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    Blogs still down?

    Okay, it's been fixed; members should be able to view and post blogs now. Thanks for bringing that to my attention, Blazeknyt.
  2. Jason Clement

    Damn, can't access the chat.

    I just checked the backend and there shouldn't be anything restricting you from joining the chat, so I imagine the issue might be on your end. Perhaps there's a conflict with Google Chrome? In any case, let me know if it keeps happening; I can contact support to ask them to look into it if need be.
  3. Gonna try to catch up on some of my backlog today.

    1. Jason Clement

      Jason Clement

      Too many, ahaha. You can check out my Backloggery account if you want- backloggery.com/setaimx

    2. Jason Clement

      Jason Clement

      And like Leah, I'm running through Rhythm Heaven Fever at the moment.

    3. Sailor Liztress

      Sailor Liztress

      Man, you got a list almost as long as mine. xD

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  4. Alan Wake's American Nightmare, the next entry in the series that began with Alan Wake in 2009 is almost upon us, and to get gamers even more pumped up for the game, Atari has released a new launch trailer. In this game, Alan Wake is stuck in an altered reality as he pursues his evil double, Mr. Scratch, toward the town of Night Springs. In order to defeat Mr. Scratch, Wake will have to learn how to control reality itself. And in addition to the single player campaign, American Nightmare features a new arcade mode that has Wake trying to battle and survive a full night of enemies in order to rack up the highest score possible. Alan Wake's American Nightmare will be available on XBLA on February 22nd for 1200 Microsoft Points. Check out the trailer below.
  5. Jason Clement

    Did the Site get wiped or something?

    You missed it, Darklurkr! Yeah, about a week back, I announced that we had to change to a different site due to new ownership. So this is technically a new site, but most of the active members are back over here and we couldn't carryover the content and forum threads from last year, so everything you're seeing is from January onward now. Don't worry though, this is the same old GP! We're still planning on having cool contests and stuff like that. Here's the official announcement I made on the old site if you want to see it-
  6. I finally beat that crazy difficult part of VVVVVV where you have to have fall upward through 5 screens and dodge the spikes and then repeat the reverse. That should be an achievement, lol.

    1. Jason Clement

      Jason Clement

      Oh snap, I discovered it didn't save my game after that, so I had to do it all over again, and I did! Woooo!

    2. Jared


      Things are always easier after you figure out they aren't impossible!

  7. Jason Clement

    Journey Set for Release in March

    For fans of thatgamecompany (who previously made Flower and Flow), you'll be happy to know that development on their next PSN title, Journey, is finally complete. Journey is being dubbed as an "anonymous online adventure" where the objective is to wander through a barren landscape toward your goal, which is a mountain-top. In your playthrough, you may run into other online players who you'll be able to travel with in your journey. The idea is for each player to create their own story and memories through their journey to the mountain-top, whether it be by themselves or with other people. And if the art looks familiar, it's because it was inspired by none other than the same artist who inspired the look of the highly acclaimed Ico: Giorgio de Chirico. Journey is set to release on PSN on March 14 in North America for $15.
  8. Jason Clement

    Hulu Plus Coming to Wii

    Nintendo has announced that starting today, Wii owners with broadband internet will be able to subscribe to Hulu Plus for $8 a month and stream the latest and greatest TV shows like Family Guy, Glee, The Office, Modern Family and more. Similar to the Netflix application, the Hulu application can be downloaded for free from the Wii Shop Channel, and for the first month of its launch, users who download the Wii version of Hulu (and don't already have an existing subscription) will get a free two-week trial. Personally, it's nice to see more video-streaming options coming to the Wii, making it more of an entertainment hub in the same vein as the Xbox 360 than primarily just a gaming console. Since Netflix sees the most usage on the Wii out of all the consoles, expect to see Hulu Plus pull in similar numbers as well. Nintendo also announced that it's working to bring Hulu Plus to 3DS later this year.
  9. Jason Clement

