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  1. Those are great examples Rex. I think those things aren't really so "little" as you make them out to be, because you know in all honesty acts of kindness seem kind of uncommon in today's time. Besides, sometimes "just the little things" can be a really BIG help!!
  2. I think that's wonderful what you did and glad you shared a recent story! I am sure the woman really appreciated your kindness. That is nice of you, and yeah with money I think you kind of just have to give it as a gift, not expecting really to get it back. At least that's how I would have to view it to avoid disappointment.
  3. So don't know if you guys are familiar with this convention, but Quakecon will be in Dallas, Texas this weekend (August 2nd - 5th). Haven't been involved in the BYOC (computer/LAN) area in a couple of years but plan to hit it hard next year probably. I'll be there though this weekend (at least tentative plans are for that to happen). Just wondering if anyone else was planning on attending, and if you've never heard of it before, maybe you should consider going next year! It's a good time, with some good discussions/talks of upcoming releases and some good vendor areas as well. And then the BYOC is always rocking.
  4. bink

    Game Podunk Suggestion Thread

    Not a suggestion but maybe a question that turns into a suggestion... On the mobile site, is there an easy way to see just one big list of recent posts and/or topics? It gets really tedious trying to click through all the forum sections just to see which topics have been replied to or are new on my tiny little phone screen. So, it ends up sometimes that it's so tedious I try for like 5 mins and then just give up. I would probably participate more on-the-go if I could just see all the recent posts at once --- is there a way to? Thanks. EDIT: Unnnnngggghhhh (massive groan to myself and facepalm) I think i figured it out and it was here all along... Carry on folks!!!
  5. bink

    Spec Ops: The Line Review and GIVEAWAY

    Sorry rolling into this discussion a little late. Congrats swipe on your giveaway win. Sucks that you mention the multiplayer might not have had as much thought put into it as it could have, although of course MP comes completely secondary to a single player game. HHLivingLoco posted a review of this same game a while back and it looks really cool, although I've completely neglected to play the demo that was out. Seems like a very immersive game. And on a side note, to quote from your article: "It also lacked the emotional impact that the narrative hit home. If you purchase Spec Ops, stay for the campaign, not the compe***ive multiplayer." Did the filter just star out part of the word that is also used to describe breasts? ODD! Or were you making a sly joke merging the four letter word for poo and competitive....
  6. So I thought I'd start a topic to ask a few questions to you all regarding random acts of kindness, or just acts of kindness minus the random bit. What's the nicest thing anyone has ever done for you unsolicited? What's the nicest thing you've ever done for another person unsolicited - family or stranger? How do you like to "pay it forward"? Nothing big happened today, but it was raining something fierce and a lady with a walker was standing out front of a building attaching plastic bags over her items she was carrying that couldn't get wet. She was about to step into the pouring rain to walk to her car when we pulled up and walked her under the shield of our umbrella to her car instead. It was a very small thing to do, but it made us feel good and she seemed appreciative. I think I'm going to buy like $10 of umbrellas at the dollar store and just put them in my car so the next time I see someone in need of one, I'll just give it away! Once or twice I've had my food paid for by the vehicle in front of me at a drive-through, and it's always nice to pass that along to the next car (if their bill isn't exorbitant and something I can't afford, that is...) What do you guys like to do to "give back" or just to spread some cheer to others? I like hearing other people's experiences with things like these because it always makes me remember that even something small might have a big impact on someone's day, and that when we can, we really should try and help each other.
  7. Wow that was totally awesome. Loved the vid. SOOOOO AWESOME!!!! I would bet after so much practice I'm sure most of those stunts are just second nature for him, not meaning that they're easy for him, just probably not entirely challenging as some other moves.
  8. bink

    Happy Belated 4th of July

    I was sick on july 4th. Heard some fireworks going off but never got to see any. Oh well, I guess there is next year. R&R for me too this year though. Hope everyone had a good one! Summer and the heat is on it's way.
  9. bink

    New Features on GP (6/18/12)

    Oh my goodness ludono your avatar is too funny...and weird! I like the new changes. I think it's always good to allow more customization.
  10. Congratulations to me!! I'm stuck in a time capsule and finally finished Mass Effect 1. I am so proud of myself. It's kind of neat back here in the year 2007. Also am working my way through GTAIV. Just got the "complete the storyline in under 30 hrs" achievement. Had to enlist some much needed help from my boyfriend though, who was kind enough to guide me through all the missions in a huuuuuuuge and anxiety-heightening time crunch after I had dilly dallied around for 18 or so hours and then decided I actually wanted to try for that achievement. Looking forward to chilling out on that game and enjoying it the way it should be played, in a very relaxed and free-form manner.
  11. bink

    My Thoughts on E3 and "Booth Babes"

    Personally, I've evolved not to scoff at the "booth babes" themselves anymore, but rather the companies that hire them. I used to feel slightly emotionally upset at these women who were baring so much in representation of companies and games, but now I've learned it's not their fault. I also used to make myself feel better by assuming they're air-headed females who are just beautiful shells of "real people", but that's silly too. I'm sure many of them are probably very intelligent, and know exactly what their intended function is, and are okay with that line of employment. Really though, you touched on an issue that I think deserves to be given attention considering it's part of the whole picture. Yes, these women are being placed on display as objects of desire, but for whom? For straight, young, sexually alert men, who are assumed to be so distracted by women's skin that they will be persuaded into being interested in a certain product, too. It's silly, really. Are men that stupid? Some, sure, but I'd like to believe that most are beyond the simplicity of sexualized advertising. Are women that dumb or naive to voluntarily be objectified? Some, sure, but I'd like to believe most know what they're doing, and just feel it's a job that pays. What makes me probably the most sad about the "booth babes" situation though is that these very attractive women are usually not gamers at all. I remember at a convention one year, one of the booth babes pulled me (another female) aside and asked me how to play guitar hero. I was happy for her being interested, and felt bad for her because I knew she was not a gamer, did not belong there, and did not wish to ask the crowds of drooling men and boys how to play the game. She wasn't stupid - she was a product. She also put up with a lot of crap from those sexually-charged male gamers throughout the convention. In all though there should be a balance met between female and male advertising agents. Companies should not degrade their primary clientele to horny, sex-focused sacks of testosterone, and should not completely ignore the population of legitimate female gamers out there either. I'm looking forward to when the industry is able to move past the idea that gaming is all for guys.
  12. bink

    Loco's Gameshow Round 2-3!

    Yay double points! Kicking up the stakes, huh?
  13. bink

    Hello i'm new

    Hi Xuang. Welcome to Game Podunk. Stick around a while and settle down in the forums. : )
  14. bink

    Happy Memorial Day Weekend

    Too warm in Virgina? Pfffffffffft.
  15. bink

    Loco's Gameshow Round 2

    Yes I did enjoy the video. It is admirable that you are spreading knowledge about these kinds of things.