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  1. Hope everyone is having a great week! Trying to clear out some games in the backlog before the year ends. xD

    1. TKtheknight


      Same! Been a busy working holiday weekend. Today I beat Telltale's Guardians of the Galaxy and loved it! How are you enjoying Horizon Jason? I can see you adding it to your GOTY list.

    2. Jason Clement

      Jason Clement

      @TKtheknight You'll find out tomorrow for sure, TK! ;)


      Also, I really liked Telltale's GotG as well; it won't make my list, sadly, but I thought it had a great finale and all.

  2. Jason Clement

    Free Ebooks

    Wait, what newsletters are these?
  3. After what seems like forever, we're finally back! Welcome to GP, post-IPB 3.4. We're now officially using IPS4, which is the latest version of the forum software. Also, we're using a brand new, customized theme for the first time. What's new with IPS4? A good number of thing, actually. One of the biggest is that you can now tag people in your posts and comments using this example: @TKtheknight. Just like Twitter, doing this will ensure that the person who is being tagged will be notified that they were mentioned in a post, so TK will immediately see this next time he's on the forum. It's a good way of drawing people's attention to something if you want them involved. ALSO HOW DO I CHECK OUT THE LATEST CONTENT, YO? You might remember there was a "View New Content" button on the old forums that would show every new post and comment that was made in the last, oh I dunno, week or so? Apparently it's been replaced with "Unread Content" now. As far as I'm aware it'll only show you new topics and posts that you haven't seen or posted in yet (*important*), so that might or might not be what you're looking for. Instead, I recommend you check out the newest bit of functionality if you want to see ALL new content. You might have seen that new Activity button at the top of the screen, yeah? If you hover over it, it'll give you a list of options. To see every new topic, status update, blog, and comment, click on All Activity (it's the first time in that drop-down menu). That will take you a page that looks like this, which will give you everything you need to know about the latest content. Also interesting, you can create your own Activity filters using the same menu. Just go to Activity > My Activity Streams > Create New Stream (which is at the bottom). This way, you can filter out other posts to just focus on posts you've created or commented in. There's some other options in there that you might want to check out too. Get notified when people reply to your topics/threads/blogs Remember before when you'd only get notified if someone quoted your comment? Or you'd have to check "View New Content" in order to see if someone made a comment on your thread? Now whenever you make a topic, you can choose to be notified of all replies. Pretty nifty! You can find the option at the very bottom of the topic creation page; it looks like this: Create New Topics/Blogs Directly From the Forum page Hey, look at that. Now you don't have to go directly to a subforum to create a new topic. Or to your own blog page, for that matter. If you'd like to create a new topic in the forum, the first way you can do this is by clicking the black "Start New Topic" button on the forum page. It's right at the top next to where it says "Forums." It's also next to the Status Updates. BUT, you can also do it from the User Bar, which is that black bar at the top that you used to sign in and such. Just click on the "Create+" button, and that'll give you a drop-down menu where you can choose to create a new topic, blog, or status update. Like this... And that'll take you to the screen where you can type and post a new thread, blog, or status update! Display Names Also, there's been somewhat of a change to logins. Before, you would login using your username and could then have a separate Display Name for on the forum. Now, you'll need to login using your Display Name. For most of you, this won't be an issue since many of you never created a Display Name that was different from your username. But for those of you who did, make sure to use your Display Name when you log in. This includes anyone on the staff whose Display Name is their real name. I think that's it for now, but I'll update this if anything else comes to mind. For now, happy posting, and hope everyone enjoys the new site functionality!
  4. Hey Carlituser! Welcome back! Thanks for reminding me about that; I'll add a how-to for that in the post above. Here's what you do- There's a button called "Create" in the black user bar near the top of the screen (it's at the center right) under the main navigation bar. You can see it in the lower lefthand corner of the screenshot below. Click that and you'll get a bunch of options, including creating a new forum thread. To create a new update, choose "Status." And that'll take you to the screen where you can type and post a new status update!