    The Darkness II Giveaway

    Thanks for the link, Caitlin!
  10. Recently on Capcom's Unity blog, Senior Vice-President Christian Svensson responded to several users that asked questions about the future of the Resident Evil series, including whether or not we'd see a game on the Wii U. Would there be more games just like Revelations that tried to harken back to the horror-aspect of early Resident Evil games? Svensson responded: "This is probably a better question for [producers] Kawata or Kobayashi, however to throw in my $0.02, Revelations (or perhaps future titles that resemble Revs) is probably the closest RE classic purists are going to get,” Svensson replied. He added: “We won“t forget you guys though… but I can“t tell you how or why yet. ” He also addressed whether or not we'd see any original, low-budget downloadable games in the series, perhaps over XBLA or PSN, and to that he said: “I don“t think the RE fanbase would accept the quality/scope of a ”low budget“ title,” he shared. “We“d get hammered for hamstringing the team due to ”a lower development budget“. Most consumers don“t care about what a game costs a developer to create. They only care about the experience it gives them.” And finally, Svensson responded to another commenter who inquired about the possibility of seeing Resident Evil 6 on Wii U, saying that Capcom has made no announcements to this end at this point, and that he couldn't say more than that. It's interesting to me that Svensson didn't say that he wasn't ruling it out but can't say for sure, which leads me to believe that Capcom might have a version for Wii U in the works. Perhaps they're waiting until Nintendo spills more info on the Wii U before formally announcing it? And the fact that they supported the 3DS with an entirely new original game in the series lends itself to the theory as well. In any case, it's good to see executives interacting with fans the way Svensson does, even if half the answers he gives are extremely vague.
  11. Like many, I had assumed that Ubisoft had left Rayman Origins to die when it was released in a month that also saw the release of at least five other highly anticipated AAA titles last November. It only sold some 50,000 units across all platforms combined, so it was a safe bet that Ubisoft had dropped the ball with it financially speaking. And now, just today we're finally learning that the game actually is profitable according to Ubisoft Chief Financial Officer Alain Martinez, though we don't have any figures to go by. Martinez states that even though Origins didn't do six figure sales in November, a few other Ubisoft games including Tintin and the non-Kinect dance titles more than compensated for its dismal opening performance. He also stated that he believes Rayman Origins has the capacity to be a longtime-seller for the publisher, thanks in no part to the critical acclaim it has received thus far. In any case, I'm happy to hear that as I'd love to see a sequel to Rayman Origins sometime down the road. Rayman Origins is currently available for the 360, PS3, Wii, and as of yesterday, the PS Vita, and is coming soon to PC and 3DS.
  12. Okay, guys, check the chat once again, lol.

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      Working on my end.

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      For me as well.

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      Copy and paste

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    From the album: Editor's Gallery

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    From the album: Editor's Gallery

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    From the album: Editor's Gallery

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    Zen Pinball 3D

    From the album: Editor's Gallery

  17. Okay, I believe chat should be working now. Can anyone test this for me?

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      Ditto, clearly the chat is only for the Bourgeoisie as they plot to oppress the proletariat.

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  18. A new video was released by Square Enix to showcase the story and cutscenes from the highly anticipated upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, and boy, does it deliver. NOTE: If you want to go into the game without knowing anything, then please, by all means stop reading right here. For those of you that want to know all that you can about the game, watch the video below. You'll notice that all (or at least "most") of Organization XIII appear in the game and play a significant role (especially Xemnas), as does Ansem the Seeker of Darkness...and even Xehanort? Needless to say, the footage raises a ton of questions about where this is all talking place (in Sora's mind? In an alternate dimension? A time-warp of sorts?). New worlds will include Tron Legacy, complete with a digitized Jeff Bridges as C.L.U., and Notre Dame (from the Hunchback of Notre Dame), along with the return of a Pinocchio-themed world among other currently unknown worlds. And the gameplay looks to be easily the most ambitious we've seen from the series yet. The game's' director, Tetsuya Nomura, has also said that the game will be on par story-wise with the numbered titles, just like Birth By Sleep was. If the new video is anything to go by, this could easily be one of the biggest stories for the series yet, and looks to set up Kingdom Hearts 3 with a bang (whenever that starts development). Are you excited for Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance? Tell us what you think of the video below!
  19. DICE 2012 took place last week, and with it came news about the much anticipated next-generation graphics engine, Unreal Engine 4. Specifically, Epic's Mark Rein teased to G4 that "people are going to be shocked later this year when they see Unreal Engine 4 and how much more profound an effect it will have." We had our first look at Unreal Engine 4 last year when it was shown off during GDC 2011 in the Samaritan demo, displaying what are easily the most advanced graphics publicly seen to date. Epic also claimed that the demo was not pre-rendered or pre-recorded but was indeed running in real time at the time of its showing. In any event, Epic doesn't expect to see games running on the next generation engine until 2014, but you can bet we'll see another demo of some sort later on this year- perhaps even at E3 or Gamescom.
  20. Jason Clement

    Resistance: Burning Skies Coming to Vita This May

    Resistance fans, get ready to mark your calendars, as Resistance: Burning Skies officially has a release date- May 29th. Sony is touting the game as the world's first portable dual analog FPS game that will take full advantage of the Vita's capabilities, including the front and rear touch functionality. Resistance: Burning Skies tells the story of the Chimeran invasion of the East Coast in the year 1951, putting you in the role of firefighter Tom Riley from New Jersey who experiences the events firsthand and gets caught up in the whole scenario. The game is currently available for pre-order as you read this, and Sony will be spilling more details on this highly anticipated Vita title over the next two months leading up to its launch in May. Are you excited for Resistance: Burning Skies?
  21. Jason Clement


    That's weird. I could swear they were there earlier today. It's just like you said: they're there for a day and then they disappear after that. I'll have to ask IPB support about it.
  22. Awwwrighty, the articles section is officially working again! :D

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      I'm going to read every single one in celebration!

  23. So you guys all saw the ad of Matthew Broderick acting as Ferris Bueller again (some 20 odd years later) during the Super Bowl, right? Some guy on the internet put that footage side by side with footage from the original movie and the result is pretty awesome. Check it out below. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LgkAUa0X7hk&t=0m30s
  24. Jason Clement


    Okay, I THINK I got it. Guess we'll find out tomorrow for sure.