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  1. rogXue

    Where did you get your username from?

    Mine evolved from a name I'd made up for FF/Secret of Mana characters back in the SNES days. Years went on, mind deteriorated into a rogue type state. Kept the X around as a link to my gaming roots
  2. rogXue

    Share your last beaten games here!

    RE: Raccoon City... wasn't worth playing all the way through, both endings kinda sucked
  3. rogXue


    Hi happy people, I'm rogXue! I've been a gamer most of my life and own the big 3 (play mostly 360) Games I'm looking forward to: RE6 Lollipop Chainsaw Darksiders 2 I'm a horror nut if you couldn't tell This place looks interesting, may stick around for awhile!