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  1. Nice guide, Lep. I didn't even know Walmart carried theater recliners like those; pretty cool.


    One question though - are you sure it's an HDMI splitter and not an HDMI switch that you're using? I thought splitters were for splitting the signal to multiple video outputs (like more than one TV/monitor, or a streaming device), whereas switches are more primarily used for switching the HDMI source (consoles etc.). Or do some splitters also act as a switch as well?

  2. There are some more official things going on that I'll be filling the staff in on soon; including one that Ciel is going to like a lot (no, it doesn't involve pay, sorry).


    I do like the Amiibo giveaway for Smash tournament thing, though I can imagine only GP members will enter (because generally most people want an easy opt-in to contests), but I'm more than okay with that since I'd rather they win something like that than someone coming in randomly for the contest and disappearing.



    Making a dark site skin seems to be the easiest thing ever since we're on a templated site...CAG uses IP Board as well and they have a dark skin option. GAF has a dark skin option. Cmon GP, behind the times!


    CAG also has money and more than likely hired professional web designers to do the theme.




    But in all honesty, yes, a dark version of the current site is something I could theoretically do. The issue is it would take some time to get everything right, and that's something that's sorely lacking these days.


    But yeah, it's something I'll add to my list of things to do when I can spare some time. Personally, I'd like to fix the footer first.

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  3. Not too into schmups, but there are a few side-scrolling action platforming schmups that I have liked over the years.


    One is Sparkster for the SNES, and the other is Gunstar Super Heroes on GBA (still need to play the original Genesis game). But if we're talking bullet-hell-types, I'm trying to remember if I've actually ever played any legit games from that genre. Do early arcade games like Galaga or Xevious count? xD

  4. Nice work, Venom! I like this idea of mini-reviews. Hmm... maybe I'll adapt it for some GP stuff as well. :D


    The Fall is definitely something that has been on my radar, so glad to hear you liked that one. Cat Goes Fishing sounds like something that might be up my alley as well so I'll have to check it out sometime; also sounds like something that might be available on mobile as well?

  5. It's about time this feature returned! :P


    Good to know more about Dan; shame to hear about Mana Tank not working out the way you wanted it to. I believe I also remember hearing about the incident with that other site you wrote for for a short time before that (was it Gamer Gaia?); one of our other writers here (Marshall) was involved with them for a short time before also finding out what was really going on.


    Anyhow, good to hear you're doing well and still writing. How's the content editor job working out for you? Does it offer pretty stable pay? I've come across some jobs like that before and have always wondered about it.

  6. Nice picks! I really should go through the Mass Effect games sometime; I have all three on PC, but just haven't gotten to playing them yet.


    Actually, I did start the first, but decided to stop because my PC wasn't optimal to play it at the time (it was just barely enough to get it to run).


    I'm really going to have to check out D&D: Chronicles of Mystara; maybe I can join you and TK if I have the time for it.

  7. Nice idea, Venom! This would actually make for a good regular feature, I think.


    As far as BG&E2 goes, I think it's pretty much in the same boat as The Last Guardian. Both games probably had development scaled way back to the point where they are making extremely slow progress with them. Michel Ancel mentioned that it was basically something they worked on in the background to minimize the budget for it until it was ready for full production. In the meantime, they prioritized stuff like Rayman Legends over it, and if Ancel's games did well enough, they would use it as leverage to work on BG&E2; at least that's what I heard.


    We'll probably never see StarCraft: Ghost, at least not as it was intended.


    I think HL3 will happen sometime before 2020.


    The Kingdom Hearts spin-offs were essentially Nomura's way of buying time while he worked on FFXV. And as that game went further and further into development hell, Square Enix was starting to feel pretty pressured by fans (and probably Disney) for KH3, in which they finally forced Nomura's hand to start the project, even though he wasn't finished with FFXV yet.


    Agent is probably DOA. And I don't know quite as much about Prey 2 though I remember hearing that Bethesda had handed development off to another studio after the main one working on it went under. There was a really interesting article about that (on Polygon, I think) last year.

  8. Pretty interesting stuff, Kezins. Game Podunk's domain name is actually registered through Godaddy, but thankfully we're hosted elsewhere for the meantime; thank goodness too, I've heard a lot of horror stories about sites that were hosted with Godaddy. xD


    I can definitely sympathize with what you mentioned about running a site being a lot of work, especially if you're in it for more than just a hobby. By the by, it's interesting that your first gig was called 1PStart because there was actually a popular podcast for a while called 2PStart, which is a crazy coincidence, haha.

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  9. Thanks for the kind words, TK, and nice review! I actually like reading longer interviews as we get to learn more about the person that way.


    And as Gaiages brought out, your enthusiasm for the GP community is always appreciated; I like to think that you're the glue that holds much of the community together, either in the forums, comments, chat, or otherwise. :D

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  10. Yeah, it's inevitable that consoles will become download-only, but that may still be another two generations away, and contingent on where the world's online infrastructure is at in another 10-20 years.


    It's interesting to have watched the progression of the online distribution model. Last generation felt like a solid start to things, but now with this generation, I feel like things will continue to get much more refined and become something that more people want to take part of. Even still, it seems like physical media will still play a large part in things.


    Two console cycles from now, I could see digital overtaking physical for the first time, but there will still be physical media then; it'll only have less of an impact than maybe online would be making then.


    Nice blog.

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  11. I gotta say - I'd rather have too many cats than too many gorillas. I have 3 of the latter in my town and they drive me crazy. Hoping one of them moves out sometime soon.


    Supposedly you should never talk to an animal after they tell you they plan on moving away because if you do, they might change their mind and stay.

  12. These interviews are meant to be however long or short you need it to be in order to answer the questions, if it takes you a sentence, cool, if it takes you a paragraph, great. No "fluff" sentences required ;)


    *Insert joke about my interview being too long and containing lots of fluff* :P


    Nice interview, Cait. Anyone who watches Power Rangers and reads comic books is okay in my book! ;)