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  1. Steam has been king of the hill for more than a decade when it comes to being the number one digital distribution platform. But recently, the Valve-owned platform's dominance has been threatened by the slow withdraw of the industry's biggest AAA publishers as they moved to create their own digital platforms. Now things are about to get even more difficult for Valve as Epic Games has announced plans to create their own digital distribution platform, with an interesting twist that could disrupt the former's stranglehold on the industry. Dubbed 'The Epic Games Store', Epic's digital platform will split the revenue with developers in an 88/12 ratio, with 88% of the revenue going to the developer. This is a huge shakeup from the more traditional 70/30 model that Steam had been using, and could see developers favoring The Epic Games Store over Steam going forward. But how is this possible? In an interview with Game Informer, Epic co-founder Tim Sweeney stated that when they looked at the expenses of developing and running a digital store, they were negligible at a large-scale. Sweeney also noted that stores taking in 30% of the revenue were, in effect, marking up their costs by 300-400%, leading to an opportunity for Epic to lower that threshold so developers could take in more revenue. Also interesting to note: Epic will be waiving all fees that it would normally take in through its storefront for any developers that use the company's own Unreal Engine to develop their games, instead relying on revenue share from a small percentage of the games' profits due to the usage of Epic's engine. The store will also offer a free game every two weeks (funded by Epic themselves), perhaps taking a cue from what Humble Bundle and EA's Origin have done in the past. The Epic Games Store is slated to launch soon on PC and Mac with a number of curated titles, though the company does plan to open up the store to more titles and platforms over the course of 2019. And like Steam, it will also feature free-to-play games, support mods, and non-commercial games. Source: Gamesindustry.biz What are your thoughts on Epic launching their own digital storefront?
  2. Jason Clement

    Happy thanksgiving

    Do either of you guys increase your exercise output after Thanksgiving? I wonder how many people end up doing that in general.
  3. Jason Clement

    Cliff Bleszinski is done making games

    Famed game designer Cliff Bleszinski has had a good run in the game industry over the years, most notably having created the Unreal and Gears of Wars franchises. But earlier this year, his development studio, Boss Key Productions, was forced to shut down due to low sales of its game, Lawbreakers. While he initially mentioned in a Twitter statement (which has since been removed) that he'd be stepping away from games for a bit to focus on his family, Bleszinski appears to have changed his mind about ever coming back now. In a new tweet today, he responded to another Twitter user saying that he would never make another game again. The comment was made in reference to the other user's disappointment about Boss Key not refunding fans after Lawbreakers (and the studio as a whole) shut down. Bleszinski also reveals in the tweet that he paid employees' salaries, 401Ks, and their healthcare for months after the studio had folded so that they could care for their families. Of course, this doesn't mean Bleszinski couldn't change his mind about the industry sometime in the future, but it does appear that he won't be making any games anytime soon. Source: Twitter Are you surprised that Cliff Bleszinski doesn't want to create any more games going forward?
  4. Jason Clement

    What have you seen recently and what did you think?

    I was surprised by how much I liked Solo. So far, everything that has come out of the Original Trilogy era has been golden as far as I'm concerned (Episodes IV-VI, Rogue One, Solo). I'm hoping the next spin-off movie they do (if they do another one) is the Obi-Wan film.
  5. Jason Clement

    What have you seen recently and what did you think?

    It's kind of all but confirmed that...
  6. Jason Clement

    What have you seen recently and what did you think?

    Honestly, the strange pun was purely coincidental and I didn't notice it until you brought it up, haha! I remember seeing an article somewhere that quoted a Disney insider or executive saying that Disney won't change Deadpool but who knows. If they know what's good for the franchise, they hopefully won't try to touch it and instead just let Ryan Reynolds run with it.
  7. Jason Clement

    What have you seen recently and what did you think?

