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  1. Bad news, looks like Netflix prices are going up again soon. $10 plan is going to be $11. 4K plan is going from $12 to $14.

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    2. iwx Leprechaun

      iwx Leprechaun

      They want to funnel more money into their originals.  My problem with that is I feel like for every GOOD original, theres like 3 crappy ones.  That and I've been using my friend's hulu lately, and they have been maintaining content Netflix has lost ( like Scrubs!) as well as having some solid original content.  Netflix has the movie edge, but not by much.  If I had to choose between the 2, Hulu all the way.

    3. Jason Clement

      Jason Clement

      @DarkCobra86 I just saw that; pretty interesting, and something that may get more people to switch over to Tmobile.


      @iwx Leprechaun I feel the same way about Hulu; I've been watching more and more over Netflix recently. They also have the advantage of having new episodes of popular shows as they air, which is a huge plus for me.

    4. DarkCobra86


      Yea, I wonder if other service provider will start doing that to or say like Verizon will offer Hulu.