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  1. Iddeenkhai

    DmC: Devil May Cry Trailer

    Well, this version of Dante does look funny IMO. Fans have mixed reaction to this new Dmc, and Capcom said they were expecting that.
  2. Iddeenkhai

    Hey everyone!

    Hi there! Yep, I've been playing Mass Effect 3 too. Finished it already though. Just replaying it with different options. Fighting games is not my cup of tea, but might check it out someday. Hoping to see you around.
  3. Iddeenkhai

    Kindle Fire

    It's a tablet, just not a full-fledge tablet. It doesn't have a camera, a volume button , and most importantly Google Play (Formerly Android Market). You might be able to use Amazon Appstore to install apps, but your choices are limited. There are solutions to this of course which would involves a little hacking. But mostly are the same. Made for reading, but you can also listen to music, watch videos and some light gaming.
  4. Iddeenkhai

    Kindle Fire

    Being an Android enthusiast I support what Shin just said, it's better to get a decent size sized Android. With a real tablet, you can get everthing that an Android can offer. You can get 3g+WiFi instead of WiFi only, install anything on Google Play without needing to root your Kindle Fire, get battery life as much as a Kindle Fire or more with some tweaks, and even a bigger display. However, it's totally unfair to compare Kindle Fire with another Android tablet, even when Kindle Fire is running Android. But it is fair to compare Kindle Fire with another of the same category, which in this case is the Nook Tablet. Hardware wise I'd say the Nook is better. It cost 50$ more but, you'll get a slightly larger and better screen, 16GB + the ability to add microSD (KF does't have this), more RAM (less lagging in apps at least), microphone (record voice), and longer longer battery life. It even supports EPUB which I sometimes use. In terms of content, the Kindle Fire leads, I think. It gives you Amazon Prime, free cloud storage (5Gb) and also offline videos you can download. I only have a vague idea of what is offered from Amazon and Barnes & Noble, since I do not reside in the US. That also means that my opinion is slightly biased towards the hardware capability of the devices. So, in the end, it's up to you.
  5. Iddeenkhai

    Our newest member to here.

    Hi there! Nice to meet ya. Welcome to gamepodunk. God, I've always wanted to say that. Hope to see you around sometimes.
  6. Iddeenkhai

    DmC: Devil May Cry Trailer

    Yes. I totally agree with you. Just hoping that the latter is true. The fast hack-and-slash gameplay that made me like the Devil May Cry in the first place. The trailer doesn't seem to show much, except that it's just like the usual DMC series.
  7. Iddeenkhai

    DmC: Devil May Cry Trailer

    Well, the change in Dante's look did made me dislike it. I'm aware that judging this game when it's not even done yet is unfair. I heard what happen with Ninja Gaiden 3 too. Die hard fans seems to dislike the game generally. One of the reasons I liked the original DmC is because of Dante's 'coolness'. In this case, I don't really think Dante is cool anymore. Yeah, I sure looks pale if compared to its predecessor. Guess we'll just have to wait.. Yeah, that's why the reason I disliked the trailer. Half of the viewer seems to think so too. A reboot is nice, but then it just mimics the old gameplay with some new characters. We'll just have to wait. If I were to judge this game solely by its trailer, then I'm definitely hating it.
  8. Iddeenkhai

    Game Podunk Suggestion Thread

    No wonder mine didn't worked. I ended up registering for Gravatar. Maybe you should modify the instruction and say only pics less then 100px is accepted. I almost gave up when it didn't worked.
  9. God, that was really unattractive. No need to see it in HD, none available. Not worth it anyway. Sure, it's still work in progress, so I'm really hoping that the game won't be this bad when out. I mean , come on. I'm supposed to believe this weird naked dude is Dante? Not to mention the gameplay looks a little bland. Share what you guys think here. I'm not really a hardcore fan of Devil May Cry, but I do know why their games are fun in the first place.