  5. I'd never heard of Annihilation before today, but after seeing that there was a trailer on Youtube for it, I was curious to see what it is. When I saw the title, I originally thought of the Marvel Comics event called Annihilation, which involved some of the most of the Guardians (Peter Quill, Gamora, and Drax) before they banded together and called themselves that. It was a good story, though I knew it couldn't have been that because we already know all of Marvel's movies for the next two years. ANYHOW, this Annihilation looks to be a sci-fi film with a sprinkling of horror. Think 'Interstellar' mixed with 'Alien.' There's actually a scene in the trailer that recalls the famous Alien scene where Ridley is hiding from the alien. Looks like it could be interesting, and it's got Oscar Isaac as Natalie Portman's husband, and Tessa Thompson, who most recently played Valkyrie in Thor Ragnarok. What do you guys think? Would you see it?
  6. Love it or hate it, The Game Awards is here to stay. The latest data on this year's showing indicates the award show has tripled its viewership from 2016, bringing the total to over 11.5 million livestreams over various platforms. That's a 202% increase from 2016's 3.8 million livestreams. A large part of the substantial increase is due to the fact that the show aired on considerably more platforms this year, including Facebook, Nico Nico (Japan), Tencent (China) Twitch, Kakao TV (South Korea), Mixer, and others. In fact, The Game Awards has steadily increased in viewership every year since it first aired, as indicated below. 2014: 1.9 million 2015: 2.3 million 2016: 3.8 million 2017: 11.5 million In comparison, these numbers eclipse the viewership from E3 2017's media briefings, where Microsoft brought in just over a million viewers, with Ubisoft and Sony not too far behind. Nielsen ratings also report that The Game Awards 2017 was the most social 24/7 program on 12/7/17, even beating out broadcast and cable TV (with the exception of sports). #TheGameAwards was also the #1 worldwide trending hashtag while the broadcast aired. Though billed as an award show, The Game Awards has been viewed by many gamers as a stealth press conference due to the event being funded by video game publishers and because of the number of trailers for new games they end up showing during the night. With the show's huge increase in viewership this year, expect next year's showing to be even bigger, where they could showcase some of the biggest announcements yet, thanks to the award show's growing relevance not only in the industry but among gamers as well. Source: Press Release Are you surprised The Game Awards continues to do so well year after year?
  7. The very first trailer for this didn't do anything for me, but I'm actually interested in seeing it now after watching this one. They laid out the plot in a pretty compelling way (it's kind of like the Matrix but without robots that have taken over?), and I'm interested to see how many cameos from game characters are in there. I spotted Overwatch's Tracer near the end of the trailer! That was a pretty cool cameo.
  8. The first trailer for Alita: Battle Angel dropped today and... well, see for yourself. I'm not super familiar with the source material but I know it was an anime. Even still, seeing a CG character with abnormally large eyes interact with real actors is pretty... unsettling? I don't know that movie audiences are going to react well to that; I see it turning off a lot of people. Then again, who knows. Otherwise, it does look interesting and has a pretty good cast overall. Someone said it was supposed to be sort of a futuristic Pinocchio? I dunno. SOMEONE SET ME STRAIGHT HERE! What do you guys think?
  9. Here we go. I'm not gonna lie; I'm not feeling this one, guys. I'll still see it, but this feels like they've officially run out of ideas. Like, "How can we be even more over the top? BY ADDING IN DINOSAURS ESCAPING FROM AN EXPLODING ISLAND. OH YEAH!" I don't buy that people -- aside from nefarious ones -- would risk their lives to save dinosaurs. It's just dumb. That said, I wonder if the trailer is essentially showing the first hour of the movie, with possibly the second half working towards dinosaurs getting lose in the open world. That's really the only other place Jurassic World can go that hasn't already been done to death, even if we did get that storyline somewhat at the end of The Lost World. What do you guys make of the trailer? Are you excited for it?
  10. Jason Clement

