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  1. Everyone deserves a father or father figure in his or her life. Someone to tell them that things are going to be okay. Someone to show them how to ride a bike or fire a BB gun. Someone to be there when things aren“t going well. Father figures have positive effects on children and even adults in the real world, so here are some father figures from gaming that are sure to melt your heart. Dad (Fallout 3) "If you harm my son, I'm going to find you, and I will kill you." Dad, was, well, your dad in Fallout 3. He saved you from the clutches of the apocalyptic wasteland and cared for you in Vault 101, and while he seemed like a jerk by leaving you behind one night, he had good intentions. Dad wanted to clean the water in D.C., create a living world once again, and was willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good of mankind in the face of tyranny. He was a fighter until the end, and Fallout 3 was one of the few games where I felt worried about a character“s father because Dad felt like my dad. And to top it all off, Dad was voiced by Liam Neeson. I mean, you can never go wrong with Liam Neeson. Dad was a pretty cool dad. Victor Sullivan (Uncharted series) I swear, those island shirts are like the only things that Sully ever wears Victor “God Damn!” Sullivan is his name, and gunning down foes with a big revolver is his game. Victor has been with Nathan Drake since the start. He saved Drake from the rough streets and together, Victor and Drake have been plundering treasure and discovering mythical lands over the course of years of climbing, running, and shooting. And who taught Nathan Drake all of the moves? Victor Sullivan, of course. And he does it with a big fat cigar in his mouth too. Sully has been with Drake in nearly every adventure and always has wise words or helpful advice to say to him. The bond they have built over the series is one not by blood, but by true comradery. Ethan Mars (Heavy Rain) Ethan tends to look sad all the time, but to be fair, if my city rained like it did in Heavy Rain, I'd be pretty depressed too If fatherhood was a test, then that would be represented by Heavy Rain. While Heavy Rain featured four main characters, Ethan Mars took most of the spotlight, at least for me. Ethan had lost one son after trying to save his life from a car accident, so he wasn“t so feeble when his other son was kidnapped by the origami killer. Throughout Heavy Rain, Ethan is forced to complete several tasks for the Oragami Killer in order to literally prove his love for his son and see how far he would go. Each challenge tested a different part of Ethan, mentally and/or physically, and his journey truly showed how much he loved his son. Some sections of the game were even hard for me to play, considering how realistic and terrifying they would be in a real-life situation. Giovanni Auditore Da Firenze (Assassin“s Creed II) Fun Fact: The actor who played Giovanni in the short film Assassin's Creed: Lineage also lent the same voice and face for the character model in Assassin's Creed 2 How many people could say that their father was an assassin? Ezio Auditore could“ve. Giovanni was born into the brotherhood and trained to become a master assassin like his ancestors before him. To add to that, he became a successful banker and gave birth to four kids! Talk about getting business done! But seriously, Giovanni lived the ultimate double life as he provided for his family while at the same time killing men of evil intentions - the Templars. Only a good father could raise a son like he did. Ezio was the example of the “every-man” during his time and he practiced ideals of control, accuracy, and he was friendly to the ladies. He could“ve only been raised by such a good father, and that man was Giovanni Auditore. John Marston (Red Dead Redemption) Daniel Craig has nothing on Marston This list really wouldn“t be complete without Mr. Marston. John grew up in a gang, separated by his own father, and lived his childhood in murder and theft. Even with his past always right behind him, John managed to find a good woman, birth a son, and try to start their own farm. That is, until the government decide that it“s time for John to pay for his crimes and force him to hunt down his old gang if he wants to see his family safe again. Even after completing this, as John tries to settle in after his wild journey, the government remains relentless and John makes the ultimate sacrifice to save his family of his life-long burden that would haunt them if he hadn“t done something about it. John Marston, like the other characters on the list, showed affection for someone else, and projected that into selfless acts of courage and seemingly impossible feats. It goes to show how amazing father figures are, not only as real people, but as shining examples as well.
  2. Graduating high school today :D

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  3. Prom Night! Woo!!!