    I've been trying to get into the habit of watching at least one movie each week on Netflix. It started with Finding Dory (which I really enjoyed) at the end of July, followed by The Cloverfield Paradox (which was not bad) and then Doctor Strange, which I had strangely not seen until now. This last Sunday I started watching Aggretsuko, which is pretty good! I also intend to start Daredevil Season 2 soon. Got a TON of Marvel Netflix shows to catch up on (pretty much everything outside of DD Season 1), not to mention the Hulu stuff like Runaways and Cloak and Dagger. The Marvel shows are almost outpacing DC's TV output these days, at least in terms of quantity!
  8. After a successful Kickstarter run while supporting the game for nearly 2 years after its release, the long road for Shantae: Half-Genie Hero is finally winding down, but not before some final surprises. Today, WayForward revealed that all versions of Shantae: Half-Genie Hero (both the base and Ultimate edition) will receive a free content update that will include Jammies Mode and a brand new transformation. Jammies Mode will let you play through the campaign in Shantae's pajamas as well as pillow fight enemies, float on a dream-like cloud, and use sleepy sheep as projectiles. As for the new transformation, Shantae will be able to transform into Sophia III from Blaster Master Zero and blast enemies away. Interestingly enough, this isn't Shantae's first crossover with Blaster Master Zero. Last year, developer Inti Creates added Shantae as a playable DLC character in Blaster Master Zero, so it looks like WayForward is repaying the favor with the appearance of the latter title's Sophie III vehicle in Half-Genie Hero this time around. Check out both new additions in the trailer for the new update below! Source: Press Release Will you be checking out Jammies Mode or the Blaster Master transformation in Shantae: Half-Genie Hero?
  9. If you needed any more proof that the Nintendo Switch is a bonafide hit, look no further than the company's first quarter results for the fiscal year 2018, which have just been released. The big news is that the Switch has sold nearly 20 million units (specifically 19.67 million) in the first 16 months since its release in March 2017. For comparison, Sony's PlayStation 4 sold 20 million units in its first 16 months as well but had the benefit of two holiday seasons to do it whereas the Switch has had one. Switch software sales have hit 83.93 million units with Super Mario Odyssey leading as the top-selling title with 11.7 million units sold. Following that, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has hit just under that with 10.35 million units, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild sits in third with 9.32 million units, fourth goes to Splatoon with a respectable 6.76 million units, and 1-2 Switch manages to nab the fifth spot with 2.45 units. It's also worth noting that ARMS has finally broken 2 million units (2.01 million units, specifically), sitting just under 1-2 Switch on the chart. Nintendo is aiming for Switch to sell nearly 40 million units by the end of fiscal 2018, which will end on March 31, 2019. Source: IGN What are your thoughts on Nintendo Switch's sales so far? Let us know below!
  10. Jason Clement

    What have you seen recently and what did you think?

    I actually really enjoyed Solo and can't wait to watch it again when it comes out on streaming and Blu-ray. I totally agree on what you said about the actors, and overall I found it to be a much more enjoyable experience to watch than The Last Jedi (especially the train sequence in the first half).
  11. Up until earlier this year, you could get the occasional free Origin game through Electronic Arts' "On the House" program, such as Peggle, Battlefield 3, and even Mass Effect 2. The program has given away a whopping 35 games for free (both from its own published library as well as indie titles) over the last 10 years, but it appears the free ride is finally over as the webpage promoting it has been taken down. Polygon has confirmed this news from an EA spokesperson, who said that Origin On The House is, in fact, being discontinued and games will no longer be offered through it. However, they did also say that anyone who had gotten free games through the program in the past will still be able to keep and play them. The removal of the program could possibly be due to the impending launch of Origin Access Premier, an expanded version of Origin Access which is due to go live on July 30. Origin Access Premier offers all of the previous perks of Origin Access (such as an instant collection of 123 PC games to play and a discount of 10% on any game you buy through Origin) as well as the benefit of having unlimited access to each new EA game on PC five days before it releases. Essentially, this means that as long as you pay for the subscription - which costs $14.99/month or $99/year -- you won't have to buy each new game EA releases. In the meantime, don't expect to see any more freebies from EA anytime soon. Source: Polygon What are your thoughts on EA discontinuing Origin On the House's free games?
  12. The Mega Man X series may be second to classic Mega Man (Mega Man 1-11) when comparing the number of core games in each (8 vs 11), but many fans often prefer the X games due to their increased focus on action gameplay as well as their darker dystopian future setting. But while the first three Mega Man X games had been readily available on the Wii Shop Channel (until its closure) and Wii U eShop, and 4 & 5 have been available on PSN for a number of years, it's been increasingly difficult to play 6 (due to only being available on collections on past consoles like PS2 and Gamecube), let alone 7 and 8 which have only been playable on the PlayStation 2 thus far and are now long out of print. Fortunately, that all changes this week as Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 & 2 dash into retail and digital storefronts on all console platforms. Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 contains the first four Mega Man X games while Legacy Collection 2 houses Mega Man X 5 through 8. However, it's worth pointing out that if you're buying the retail version on Switch, Legacy Collection 2 is included as a download code and is not available through the cartridge like Mega Man X 1-4 are, so be sure you have plenty of space available for the download. In addition to the games, each Legacy Collection has a number of new features, such as... X Challenge Mode - a multi-boss challenge mode with three difficulty options and online leaderboards Rookie Hunter Mode - which makes the game a bit more manageable for newcomers and anyone else who is having a tough time Improved visuals - of which there are three visual filters to choose from: retro CRT, smooth, or original (which scales up the original aspect ratio for modern screens Museum - what Mega Man collection would be complete without one of these? You'll find tons of art, trailers, music, and even a short animated film called The Day of Σ, which chronicles the event leading up to the villainous Sigma's rebellion. Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 & 2 are available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. You can buy both as a combo pack at retail for $39.99, or you can buy each individually for $19.99 on digital storefronts. Check out the launch trailer below! Source: Press Release Will you be buying either Mega Man X Legacy Collection? Let us know in the comments below!
  13. Jason Clement

