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    My name is Will and I'm into traveling, gaming, photography, writing and basically a wide assortment of things. I'm an honorably discharged Army veteran and currently live in Beckley, WV.

    As far as games go, my tastes change from time to time, but my favorite genre is SRPG. In the past, I reviewed games and was a news editor and marketing assistant for the 1Up Network. My collection of games and consoles has slimmed down a bit since that time though.

    Currently, I have a Wii U hooked up in our living room which is mostly used by the rest of the family. There is also an assortment of consoles, portable consoles and computers upstairs to game on. I get most of gaming taken care of in my man cave in the basement.

    My personal gaming options include various platforms. Besides games for the whole family, I'm set up with a pretty wide variety of platforms for myself. The platforms I actively game on include PC, Mac, PS3, Original Xbox, Sega Dreamcast, Nintendo 2DS, iPad Air, Galaxy Note 3 (mostly using emulators for old school gaming) and a few others. I'm likely going to work my Sega Genesis back into the mix soon.
  1. What are your 4 favorite game genres?

    I'd have to say RPG (particularly JRPG and SRPG, Strategy, Action/Adventure and FPS. I pretty much enjoy games from every genre so that causes backlog problems and tough purchasing decisions.
  2. Looking forward to Xenoblade Chronicles X?

    I'm looking forward to it if my wallet allows it. I honestly haven't turned the Wii U on in a few months. Lol.
  3. The Force Awakens International Trailer

    I'm turning into a believer. I'm going to have to see it opening day to avoid spoilers. Lol.
  4. Samsung Galaxy S6 Impressions

    That camera is amazing. Blows iPhone 6 camera away big time.
  5. Favorite video game remake ever?

    Not sure if I can think of any worthy. I guess if we are including upscaled remasters, Okami HD and Shadow of the Colossus would top my list but they aren't really "remakes".
  6. Games that are too long for their own good?

    I agree a little. I still liked 2 and 3 but both games dragged on a bit. 1 seemed to go by pretty fast though.
  7. Games that are too long for their own good?

    I love long games but only if they hold my attention. The one series with games that go way too long is Assassin's Creed. I think most AC games would be better if the game length was trimmed.
  8. Is Xbox One on the verge of a comeback?

    Had they made Halo Wars Xbone only, I'd be an Xbone owner. I am honestly getting to where I "kinda" want one.
  9. Is Xbox One on the verge of a comeback?

    I have to wonder if Sony should cut off support for the PS3 or at least taper it off to the keep the huge lead. Offering AAA titles still to the casual crowd doesn't encourage adopting the PS4. I still feel like the Vita could be the dagger in Microsoft's heart. Drop memory cards to low prices and pack in the system with future PS4 bundles, etc. Most say PS+ lineups stink each month (trolls of course). Sometimes I think they are too generous with the last gen offerings. Lol. While lots of people are glad last gen is still viable, I'd personally cut it off and focus on the future. If Sony convinced the casual crowd the PS4 was necessary, it could he huge.
  10. Watchu Buyin'? August 2015 Edition

    I have gone back to Gamefly, so not buying a lot. The games I plan to buy in the near fiture are Disgaea 5, Fallout IV, Mario Maker and Xenoblade Chronicles. No purchases planned in August though.
  11. I doubt it. Windows 7 still works fine for me and I primarily use OSX and Linux anyway.
  12. What puts a wrench in digital only is areas that have now added data caps. I have gone ver my cap every month but one ths year.lol. One extra download is not worth a $10 charge. I cancelled Netflx already. I'm actually planning on buying larger games on disc from now on.
  13. PSN Flash Sale 7/17-7/20

    I picked up Final Horizon, Jamestown+ and Super Motherload in the recent Flash sale. So far I have only played Final Horizon but definitely like it.
  14. Amazon Prime Day

    PS4 consoles are 4 cents off. Lol
  15. Farewell, Satoru Iwata (1959-2015)

    The main thing I recall in recent years is he took a paycut to avoid large layoffs with the Wii U not doing well. While the Wii U didn't do so well, I still think it is a great console. I hope his spirit continues in gaming. "On my business card, I am a corporate president. In my mind, I am a game developer. But in my heart, I am a gamer."