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      My prom wasn't too bad. Then again it was like 10 years ago...

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  4. No matter how little publicity or faith Capcom has in its own product, Dragon“s Dogma is definitely the game to look out for in a few days. After getting some hands on time with the demo, I can safely say that Dragon“s Dogma will be one of the best RPGs this year, assuming all things go well. Even though some of the game“s features are slightly rough around the edges, there are some key points to the title that borrow from some games but tweak just enough to call it its own. The Pawn System It ain't no Fellowship of the Ring, but it'll do Dragon“s Dogma doesn“t feature an online mode like Dark Souls, which may seem lacking for some gamers. However, it does utilize an online mode in a different way: the Pawn system. In Dragon“s Dogma, you create your own character along with a permanent follower known as your “Pawn.” Just as their title suggests, your Pawn will follow you around on your adventures, fight off enemies, and even give you advice along the way. The great thing about Pawns is that they“re completely customizable, so you can change its voice, name, appearance, and equipment, just as you would with your own character. This degree of customization really adds to the experience and allows the player to create the side-kick they“ve always wanted. Where does the online part kick in, you ask? Well, in this place called The Rift, you can put your Pawn up for rental and other players can pay a certain amount of Rift points to borrow your Pawn. While your Pawn is out adventuring, it gains experience and comes back stronger than before. You can also borrow other people“s Pawns, up to two in fact, and you can have up to three NPCs following you at all times consisting of your own Pawn and two borrowed ones. In Dragon“s Dogma, the difficulty will require you to bring support with you into battle so borrowing other Pawns may end up being your only option, and this further encourages the online sharing among other players. Climbing on your Foes "Excuse me, ma'am, this was not the designated drop-off point we agreed on!" Similar to Shadow of the Colossus, Dragon“s Dogma gives you the ability to grab onto larger enemies and actively climb them. Once you“re on, you can climb on their backs, along their legs, or onto their heads for extra damage. The system is incredible, especially when you“re in the heat of battle and you latch onto a trolls arm and it begins to violently swing around in an attempt to get you off of it. I was also impressed to see that you could latch onto the enemy at different limbs, and you weren“t limited to that specific limb; at one point in the demo, I grabbed the Gryphon“s tail and climbed all the way up to its head and started attacking from there. Character Customization You can create any type of person, really Any good RPG has a character creation system that allows you to form the face and build of your hero (or villain). Dragon“s Dogma is no different. Once you pick out sex, a name, and a basic body build, you can go into extreme depth with your character. You can change your character“s hair style, skin tone, and facial features, but then you can go deeper from there. You can swap out different muscles for arms and legs, adjust the way your character stands, and even pick out a custom voice out of six choices, a feature that I always applaud in any game. Your character could be an elderly miser or even a small child. Dragon Dogma“s creator gives you that kind of freedom. Explosive Combat The most potent method of dealing with Hobgoblins is definitely a helping of BURN! No, I don“t mean bombs and guns and stuff. Staff members at Capcom behind Dragon“s Dogma also helped to craft Devil May Cry, the over-the-top hack-and-slash game known for its flashy combat. Dragon“s Dogma takes a little bit of the flash, and adds some Dark Souls depth to it to create a beautiful mix of the two. In the demo, one of the levels puts you in the shoes of a sword and shield warrior type, and the action doesn“t hesitate to explode in a frenzy of color and special effects. You“ll use special sword skills, each face button combined with the trigger button resulting into a completely different move, and even the shield has its own special moves that I found came in handy depending on the situation. Combat is fast and raw, requiring you to keep your wits above you and constantly keep moving. As for ranged combat, pulling out your bow is literally one button press away. Just like the sword and shield, the bow comes with its own set of special moves, each one different and valuable to its own situation. There wasn“t an opportunity to use magic in the demo, but magic will also play an important role in Dragon“s Dogma. Not to mention that Pawns will help a lot in some of the crazier fights. Combat in the gameis vicious and thrilling, and is definitely action-packed. The Prospects of Exploration With all this darkness, I won't be surprised if there's a "Hold Hand" button Dragon“s Dogma is an open-world adventure game too. It reminded me of Skyrim with the way you can choose to take the beaten path, or explore through the wilderness to find new ones. Each village or city has shops, living people, and inns to stay at. Dragon“s Dogma, however, adds difficulty into the mix. Nearly any path you choose to take towards your destination will most likely lead to an enemy or two; no path is really considered “easy.” If that wasn“t enough, night time plays a role in gameplay. The darkness just doesn“t get a little harder to see and has the music change. Nighttime in Dragon“s Dogma makes things nearly pitch black, the only form of vision being the short area lit by your lamp. Oh, and there are zombies too (and everyone loves a good zombie).
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    Dragon's Dogma - Nighttime Walking

