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  1. Happy Birthday Sev! Hope you have an awesome day with best wishes! Have a great summer! :D

  2. SeveranceZero

    Best Buy Black Friday Deals NOW LIVE

    Great deals I picked up Sleeping Dogs, Dishonored, Borderlands 2 and Assassin's Creed 3 - that should keep me busy for a while
  3. SeveranceZero

    Morality in Gaming

    Morals disappear in video games, in general in games I tend to pick the "good" versus the "evil" side because it usually to make the game more difficult. It's all too easy to just rush through murdering everyone in your path rather than only taking out a few at a time and sneaking around. Though I am no stranger to saving the game and massacring a town or two in games like Skyrim and Red Dead Redemption . Of course simply reloading cleans my slate! Anywho, in games I think it's fine as long as people don't carry it over to the real world! Being a cold blooded killer in a game does not equate to being one in real life. Games are just forms of fantasy where we can escape and just have some fun. However, when interacting with people online, sometimes their moral compasses seem to go haywire and they begin to harass and trash talk people just because. I guess they feel comfortable hiding behind their screen knowing there really aren't any repercussions for doing so. Interesting read
  4. SeveranceZero

    Post and rate random songs!

    I'm not even sure what to say about that except that my brain just melted 7/10 for creativity? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dwhwuOIur-4
  5. SeveranceZero

    Iron Man 3 Teaser Trailer.

    Looks good, I like that there's more sense of urgency, something that I felt was lacking in the second movie. It seemed too much like it was all jokes and good times and while it wasn't bad it wasn't as good as the first one IMO. This one definitely looks promising so far...though I hear people are complaining about Ben Kingsley playing Mandarin.
  6. SeveranceZero

    Deadpool Vs Gangnam Style

    It's a great song! The performer knows it's a joke and just plays off of it! Also I found myself watching all those Deadpool videos on youtube the other day, they are quite entertaining if you have time to spare. Just in case you were interested here is the link to his page - Tadah!
  7. SeveranceZero

    How David Jaffe Would Fix Resident Evil 6

    I mean after 3, RE became a more action oriented genre...but if you enjoyed 4 and 5 there's no reason to not like 6. I do like how there are 4 different story arcs, Leon's is more horrorish, classic zombies and such - I haven't played too much of his yet so not sure how the entire thing plays out and I have yet to play Ada's. Jake's is just action but had some good creepy moments to it and Chris's just reminds me of Gears of War 3 but it's still enjoyable. I like the different things they've done to the game and while I know it's not the best game, it's still another great addition to the RE franchise, IMHO (yes I know many disagree with me). However, I think someone here posted a while back that the creator or something of RE has realized that the series has strayed from it's horror roots and they were going to start/just starting working on new survival-horror game, that goes back to those same roots. So that could be a plus. Then there's also the nostalgia that current games just might not live up to. I played RE2 when it was first released for the Playstation, back when I was 8 I believe? So back then that was pretty damn scary for me! Especially playing at night with my brother, we would take turns going through the hallways - zombies arms popping out of the walls, the lickers dropping down from the ceiling, the noise of a groaning zombie you could hear but couldn't see or the way the game would go into first person as you enter or exit a place. Maybe things just don't phase us the way they used to and it's really hard to get that now. I don't know but maybe just some food for thought.
  8. SeveranceZero

    Max Payne 3 $20

    The link doesn't lead anywhere! Was that just a temporary deal or something? Show's its $60 from the best buy site today.
  9. SeveranceZero

    Mass Effect 3 $20!

    ME 3 is on sale as the title says, link below. PS: Click the smiley just in case you didn't realize! It's also on sale at gamestop for the same price if you prefer to buy it from there.
  10. SeveranceZero

    Darklurkr23's New Dog!

    That's funny that looks exactly like my neighbors dog that I've been house sitting for. It's probably a given but if you can get him to be more active during the day then at night he will tire out and want to crash. Since he's a young dog, running with him could do the trick. Anywho, congrats on the new family member!
  11. SeveranceZero

    The Expendables 2 Video Game

    I don't know, I didn't really care for the first movie and the game seems to be in the same vein, it's lackluster, at least to me. I thought it might be fun just to blow stuff up and such but other games already give you that and with what seems to be much better quality. Now, obviously it's only speculation on my part as the game hasn't been released but I don't really have an interest in purchasing it at this point.
  12. SeveranceZero

    Pure Nightmare Monster Filmed In The Ocean

    That is both fascinating and extremely frightening at the same time, it makes me fear the ocean, haha! That reminds me of the thing/the blob...for some reason...I shudder to think what that would do to a person...or anything for that matter... I wouldn't say to kill it (Though I figure you are kidding anywho) but we should probably leave it be. Sometimes I just find myself looking at these videos on youtube/tv and thinking it's amazing how much we don't know about the world and what's actually out there.
  13. SeveranceZero

    Great games at $34.99 for the week!

    On sale this week are: Mass Effect 3 Call of Duty MW3 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Battlefield 3 Saints Row: The Third All for $34.99! Link here look at the bottom left corner of the page - the featured links are for the 360 but the games are on sale for the PS3 as well. Also AC: Revelations is on sale for $19.99 - Link There's other stuff too on the previous pages, enjoy! Great sales!
  14. SeveranceZero

    Best Buy Deal of the Day - The Darkness II for $11

    Aww, sad I missed out on this deal, it seems like a steal.