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  1. Kezins

    What are your 4 favorite game genres?

    I'd have to say RPG (particularly JRPG and SRPG, Strategy, Action/Adventure and FPS. I pretty much enjoy games from every genre so that causes backlog problems and tough purchasing decisions.
  2. Finally got Fallout IV. I like it

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    2. Khorne


      A shame about companion AI though...

    3. Kezins


      Lol. I find myself turning around in battle often to send my companion to flank the enemy just to see my companion has run off somewhere.

    4. Kezins


      Still an improvement from New Vegas where my companion permanently vanished. I find the settlement part of the game quite enjoyable yet tedious. I think it's a cool addition to make all the junk you collect useful.

  3. Fallout IV reviews seem to be grading the game lower than my anticipation expected. Lol. Might have to wait until bugs get worked out and the game goes on sale ...

    1. mr.me


      What were you expecting 10/10s across the board? It has mostly 9/10s and higher...

    2. Kezins


      Not 10/10s but I was hoping this would be a step forward. From everything I hear it's still on par with F3. Still going to play it but all these years later I was kind of hoping for some advancement. Lol.

    3. Ludono


      Nope its amazing, get it.

  4. Kezins

    Looking forward to Xenoblade Chronicles X?

    I'm looking forward to it if my wallet allows it. I honestly haven't turned the Wii U on in a few months. Lol.
  5. Kezins

    The Force Awakens International Trailer

    I'm turning into a believer. I'm going to have to see it opening day to avoid spoilers. Lol.
  6. Kezins

    Samsung Galaxy S6 Impressions

    That camera is amazing. Blows iPhone 6 camera away big time.
  7. Rumors were right. The Surface Pro 3 is amazing!

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    2. Shin GenX

      Shin GenX

      Oh yeah, that is the one that I was thinking when you made that comment. Not the surface pro ^^ I personally think it is too expensive for the amount of storage you get ^^

    3. gaiages


      Do you think the Surface Pro 3 would be a good replacement for a laptop? I'll be looking into a replacement come spring and I want something light and with a good battery... so tablets like this could work too if they handle most basic computer stuff (like Office, mainly)

    4. DarkCobra86


      I got my sister a Surface book :D

  8. Kezins

    Favorite video game remake ever?

    Not sure if I can think of any worthy. I guess if we are including upscaled remasters, Okami HD and Shadow of the Colossus would top my list but they aren't really "remakes".
  9. I can't find the Share button when I use my PS3. Kinda sirprising, but I'm addicted to the Share button gaming on the PS4.

    1. Venom


      On PS3 you have to click the middle analog stick. :P


      But yeah, it is pretty great having a button to save cool screenshots and videos. There's so many times something funny happens in a game and I want to take a video, but can't since it already happened. Not with PS4. :D

  10. Kezins

    Games that are too long for their own good?

    I agree a little. I still liked 2 and 3 but both games dragged on a bit. 1 seemed to go by pretty fast though.
  11. Kezins

    Games that are too long for their own good?

    I love long games but only if they hold my attention. The one series with games that go way too long is Assassin's Creed. I think most AC games would be better if the game length was trimmed.
  12. Kezins

    Is Xbox One on the verge of a comeback?

    Had they made Halo Wars Xbone only, I'd be an Xbone owner. I am honestly getting to where I "kinda" want one.
  13. Kezins

    Is Xbox One on the verge of a comeback?

    I have to wonder if Sony should cut off support for the PS3 or at least taper it off to the keep the huge lead. Offering AAA titles still to the casual crowd doesn't encourage adopting the PS4. I still feel like the Vita could be the dagger in Microsoft's heart. Drop memory cards to low prices and pack in the system with future PS4 bundles, etc. Most say PS+ lineups stink each month (trolls of course). Sometimes I think they are too generous with the last gen offerings. Lol. While lots of people are glad last gen is still viable, I'd personally cut it off and focus on the future. If Sony convinced the casual crowd the PS4 was necessary, it could he huge.
  14. Kezins

    Watchu Buyin'? August 2015 Edition

    I have gone back to Gamefly, so not buying a lot. The games I plan to buy in the near fiture are Disgaea 5, Fallout IV, Mario Maker and Xenoblade Chronicles. No purchases planned in August though.
  15. Finally tried Lords of the Fallen. Most reviewers knocked it for being a Souls knockoff but it really is not like Souls games at all. What killed it for me was the crazy framerate and wonky movement. Had they cleaned that up, it may have been an awesome game. The funky movement distracts me too much to keep playing. The combat was more like Darksiders than Souls if you ask me...just sloppier.