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    Dragon's Dogma - Fighting Hobgoblins

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    Dragon's Dogma - Character Creation

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    Dragon's Dogma - Climbing a Harpie

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    Dragon's Dogma - Fellowship

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    Dragon's Dogma - The Arisen And The Dragon

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  11. InFamous 2“s ending left Cole“s fate hanging; no matter which ending you get, it seems that our super hero/villain still has fight left in him. Sadly, from a lack of announcements and a low sales number, it seems that InFamous 3 is treading on a faulty power cord. Of course, we should never lose hope in Sucker Punch, who have not only brought us InFamous but also the legendary Sly Cooper series. And if you have played the Sly Cooper games, then you“ll know that Sucker Punch is notorius for leaving the player wondering, even after curtain call. So what could happen to Cole and his world after the epilogue? Here are two quick theories, and obviously, there are some spoilers for those who haven“t played or completed InFamous games. So, SPOILER WARNING! The Good Ending: Cole“s Return Cole has survived by the skin of his teeth before, but how often can he do so? So, at the end of the good karma ending of InFamous 2, Cole activates the Ray Field Inhibitor. Doing so destroys the Beast and the plague inflicting normal humans, but kills all of the Conduits on Earth in the process. Sadly, this included Cole, so he and Kuo and Nix all died in the blast. In the final moments, Zeke is on a boat with Cole“s dead body in a coffin. As the boat sails away, the screen goes dark until a bolt of lightning shoots down on the boat. If you look closely, you“ll see that the lightning bolt is in the shape of a question mark, and we can only assume that the bolt hit Cole if his dead body can still conduct electricity. What I“m seeing right now is that Cole comes back to life, supposing that his “good karma” has come back around to reward his endeavors. While I love Cole“s character and want to see more InFamous games, reviving Cole wouldn“t be a wise decision from Sucker Punch for several reasons. 1. Besides Cole, every Conduit that ever existed is dead, assuming the Ray Field Inhibitor did its job. Of course, if the inhibitor did, then Cole wouldn“t come back to life. Anyways, if all of the conduits are dead, what“s left in the world? Normal human beings. If Cole were to come back, what would the gameplay be like then? Would it be to just fight armed guards and some mechs? I saw conduits as a dynamic part of the story-line so to continue without them would result in a less interesting experience. 2. Since conduits are dead, there may not be a lot of content to work with as far as a new conflict is concerned. Perhaps someone in the First Sons may try to create a new Ray Sphere or the east coast is trying to deal with the post-destruction. The problem here is that there really isn“t a solid conflict after this ending because everything seems to be fine or at least not at the same scale as InFamous 2“s conflict. 3. Bringing back Cole in general is kind of a silly idea. I know resurrections have been done in games before but to do so in InFamous 2“s good ending would defeat the purpose. Cole became strong enough and good enough of a person to overcome the Beast, the point of which was to destroy the Beast“s immense power. Technically, Cole“s defeat of the Beast would mean that Cole is stronger than the Beast, and Kessler“s hope (who is otherwise a Cole from a different universe) was to make sure a being with immense power doesn“t take advantage and destroy the world. I doubt that Kessler would want such a powerful being running around, especially when he is the only one with powers. And even if Cole is good-hearted in the end, Kessler probably wouldn“t take that chance. The Bad Ending: A New Revolution Sometimes the thing we hate most is what we become... I don't know who said that; it just sounds cool. In the bad karma ending for InFamous 2, Cole kills Nix and his best friend Zeke. Afterwards he destroys the Ray Field Inhibitor and absorbs John White“s powers, who at that point is revealed to be the Beast. The resulting blast kills most of humanity, but the Conduits of the world remain. Cole continues to search for these conduits and teach them how to use their powers, and Cole uses his power to rule over mankind with an iron fist. It“s pretty dark, I know. But this is the most likely way for a good InFamous sequel to happen. Considering that Cole is now the Beast, there are thousands of new Conduits in the world, and humanity is in its last moments, this makes way for a lot of new conflicts and possibilities. 