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  1. Rex705

    Happy thanksgiving

    Still eating leftovers lol 😜
  2. I watched the Solo Star Wars movie it was pretty cool. The spin offside stories are good but the main series is just blah. They could have done so much with Star Wars but they just went with copy paste.
  3. If you want to play classic Doom and some other classic shooters on your modern PC check out my tutorial. You can see how good Classic Doom looks in my many Doom videos I never thought I would ever do one of these tutorial videos lol.
  4. Runaways and Cloak And Dagger are sooo good I can't wait for more. In the movie world, I watched the comedy Tag that is based on a true story and it was fun. I watched Deadpool 2 in 4K and it was awesome even better than the first. I would love to see more Ryan Renolds Deadpool but now that Disney is taking over Fox that probably won't happen.
  5. I just watched an old movie from 1973 called Westworld and it was pretty cool. Yes the HBO series Westworld is a remake of an old movie. It was a cool movie just like the show and turned into Terminator with an evil gunslinger. Those silver eyes are super creepy. Yul Brynner is an awesome actor. Now I need to watch the sequel movie FutureWorld.
  6. I got Tomb Raider on 4K it was pretty cool way better than those other Tomb Raider movies. I wish they spent a little less time at the start building up the character and put in some more action but it was good. Nothing compared to the game of course.
  7. This movie is not by M Bay and you can clearly tell the difference. This actually looks like it could be a good movie and OMG that split second shot of Starscream! They still have the Bumblebee can't talk thing but whatever. lol the trailer gave me Hurbee movie vibes. I'm actually excited to see how this turns out anyone else?
  8. Is anyone watching this? I am and it's pretty cool so far. I like the characters and story and the visual effects are good. Sci-Fi channel is good at making quality shows this isn't your CW superheroes. Season one big bad was Brainiac and he was super creepy. Next season looks like it will be Doomsday. I don't know how impressive Doomsday will be as he is a CG character and not a kick-ass makeup and costume like Brainiac. What do you think?
  9. Rex705

    Share your last beaten games here!

    Do demos and EA count lol? A VR game I found on Itch.io that came out on Steam finally went into EA with a bunch of new stuff the demo didn't have. I grabbed it day one and I love it. Just played it today and I made it to the end of 9 levels. Well, it's 3 levels but you play each 3 times. The game is called Compound and it's a classic shooter like Doom in VR.
  10. It looks pretty cool I don't understand why people always gotta hate on things. I rarely get to the theaters and my TV does not have 3D like my old one did but this looks like a nice move to pick up in 4K. I wish my TV had as nice a sound system as my PC does with it's 7.1.2 Atmos speakers and receiver but hopefully, the 5.1 speakers will be fine.
  11. Amazon Link This was a fun ghost story about a guy searching for his missing parents in his haunted house. I enjoyed all the ghost characters and the mysteries of the house. It was a real page-turner kept me reading chapter after chapter. As soon as I finished the book I bought the rest of the 9 book series. You can grab this book for FREE on Amazon Kindle.
  12. Looks awesome as always. I have seen everything but Black Panther so far. I wish the DC movies could be as epic and not get so much hate and problems. I have enjoyed all the DC movies and don't understand the hate but oh well.
  13. Rex705

    Cryptocurrency in games

    I hate all of this crypto nonsense and wish it would go away. I don't know anything about it or how it works but because of it, graphics card prices are insane.
  14. Rex705

    PlayStation Plus dropping free PS3 and PS Vita titles in 2019

    I don't have a PS4 or PS+ but still think it's lame to drop last gen games. When will they learn that people still enjoy retro games? It's even more annoying when you can't buy these games anywhere anymore but yet they cry over using emulators.
  15. Am I the only one here who reads books? I posted 2 reviews in the book review thread. If you guys read you should post some reviews of books.

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    2. Rex705


      My 400 something books come from the mailing lists that I posted in the other thread and free books found on Amazon. Prime lets you borrow books but you can only have so many at a time and you don't get to keep them so I have not really used that much. :P

    3. Jason Clement

      Jason Clement

      Do you subscribe to the Kindle Unlimited service then? Or just the normal Prime?

    4. Rex705


      I just have the normal Prime. That's expensive enough for me so I have not signed up for Kindle Unlimited. It's video games all over again with an endless and ever-growing backlog lol.