    What have you seen recently and what did you think?

    I still need to see this movie. Shortly after the HBO show premiered, I was surprised to find out it was actually an adaptation of an earlier film. I love Yul Brynner too, so this sounds like a match made in heaven, haha. Didn't know it had a sequel either. I'll have to check out both.
  14. Jason Clement

    What have you seen recently and what did you think?

    I'm wondering if it'll get a sequel or just stop there. Apparently, it didn't do great in theaters (or just not big numbers at least), but there's always a chance it'll do well in DVD/Blu-ray sales.
  15. Remember the news about the formation of Thunderful from earlier this year? In case you forgot, it's a joint company that's comprised of Image & Form (of SteamWorld Dig 2 fame) and Zoink Games (of Fe, Flipping Death, and Stick it to the Man fame). And if two of the biggest, rising star indie developers in Europe joining forces weren't enough, Thunderful is about to get even more influential on the gaming scene. That's because they've wholly acquired 100% of the shares in Rising Star Games, a UK publisher that's primarily known for distributing retail versions of popular indie (as well as niche Japanese) titles such as Shantae and the Pirate's Curse. Rising Star Games' role in this operation will be to publish strong titles from Japan whereas future Western titles will continue to be published under the Thunderful Publishing label. Ed Valiente, who previously worked at Nintendo of Europe, will be the managing director for Rising Star Games. Source: Press Release What are your thoughts on Thunderful acquiring Rising Star Games?
  16. Hey, apologies for the lack of content over the last week and a half, everyone. I was out of town for part of last week (and weekend), been busy with work, and then I had trouble connecting to the site b/c the server had mistakenly blacklisted my IP since the beginning of the week, but it's been resolved now. We've got reviews coming up, I'm aiming to post news regularly again, and I'll be around to comment on stuff. :)

  17. This is not a drill. REPEAT, this is not a drill! SEGA's long-awaited Valkyria Chronicles 4 is finally set to release in late September! The first true sequel in the series since 2011, Valkyria Chronicles 4 is set in the same time period as the first game, but features an all-new cast as they brave the realities of war. Once again, the BLiTZ battle system makes its return, offering a mix of turn-based strategy, RPG, and real-time third-person shooter elements. You'll also be introduced to new additions such as the Grenadier class, offensive/defensive battleship support options, the chance for units to take a "Last Stand" action before their death, and much more. And, of course, Hitoshi Sakimoto (Final Fantasy Tactics, Final Fantasy XII), makes his grand return here with a sweeping orchestral score for the fourth installment. Valkyria Chronicles is set to launch with two different versions at retail. One is the standard "Launch" version, which contains a Ragnarok (the adorable medic doggo) controller skin for whatever platform you chose, as well as the game itself. The other is the "Memoirs from Battle" Premium Edition ($99), which contains the following: Vinyl statue of the "Hafen" tank "Claude's Travel Journal" 100-paged themed artbook Two DLC adventures featuring Squad 7 characters (offers over 3 hours of content across 4 exclusive story missions and fully-voiced cutscenes) Valkyria Chronicles 4 is slated to release digitally and via retail on September 25 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam. Source: Press Release Will you be getting the game on launch? If so, which version will you get? Let us know in the comments below!
  18. What does everyone think of E3 so far? Missed EA's conference but Microsoft's was pretty good, I thought. Eager to see what Ubisoft, Sony, and Nintendo have in store! :)