1. The game can still stay on Cole this way. Perhaps the game will be about his exploits of fighting back the worst of the human opposition, or maybe new conduit factions will start up and Cole will have to deal with rebellious conduits. Maybe Sucker Punch can even throw in some strategy aspects in the game, like controlling different parts of the world. This will also open up some fresh new locals for the series. 2. The game can feature a brand new conduit. With a little bit of effort, perhaps this new conduit can be completely customized by the player, allowing the player to choose different features, powers, and clothing. Then they can take this new conduit two ways; support the evolution of conduits, or fight back for mankind“s freedom. This option is definitely one that I hope is utilized because this allows for a lot of open-ended content for the game. 3. The game can feature gameplay for both humans and conduits. It can resemble Aliens vs Predators in a way. The war between the two factions will be viewed through both view-points, and the game can feature classic InFamous-style power gameplay, and maybe some third-person shooter gameplay as well. This can also adapt to multiplayer. There can be human vs conduits game modes, and even co-op modes. These are only a few possibilities that could happen in InFamous 3, if there is going to be one. The InFamous series has a lot of potential, and I think that potential can be fully realized with some new ambitious advances for the game, you know, besides giving your bald protagonist hair.
  12. The year 2009; I remember that year well only because of the fact that I finally bought my Playstation 3 on December 9th, and the first game I bought for it was none other than Grand Theft Auto IV. The $299 price tag was a huge detriment to my funds, so I had to compensate by picking up an older game. I“d heard many good things about GTA IV, and it was only $20 at the time so that's what I ended up choosing. If it was anything like previous sandbox games I“d played before (I had never played Grand Theft Auto before then), then GTA IV would be an excellent choice to start my current-gen game collection. And so I traversed Liberty City as Niko Bellic, shooting up the neighborhood and causally car-jacking the locals. It was an enlightening experience by the game“s end, not to mention the multiplayer, which also blew my mind being my first Playstation Network experience. So GTA IV and I definitely had special connection, and I definitely still regret selling it to this day. I generally didn“t have any problems with the game, though some issues with checkpoints and notoriety glitches were bothersome at times, but overall it was a lot of fun to play. That is, until you bring up the one problem I had with GTA IV. It was a feature that I was shocked to not find in a game so much more advanced than other games at the time. It was a feature that could“ve easily been implemented as DLC or, heck, maybe even a patch. It was in Saint“s Row, a game that I played recently after GTA IV, and it surprised me how Rockstar Games was able to put so much attention to detail in the game, but overlook something so simple: a garage system. "As you can see, no man's suit is complete without a car sandwich and a pump-action shotgun." For those who have played GTA IV, you“ll understand this situation. After completing a difficult mission full of cop chases, apartment shootings, and strenuous running, you decide to keep that shiny old-school American muscle car coated in a smoky black paint job that you picked up in the middle of the mission. Scratched up by side-swipes and full of bullet holes, this thing has seen some serious damage. But say you decide that you want to keep the car, for its speed or looks or whatever reason. So, you drop off the new ride at your safe house parking spot, and when a new mission pops up, you decide to take the car out again. Unfortunately, the mission includes abandoning the car. When the mission is all done and over, you realize that you left the car in front of a subway station, or some other makeshift parking zone. So, you trot back to where you last saw your car, and find that it“s no longer there. Then, you try to check your safe house where you originally parked the car, but alas, that spiffy muscle car is still gone. And it will be gone, assuming that you won“t find another of the same model and jack it off someone. The game“s tutorial advertises a “car save” system