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  1. I just watched Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol. Enjoyed both but was a little disappointed with MI GP. I though Rise of P Apes was a cool prequel and wasn't too dark in its ending. The ending could have been mankind being wiped out but that was kind of an afterending. I really liked MI3 and I am a huge! fan of Brad Bird so my disappointment with MI GP probably comes from too much expectations. I wanted to be blown away but I was merely entertained ^^ What have you guys watched recently and how was it?
  2. I am playing through ODST on legendary right now and after that I will play Assassins Creed 2. Haha you can tell that I am catching up on some old games ^^
  3. Can't wait. This is my most anticipated movie of the year ^^ Black Panther was awesome too!
  4. If someone already made this please feel free to get rid of it. I just didn't notice it. Gaming has been pretty slow for me being an Xbox One holder (but that will change with my kids getting a switch very soon.) And there haven't been much games I have been looking forward to in a while. I don't think I bought one single game new new in 2017 as in, buying a game as soon as it was released. This year I have two games I am looking forward to and they both come out this month. Dragonball FighterZ & Monster Hunter World. Debating which to get first and which to get on sale. Or maybe save money and get both on sale... ^^ Anyways your thoughts? any exclusives you are looking forward to? I found a trailer of this for PC and Xbox and was blown away, didn't know it existed until I saw a gamespot video on xbox exclusives for 2018. I am absolutely in love with the art direction.
  5. Another interesting video on this ^^ By the always entertaining but also somewhat annoying ^^ Matpat
  6. There is a very interesting video on gamespot about how Destiny, although a great game, basically uses gambling technics to have people hooked and spending money. What do you guys think? Also any thoughts on the whole lootbox as gambling talk? https://www.gamespot.com/videos/the-point-destiny-the-hardcore-gamers-slot-machine/2300-6425852/ I for one am not a fan of lootboxes at all. People say that the Overwatch one is not harmful because it is all cosmetics but I actually disagree. The way they make some skins time specific basically requires you to spend money if you want them. Yes you can fault the gamer for wanting a simple skin, but for a game I paid full price for, I still think I shouldn't need to spend more money to play it. The best counter argument for this though is that Overwatch constantly updates with new content for free... this I can see as a good thing. But still something doesn't feel right with lootboxes ^^ Share your thoughts!!!
  7. Hey guys!!! I will be getting the Switch indirectly!!! Hahaha my parents are getting it for my kids, and I have already borrowed Zelda BoTW and my son is getting Odyssey for his birthday. So even though I have never bought a nintendo console myself since the SNES... well now that I think of it we have had some handheld consoles... but those haven't really appealed to me. Now we are getting a switch! I think I am finally going to really play and finish a Mario and Zelda game since.... Ocarnia and... Super mario land... I have been very far away from Nintendo land ever since I touched a PS original and later on xbox. Let's see if either game can best Dark Souls 1. Oh and in the meantime I am playing through Rise of the Tomb Raider!
  8. Shin GenX

    Share your last beaten games here!

