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    My name is Will and I'm into traveling, gaming, photography, writing and basically a wide assortment of things. I'm an honorably discharged Army veteran and currently live in Beckley, WV.

    As far as games go, my tastes change from time to time, but my favorite genre is SRPG. In the past, I reviewed games and was a news editor and marketing assistant for the 1Up Network. My collection of games and consoles has slimmed down a bit since that time though.

    Currently, I have a Wii U hooked up in our living room which is mostly used by the rest of the family. There is also an assortment of consoles, portable consoles and computers upstairs to game on. I get most of gaming taken care of in my man cave in the basement.

    My personal gaming options include various platforms. Besides games for the whole family, I'm set up with a pretty wide variety of platforms for myself. The platforms I actively game on include PC, Mac, PS3, Original Xbox, Sega Dreamcast, Nintendo 2DS, iPad Air, Galaxy Note 3 (mostly using emulators for old school gaming) and a few others. I'm likely going to work my Sega Genesis back into the mix soon.

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  1. Finally tried Lords of the Fallen. Most reviewers knocked it for being a Souls knockoff but it really is not like Souls games at all. What killed it for me was the crazy framerate and wonky movement. Had they cleaned that up, it may have been an awesome game. The funky movement distracts me too much to keep playing. The combat was more like Darksiders than Souls if you ask me...just sloppier.

    1. Kezins


      I think reviewers who slammed it for being a Souls knockoff don't understand games well. That or it was the usual bandwagon review where all the sites just copied the thoughts of others. Lol

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