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  1. I watched The Aeronauts on Amazon Prime it was a really good movie starring Eddie Redmayne from the new Harry Potter movie series. It a true story about a scientist that went up in a hot air balloon to learn how to predict the weather. Very well done story and great acting.
  2. I started playing some Boneworks VR. Got it the second it hit the steam store. It's a very cool and advanced game but really needs a save game option.
  3. I watched Glass and it was good. I saw a lot of people complaining about it saying it wasn't what they thought it would be. It's a movie continuing two other movies Unbreakable and Split so if you have not seen those you will be confused. I thought it was a pretty good sequel for those movies and makes me want to see more from this story.
  4. DC has done great on the origin movies like Wonder Woman and Aqua Man. I need to see Shazam when it comes out. So hopefully they finally have things under control. The trailer for the Joker movie looks pretty sweet and I'm looking forward to the flash movie.
  5. I just finished watching the new Bumblebee Transformers movie. As an 80's kid and fan of G1 Transformers, I enjoyed this movie. It's not the G1 movie we all would love to see but it's an awesome 80's Transformers movie. It's still Bayformers design for Bumblebee and the 3 bad bots but they don't look bad and all other Transformers that appear are G1 style and that put a big smile on my face. It still pains me to see M. Bay plastered all over the credits for producer and Bay films but thankfully that's all he did. If this is going to be a reboot for a new Transformers cinematic world thingy then it is off to a good start and I am waiting to see what they will do next.
  6. Besides DMC 5 I am totally hooked on a game called Super Animal Royale. It's a super cute top-down 2D battle royale game with animals. I love it so much and just can't stop playing. It's simple and easy for anyone to play and enjoy no complex gimmicks or controls. I totally recommend checking it out with the free online demo. It's on Steam now and might come to consoles later.
  7. Started playing DMC 5 today and it's awesome as always. :)

  8. I watched Overlord it was pretty good I liked it. Lots of bad reviews complaining but they are just idiots. It's WW2 with Nazi experiments, not a zombie movie. If you enjoy a good war movie and Wolfienstien games then you will enjoy this.
  9. GP should get a Discord that's what all the cool kids use these days. :P

  10. Happy new year everyone!

    1. Jason Clement

      Jason Clement

      Woo, 2019! Hoping for a good year!

  11. Rex705

    Happy thanksgiving

    Still eating leftovers lol
  12. I watched the Solo Star Wars movie it was pretty cool. The spin offside stories are good but the main series is just blah. They could have done so much with Star Wars but they just went with copy paste.
  13. If you want to play classic Doom and some other classic shooters on your modern PC check out my tutorial. You can see how good Classic Doom looks in my many Doom videos I never thought I would ever do one of these tutorial videos lol.
  14. Runaways and Cloak And Dagger are sooo good I can't wait for more. In the movie world, I watched the comedy Tag that is based on a true story and it was fun. I watched Deadpool 2 in 4K and it was awesome even better than the first. I would love to see more Ryan Renolds Deadpool but now that Disney is taking over Fox that probably won't happen.
  15. I just watched an old movie from 1973 called Westworld and it was pretty cool. Yes the HBO series Westworld is a remake of an old movie. It was a cool movie just like the show and turned into Terminator with an evil gunslinger. Those silver eyes are super creepy. Yul Brynner is an awesome actor. Now I need to watch the sequel movie FutureWorld.