    I finished Lords of the Fallen and Pneuma: Spirit of LIfe? I believe? Lords was not bad. decent Souls like game. Pneuma was not bad for a free game for 2 hours ^^ Both games I would recommend at the low price of free if you have them. If you were to pay.... 5 dollars? maximum each? ^^
  9. Wow good news!!! This site is definitely a place that has a special place in my heart ^^ And yes the giveaways were a big part of that. But it is wonderful to see familiar names over the years and to get updates like this. We should also do the secret Santa again. I was thinking about organizing but my Christmas season got crazy busy. Bring back the prize vaults!!! Greatest prizes ever!! Looking forward to the new year and I will try to stop by more often too!
  10. Hahaha I think this movie trailer deserves to be here because of the subject matter and the cameos. How many characters can you spot? It's a blink and you miss type of thing. On a more serious note I don't know why I am not that excited about this movie actually. Steven Spielberg is directing, it's like a live action/cgi hybrid of Wreck it Ralph, which was really good, but for some reason... it doesn't look that interesting. What do you guys think?
  11. Well for the first time they are trying to be closer to the source material? But yeah it looks really weird. I haven't read the manga but from what I know it's really violent? The action looks promising though ^^
  12. I agree with you man. I enjoyed Jurassic World. Jurassic Park is what got me hooked on movies but this one looks fun but nothing amazing. I was actually disappointed with all the trailer hype and then seeing just a normal trailer... ^^ Even the Avengers trailer wasn't hyped up by the company as much ^^
  13. This. I think we do need to address the actual effect is has on people and how it could lead to people spending more than they "want" or can afford ^^
  14. Looks awesome. I can't wait... it's like an all out LoTR type war movie in the marvel universe!
  15. Yeah I would hate to see him go, but they have to kill him. Maybe they can save that towards the very end or maybe even for the fourth Avengers movie. I really want to see this one as a story about Thanos gathering the stones and the heroes doing everything they can to stop him but ultimately failing.
  16. I might just be old school, but I remember the good old days when you bought a game everything came with it and everything was unlocked through simply playing the game. And not even a crazy amount. You just play the game and you unlock weapons, skins, maps all that stuff. With F2P I understand the need to make money so ads and some pay stuff is understandable. But with a full price game I don't want to pay more money to be able to unlock more things. For me even Overwatch is a problem because there are things that you cannot unlock unless you pay. I know the idea is just don't play it. But I don't like having content locked behind pay wall. Here is what I mean. When an Overwatch timed event happens during those two to four weeks I have to play the game in order to unlock things. And let's all be honest guys, if you want to unlock everything as a free player (remember I did already by the initial game price, if Overwatch was F2P I wouldn't be complaining ^^) it is pretty much impossible. I consider myself lucky if I get one or two timed skins during that period. So I would much prefer if all that stuff just went away. Here is another interesting interview from Kotaku about a 19 year old guy who basically spent over 10000 dollars over the past 5 years in microtransactions. But for him maybe the term macrotransaction is more appropriate ^^ https://kotaku.com/meet-the-19-year-old-who-spent-over-10-000-on-microtra-1820854953
  17. Shin GenX

    The Official "Post Your Black Friday Buys" 2017 Thread

    I got... Rise of the Tomb Raider 20th anniversary for xbox one 20.00 usd. 5 Blu rays. Mad Max: Black and Chrome edition with original Blu ray 6 usd Spiderman Homecoming 3D blu ray 15 usd Wonder Woman Blu ray 7 usd Logan 9 usd Book of Life 3D blu ray 7 usd Very happy ^^
  18. Shin GenX

    Black Friday Dealio: $15 games galore, oh my!

    Hey I just noticed this. Thinks for thanking of me!! ^^ But for now I will pass since my backlog is crazy ^^ I did end up getting 5 blu rays tho... ^^
  19. This movie is actually my all time favorite animated film. Saw it in the theatres 4 times. Great times!!! Can't wait to get some more info on the 2nd one. And same director!!!!!! Brad Bird!! Very excited!
  20. Some decent early discounts here. I was really hoping for Cuphead. I think I would get that game probably at 15 usd most definitely at 10 usd. But I will cave and get Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 year celebration for 20 usd. I think that game is worth it ^^ What about you guys!!! The list is too long so I will just share the link ^^ https://majornelson.com/2017/11/16/xbox-live-gold-members-can-now-get-a-jump-start-on-black-friday-savings/
  21. By the way you can get the xbox game pass for a month for 1 dollar right now. And I thought I saw that you can get gold for 1 dollar for first month if you are not currently a gold person. That might be over now though.
  22. Man I totally agree with you. The baby looks the same age but Bob seems a bit older. I hope this is literally a teaser and we get to see a mixture of x-men (teen stuff for kids) plus a bit of Logan (with Bob and Helen getting older)... Man that would be awesome. The first movie is still an all time favorite for me because it is a great story about family with super heroes in it. I hope they continue that tradition.
  23. I am a sucker for the MCU and now also the Marvel TV universe... although the behind the scenes fighting makes me sad. Never the less I have been really enjoying Agents of Shield. Daredevil was awesome. And really looking forward to Jessica Jones. Anyone else here watching these or have any comments on them? For Agents of Shield I can say that it starts real slow but once it gets going it's a lot of fun ^^
  24. Shin GenX

    Anyone keeping up with Agents of Shield?

    Wait are you being serious or joking? I have read from every major kind of website that the show is pretty terrible. If you say it isn't terrible I might want to check it out ^^. Is there any connection at all to Agents of Shield?
  25. Shin GenX

    Anyone keeping up with Agents of Shield?

    Hahaha well I heard Inhumans is terrible so for now I am just avoiding it. If you watch it and think otherwise please tell me! ^^