to the player in which can park a car in a designated yellow square, usually in front of a safe house, and the car will remain there, available for use anytime. I first figured that this was the game“s version of a garage. Sadly, it doesn“t work as well as you might think. See, this yellow parking spot acts kind of like generic-brand glue. What I mean is, the cars that you decide to park there will remain there, but they aren“t permanently or even temporarily logged into some kind of car history or anything. If the car isn“t left in the square and you leave it somewhere else, chances are you“ll never find it again. The car just disappears if it is out of the player“s area of play or the game is started up again. It isn“t like other games where you put the car in the spot and you can retrieve it anytime you want, regardless of where the designated garage menu was located. I suppose this was part of the realism that Rockstar wanted to push with this GTA, but that one missing feature just left the experience a little incomplete. I made thousands of dollars, I got all the weapons, and I bought all of the properties on the island. What better way to top off my kingly status than a garage full of sports cars? Maybe I prefer to whip out a hulking SUV instead of some random beater I hot-wired. Or maybe I want to chase down my target with that shiny exotic I“ve been saving for ages, fearful of taking it out because I might scratch it. Oh, and by the way, if I happened to end up scratching that car, it would just come back to my garage again, ready to drop off to the repair store, so there. The best way to comeback from a failed parallel park is to blow it off, act like nothing happened, and stay on that sidewalk Even with the lack of real gameplay footage at the moment, GTA V can only be an improvement to its predecessor considering Rockstar“s reputation for high-quality video games. One thing I notice with Rockstar games is that the games are so good and nearly-perfect that I, and other people I know, tend to easily notice the problems with the games. In other games, there is a certain balance of pros and cons so it“s hard to distinguish the problems sometimes. But in games like Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto, it“s so easy to knitpick at the small things, and this is only to Rockstar Games“ advantage. These small problems that become identified will be fixed in the following game, and Rockstar“s roster of games will only continue to grow stronger. So, let“s hope that garage makes it in those developer notes somewhere, because I know I“ll be looking forward to it.
  13. Move aside, Smash Bros; there“s a new competitor in the four-player beat“em-up genre, and it“s packing quite a punch. Leaving no modesty with its fairly noticeable title, Playstation All Stars Battle Royale is the Playstation equivalent of the ever successful Super Smash Bros. series on Nintendo consoles. There are so many risks with a game like this; trusting a new developer, choosing a strong roster, and pleasing all of the fans are only a few of the challenges ahead for this upcoming Playstation 3 exclusive. It would almost seem like the odds are against it considering that the chances for things to go wrong outnumber the benefits. However, I“m a fairly optimistic person, and there“s still so much to expect from this culmination of Sony mascots; let's discuss a few reasons why. Enhanced Visuals One of the biggest differences between this and Smash Bros. will undoubtedly be the overhaul in the visuals. Backed up by Blu-Ray capabilities and the cell processer, the Playstation 3 is able to show off graphics unmatched by the Wii. From the short clips of gameplay, the game looks colorful when it needs to, and many of the effects are reminiscent of Smash Bros with all of the bright lights and particle effects with each impact. It“s also notable that the character models look up to scale, and there“s just enough detail to notice when your character isn“t being tossed around the field. Sure, some of the more mature characters like Sweet Tooth and Colonel Radic may look a little out of place with the softer-looking backgrounds, but what else could be done to compensate for that? It“s better to keep the original models because they look cool, and people will complain the minute they see a cell-shaded Kratos. "Visit Sandover Village Putt Putt today, and get a free handful of Green Eco with every game!" Varied Roster Of Characters I don“t think I have to stress enough that Sony has quite the collection of exclusive characters. I mean, you can never say anything bad about Mario, Kirby, or Captain Falcon; but for you Playstation