Yes you can fault the gamer for wanting a simple skin, but for a game I paid full price for, I still think I shouldn't need to spend more money to play it. The best counter argument for this though is that Overwatch constantly updates with new content for free... this I can see as a good thing. But still something doesn't feel right with lootboxes ^^ Share your thoughts!!!