    Homefront free on humblebundle

    Wait, so is this a regular thing Humble Bundle is doing now? Giving away a free game every week or two? I could swear they've done this at least once or twice within the last month now.
  11. Love it or hate it, The Game Awards has become a pretty integral night in the game industry for a few years now due to it being a platform for publishers to tease their upcoming games with world premieres. This year's show was no exception, with some of the biggest game announcements we've seen since The Game Awards was first started. Just a quick note here -- we're not covering every trailer shown. Just the ones for the biggest and newest games. With that, here's a look at the night's biggest announcements, starting with... Soul Calibur VI Though rumors of its impending announcement were fairly abundant beforehand, Soul Calibur VI's unveiling caused a huge splash with fans last night. Soul Calibur V released in 2012, so it's been a solid 5 years without a new entry, and 2018 looks to be rectifying that in a big way. Details remain sparse so far, but we do know the game is set in the 16th century and a few returning characters have been confirmed, such as Sophitia and Mitsurugi. Also new is a gameplay mechanic called "Reversal Edge," which allows players to clash with each other while following up with a powerful counterattack based on their opponent's actions. Aside from that, you'll have to stay tuned for more info on the popular fighter in 2018, during which time it'll release on PS4, Xbox One, and Steam. Bayonetta 1+2 and (yes) Bayonetta 3 Despite Bayonetta 2's critically acclaimed reception on Wii U, the series' fate appeared to be up in the air, mostly due to the uncertain airs around the poorly-selling console. Any fears of about future entries were quickly forgotten about last night, however, as Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime not only announced a Bayonetta 1+2 dual release pack on Switch next year but a teaser for a full-blown threequel. There's no release date or window yet, so you'll have to wait for more info, hopefully, next year. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Champion's Ballad While it was all but confirmed that we'd see the second half of Breath of the Wild's DLC at The Game Awards, it was still pretty exciting to see the announcement unfold, complete with producer Eiji Aonuma appearing on-stage to pull out a master sword in the stone. This new DLC focuses on the history of the four champions that aid Link in his quest, in addition to providing new shrines, armor, items, and even a brand spanking new motorcycle Link can ride. Death Stranding Just as confusing as ever, a new trailer for Death Stranding did no new favors for anyone trying to understand exactly what it is about. Also, it ends with... a baby inside Norman Reedus' character? You'll have to see the trailer to believe it. Also, game creator Hideo Kojima and Norman Reedus also showed up on-stage afterward to talk a bit as well. With no release date in sight, it could easily be a couple of years more before we get an idea of when it's coming out. World War Z I'm not quite sure why a game based on a film from 2013 (which in turn was based on the book) is just now being announced, but there you go. The trailer doesn't show much that we haven't seen in the movie (such as super fast zombies) but interestingly enough, it is "coming soon." Perhaps a 2018 release is right around the corner. From Software's untitled project Death Stranding might have had the most confusing trailer, but equally odd and unusually short was the reveal for From Software's upcoming game. Essentially a 10-second clip that centers on what appears to be a bloody, twisting rope, the only other thing the clip offers is the phrase "Shadows Die Twice." The message is unclear at the moment, though there are some people who believe it be a sequel or successor to From Software's Shadow Tower games. If not, Bloodborne 2 is widely speculated as well. It's likely we may hear more at PSX 2017 this weekend. In the Valley of the Gods It's been nearly two years since Campo Santo's critically acclaimed debut Firewatch released, and now they're finally showing off their latest project, In the Valley of the Gods. Slated for a 2019 release on PC (and likely consoles thereafter), the game focuses on two female filmmakers, Rashida and Zora, as they set out in the 1920s to uncover the lost tomb of Nefertiti. Like Firewatch, it appears to be a first-person "walking simulator" with a heavy focus/narrative on the characters themselves. Witchfire The latest game from the developer behind The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, Witchfire is a first-person horror game set in a dark, gothic world of monsters, zombies, and the like. We'll likely get much more info on it in 2018. Dreams It's been a long time coming for Media Molecule's Dreams. Having first been revealed in 2013 as a tech demo/platform, it's been unusually quiet for the past 3-4 years, causing many to wonder if it had been scrapped or reworked entirely. We now have confirmation that it's still alive and coming out in 2018, and boy does it look ambitious. Expect to hear way more about it this weekend at PSX 2017. Which of these new game announcements was your favorite or most surprising to you? Let us know in the comments below!
  12. So The Game Awards are tonight. Anyone have any predictions? The only solid one I have that will probably happen is that the Ballad of the Champion DLC for Breath of the Wild will finally be shown off and a date released (possibly even releasing tonight). I think we might also finally get our first look at Rocksteady's next game. Maaaaaybe the next Telltale project as well.