fans, wouldn“t you ever want to see what would happen if Jak, Ratchet, and Sly Cooper went at it for the championship-to-end-all-championships (and don“t bring up Playstation Move Heroes, because honestly, who played the whole thing)? The way I see the Smash Bros lineup, I see a lot of younger-audience characters, and I don“t mean that in a negative way; it“s simply an observation. Then you look at the Playstation roster, and you see Sackboy, Nathan Drake, and Fat Princess and you think to yourself, “That would be a wacky fight” (and you“d be right). However, the wide variety in characters has the advantage of appealing to more fans of all ages, and SuperBot Entertainment can have a lot of fun making up moves and combos for all of the characters. Instead of damage percentages, All-Stars appears to be going with the classic health bar system. Power-Ups And Arenas At this point, there aren“t loads of details coming out for the game, but from a recent interview there are a few neat gameplay aspects that I thought deserved some mentioning. For one, power-ups are going to play a very neat role in All-Stars. An ability you may have seen in one game may actually make an appearance in your match, like maybe a LittleBigPlanet Hookgun will allow you to grab opponents from afar, or Solid Snake“s box will grant you temporary invincibility? Again, it“s another aspect that SuperBot can experiment with. The arenas are also interesting; well, at least the backgrounds of them are. To be honest, I think the layout of some of the arenas are really looking weak at the moment; some of them only have one platform or none at all! Maybe there are time-conscious events or changing hazards, but right now I“m not too happy about that. But anyways, back to the background. One arena has the host of the video game quiz show Buzz! announcing in a LittleBigPlanet level, while another has Patapon characters parading around Hades with, well... Hades. It“s definitely a little bizarre to look at, but they clash these combinations of realism and fantasy and it looks very cool in the end, almost distracting. Speaking of the intertwining series, the cross-overs of games could explain the storyline for All-Stars“ campaign mode. It will be fascinating to see why these realms have invaded each other, and also whether or not they can be told in such a connected plot (though we actually already laid out a theory that seems to make sense). Not only does Kratos have to defeat Hades, but he has to beat the life out of Parappa, Sweet Tooth, and Fat Princess? A former-God's job is never done. The Fans And The Fortune Even before the game“s official reveal, All-Stars was already receiving a lot of flak for its overall concept. Many complained that the game would turn out to be a Smash Bros. clone, while others complained that the combination of all of these characters would result in an awkward final product, essentially forcing the roster to work instead of letting it smooth out the edges itself. This is easily understandable because, like I said before, itis a risky title. It“s either going to really appeal to a big audience, or totally flop, and it would be a horrible start for SuperBot Entertainment to craft a solid game like this only to see it fail to meet expectations. While the game is largely inspired by Smash Bros., you have to remember that Nintendo is a pioneer for gaming innovation, and the other guys follow suit because they want in on this idea that they couldn“t think of. So many games have adapted on other games“ formulas and sometimes they“re able to build on the basic features, fix the flaws, and create a brand new experience. For now though, Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale should be something to look forward to, for better or for worse.
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    Red Dead Redemption - John Marston

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    Assassin's Creed: Lineage - Giovanni Auditore

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    Heavy Rain - Ethan Mars

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    Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception - Victor Sullivan

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    Fallout 3 - Dad

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    Dad 'N Me - Just The Two Of Us

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    InFamous 2 - The Beast Gazes

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    InFamous 2 - Sliding On A Rail

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    InFamous 2 - Good Ending Surprise

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