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    2. Venom


      Yeah, I tried two different classes and just couldn't get a feel for the combat. It didn't help that the only way I beat the first boss was hitting, running, hitting, running, etc. so it was really mind-numbing since he had so much health. Since most enemies were just damage sponges who almost never flinched it got annoying before it got fun.

    3. John Kidman

      John Kidman

      There are a lot of parallels to the DS franchise style of gameplay. I finished this game once I picked up an Xbox One, but just reaffirmed that I completely dislike games that use terrible "one shot" or "two shot" mechanics under the guise of being "difficult." LoTF was not difficult, but there were two bosses that were just dumb fights. The second boss (the shield boss) being one of them.

    4. Kezins


      I only got through two bosses before calling it quits. The battles were boring. Lol

  16. I'm going to be forced to edit my list of the 10 greatest films ever which I haven't changed this Century yet but Insterstellar is now my favorite film ever made.

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    2. Kezins


      A Clockwork Orange. I need to find my notebooks where I keep stuff and do a movie blog post. lol

    3. barrel


      Ah, I have Intersteller on my Vudu account but haven't watched it yet. I don't know what to expect from it but I know people like it.

    4. Kezins


      I'd suggest watching it when you are wide awake. It's a movie you have to pay attention to for 3 hours.

  17. I doubt it. Windows 7 still works fine for me and I primarily use OSX and Linux anyway.
  18. What puts a wrench in digital only is areas that have now added data caps. I have gone ver my cap every month but one ths year.lol. One extra download is not worth a $10 charge. I cancelled Netflx already. I'm actually planning on buying larger games on disc from now on.
  19. I feel really dumb buying Elder Scrolls Online. I might keep playing just to feel like I got my $40 oit of it but the game is horrible so far. Lol

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    2. Venom


      I got beta access, downloaded the installer, and then proceeded to never do anything after that. xD I've seen the PC version cheap but even then I can't bring myself to bother trying it. I like my aimless wandering in Bethesda games to not be accompanied by other people getting in my way, unless they're NPCs, because they can't help it, the poor dears.

    3. John Kidman

      John Kidman

      I am actually enjoying it quite a bit.

    4. Kezins


      I guss it just seems like a generc MMO with an Elder Scrolls skin on it. The qualty from Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim is definitely not there.

  20. Kezins

    PSN Flash Sale 7/17-7/20

    I picked up Final Horizon, Jamestown+ and Super Motherload in the recent Flash sale. So far I have only played Final Horizon but definitely like it.
  21. Kezins

    Amazon Prime Day

    PS4 consoles are 4 cents off. Lol
  22. Kezins

    Farewell, Satoru Iwata (1959-2015)

    The main thing I recall in recent years is he took a paycut to avoid large layoffs with the Wii U not doing well. While the Wii U didn't do so well, I still think it is a great console. I hope his spirit continues in gaming. "On my business card, I am a corporate president. In my mind, I am a game developer. But in my heart, I am a gamer."
  23. I did forget price. Anything over $5-$10 gets into absurd price range. Free to $1 is better.
  24. Kinda interesting Apple and other places are banningConfederate themed games but not a peep about The Walking Dead Season 2 which is full of Confederate nostalgia. I personally think the flag is garbage but I'm against trying to censor history. You can't teach future generations about things if we bury everything.

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    2. Kezins
    3. John Kidman

      John Kidman

      They need to ban all uses of the Nazi flag. eBay too. The Nazi flag is still legitimately being used for pure hatred, period. No debate about that one can even be entertained.


      These companies need to grow backbones. Stand up for what's right or do nothing at all, but none of this middle-of-the-road pandering until people "forget" about it.

    4. Kezins


      If I ran the companies, neither flag would be sold.

  25. Microtransactions are a big turn off for me. I guess what makes a good mobile game is a game that can be enjoyed in short bursts of time and lengthy gaming sessions. I honestly don't play mobile games like I did in the past. Most "great" mobile games end up being stuff I'd rather play on my television with a controller anyway. For the most part, I don't game on my phone anymore since I have an iPad mini and mainly use that to pass the time if I'm in a waiting room or traveling. Touch controls are awful in 95% of games but every once in a while, they get it right. I guess the older I get, the less I am into gimmicks etc. i just want to kick back in my chair and enjoy a game on the big screen with an old fashioned controller.