  13. Jason Clement

    What have you seen recently and what did you think?

    I still haven't seen it, but I've heard people say its Edgar Wright's best movie so far; would you agree with that?
  14. So, this year is pretty crazy for Black Friday deals, right? From what I'm seeing, it's heads and shoulders above the deals that were floating around last year. So far I've seen games for as low as $15 (not games that just released, but still), and popular AAA titles from this Fall for $25-$35, which is pretty insane. The sad thing is I'm trying to curb my spending this time around because... y'know, money is unfortunately low for me at the moment. I'm still going to get some things for sure; I just won't spend $100-150 like I often have. At any rate, what games and other deals have you gotten this Black Friday? Be sure to post them below!
  15. Still super busy this week (and needing to get up early tomorrow), but you'll still some stuff going up this week. Hopefully even a review!


    In other news, holy cow, a new Mega Man game was announced. Ya don't see that happen every day! o_o



    1. Jason Clement

      Jason Clement

      What did everyone make of the news? I knew Capcom was announcing something new, but I actually didn't think they'd go as far as a new game in the core series!

    2. Venom


      I'm still gonna wait and see on MM11 since they didn't show much, but dayum, I didn't expect the X collection to have all 8 games. Looking forward to that for sure. :D

  16. Jason Clement

    Obligatory - What are you playing right now!

    Posted about this on Twitter the other day but I'm in a mad dash to play through a number of games right now in order to determine if any of them will make my list. If a game isn't grabbing me in its first hour or two, I simply move onto the next. I've played a little bit so far! I liked it, but have only put in maybe 1-2 hours so far. Did you see that Christie Brinkley tweeted about it and said it was only "a hint of the crack that is the real Animal Crossing"? I kind of agree as well, but it's still super impressive that they managed to put the experience on a mobile device.
  17. Jason Clement