    1. Jason Clement

      Jason Clement

      Also, just a head's up, I'll be posting some stuff about the show this week. Maybe not news, but definitely opinions of some sort? I definitely want to do a piece with Barrel, Jon, Justin, and Lee on what our favorite games/moments were.

  19. Jason Clement

    Share your last beaten games here!

    What is Past Cure? Is that DLC for it? Or is it part of the game's title? Nm, just looked it up, lol. It's a different game (and I've never heard of it till now!).
  20. Jason Clement

    Anyone watching Krypton?

    I'm trying to watch this on my Xbox One but the SyFy app keeps giving me an error despite my cable service provider carrying SyFy. Heard it's really good though. Good on SyFy for having a decent show of this calibur; it's on my list to watch next after the current season of Supergirl ends.
  21. Jason Clement

    Share your last beaten games here!

    Totally agree about Fairune. There comes a certain point in the game where, like you said, it's impossible to finish on your own. Makes me wonder if there was a person out there who beat the whole thing without resorting to a guide. Same thing happens in Fairune 2 as well.
  22. Jason Clement

    Share your last beaten games here!

    Didn't even realize Itch.io had VR games (some of which I assume are free?) until now. Huh, you learn something new every day!
  23. We're just a week out from the release of Choice Provision's Runner3 and the anticipation fans are feeling couldn't be any higher. But if you thought Choice Provisions was done announcing surprises, think again. The developer revealed that two high-profile indie characters will be able to be unlocked as playable characters in-game. First up is Yacht Club's Shovel Knight, who has made cameo appearances in a number of indie games since his self-titled, breakout game in 2014. As for the second character, it's none other than Eddie Riggs, the protagonist of Brutal Legend. Fans may recall that Double Fine recently received the rights back from EA for the game, meaning you could possibly see Eddie Riggs make appearances in other games as well. Finally, a third character that was revealed was none other than Charles Martinet, also known as The Narrator of Runner2 and Runner3. But you would probably know him better as the iconic voice of Nintendo's Mario for the last 22 years. I... probably wouldn't expect to hear him do Mario's voice here, however. You know, all of that copyright stuff and such. You can play as all three cameo characters (well, when you unlock them) when Runner3 hits the Nintendo Switch eShop first on May 22 and then on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC at a later date. Source: Runner3.game Are you looking forward to playing as these characters in Runner3?
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    Nintendo Switch Online Service Info

    There's nothing that really gets me "excited" here, but I'm super down with paying only $20 for all of this, especially when PS+ and XBLG are $60 at this point. Will be interesting to see if the games selection grows a lot over the course of the next year or two. If it can reach 50-100 games within the next year, I could see that being a real draw for people to subscribe (other than the access to multiplayer and such).
  25. While Avengers: Infinity War is breaking box office records, the movie's villain, Thanos, has set his sights on something else that's extremely popular these days: Epic Games' hit game Fortnite. That's right -- thanks to Infinity War directors Joe and Anthony Russo being big Fortnite fans and reaching out to Epic Games, they've arranged a special limited time event in Fortnite where the Infinity Gauntlet will be making an appearance. Anyone who manages to snag the gauntlet during a match will then be transformed into Thanos and have full command of his powers. The Infinity Gauntlet Limited Time Mashup mode will be available to play for free via Fortnite Battle Royale tomorrow, May 8. Source: IGN Will you be checking out the limited time mode in Fortnite tomorrow?