    heyo, not new just taking a swing by

    Yo, welcome back. Congrats on the diploma in game design; glad to see you're still cranking away at making games!
  18. The thing that sucks is those days are mostly over now since most of the big publishers have gotten a taste of how profitable things can be if they decide to section them off and charge for it. There will always be smaller and mid-tier games that include everything, and even some larger games that give you everything w/o charging (like Splatoon 2), but yeah, gone are the good ol' days in that regard. :/ Man, that's pretty insane. When you're that young, that kind of money is either your entire paycheck for a year, or at least a majority of it. Crazy!
  19. 2016 turned out to be a pretty big year for Final Fantasy as a series with the release of the long-awaited Final Fantasy XV and smaller titles such as World of Final Fantasy. It was surprising, then, that 2017 gave us less in the way of major new Final Fantasy releases save for ongoing episodic DLC for Final Fantasy XV and an HD remaster in the way of Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, despite this being the series' 30th Anniversary. However, Square Enix's Final Fantasy brand manager, Shinji Hashimoto, is promising major news for the series in 2018. Hashimoto shared a few tidbits about the company's plans in an interview with Edamame Arcade Channel as follows. "Next year will be the 31st year, and our teams are busy working on new titles," Hashimoto said. "They are all gearing up for a big year next year." "I want to thank the fans for 30 years of support," Hashimoto said in his closing statements in the interview. "Next year will be a big one, and we will bring exciting, new Final Fantasy games to the world." What games might we see in 2018? The only two Final Fantasy titles we know of that are in development right now are the Final Fantasy VII remake, which was previously said to be episodic, and Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, which brings the fighting series to the current generation of consoles. While we're unlikely to get a release of the former's first installment, the latter is planned to kick off the new year with its release on January 30. As for what else might be released, Hashimoto's comments hint that there may be some surprises in store, perhaps with some as-of-yet unannounced games that may release next year. Might we be getting a new Theatrhythm title, a World of Final Fantasy sequel, or even our first look at Final Fantasy XVI? We'll have to wait and see. Source: USGamer What do you think Square Enix has in store for Final Fantasy in 2018? Let us know in the comments below?
  20. Pretty strong first trailer! They better not kill off poor Vision; he's only been in two other movies so far, so I feel like he could get at least 1-2 more before they finish off his arc. But I dunno if he can survive without the Mind Stone. Pretty cool to see all of Wakanda in action at the end. Also, I love how Mantis is the only one that waves when Thor says, "Who the hell are you guys?" to the Guardians of the Galaxy.
  21. If you haven't heard the news yet, Avengers: Infinity War trailer is dropping tomorrow! Can't wait! :D

  22. I think @Royzoga nailed it as far as my thoughts are concerned. If it's purely cosmetic, that's the way to go since it's optional (but people love to get different skins). Pay-to-win stuff like what BF2 is doing is the worst, and EA learned a hard lesson this Fall that's going to make them think twice about the way they choose to implement MTX going forward. I'm actually more interested to know where the whole story about the government investigating loot boxes will go. I've heard they'll likely introduce legislation that limits it to a degree, but how much? If it hampers profits for publisher too much, I wonder what sort of MTX they'll try and pivot to next.
  23. Jason Clement

    The Official "Post Your Black Friday Buys" 2017 Thread

    So, despite this being one of the better Black Fridays, I couldn't get much due to money atm. Here's what I got Forza Horizon 3 - $15 Night in the Woods (via Steam) - $16 Rhythm Heaven Megamix (3DS eShop) - $16 I mostly got Forza Horizon 3 b/c I needed to buy something from Target with my REDcard to keep it active, lol. But I had been wanting to get it for a while, and that's a pretty good price, so...
  24. How's everyone doing? I don't want to go back to work today... xD


    Also, sorry for the lack of content over the past week; been busy and such, though we'll be posting some new stuff soon.

    1. Sailor Liztress

      Sailor Liztress

      I'm tired, lol. I got off work early today and don't have to go back in until Thursday. 



  25. Another year, another Atelier game from Koei Tecmo. Their tradition of releasing a new game annually continues with the release of Atelier Lydie & Suelle: The Alchemists and the Mysterious Paintings in 2018. It will serve as the final entry in the "Mysterious" series while also celebrating the franchise's 20th Anniversary. Atelier Lydie & Suelle follows the titular twins as they discover and visit other worlds by jumping into mysterious paintings. They also discover that the paintings hold the residual thoughts of their deceased mother. Each world holds a different stylized location, which should help breathe some life into the game's art direction and make it feel more different and varied than usual. Also making appearances in this title are characters from previous Atelier games: namely, Firis, Liane, Sophie, Plachta, and Ilmeria. Pre-ordering the physical game will net you some DLC costumes inspired by prior Atelier protagonists Marie and Erie in addition to battle-themed music and an item set of useful alchemy ingredients. If you pre-order digitally within four weeks of release, you'll get access to two custom themes. Atelier Lydie & Suelle: The Alchemists and the Mysterious Paintings is set to release on March 27, 2018, on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Windows PC via Steam. Source: Press Release Are you looking forward to this next Atelier game?